It’s nice to feel the love building up to the big match tomorrow. Felt the need to repost a video I noticed on The Republik of Mancunia blog for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, who are these “scum” they refer to? Surely they know that they’re infact the scum? We’ve been telling them for years after all.

Secondly, “30 years, f*** all!” 30? 18 actually. I know many Manchester United fans forget life existed before someone had the brilliant idea of renaming Division One “The Premiership” but if you all check your history you’ll find that football was indeed played in England pre-1992, and in that final year of proper football (before Sky intervened and ruined the competitiveness of the game) Leeds won the top flight. So, for those of you without a calculator to hand, that’s roughly seventeen and a half years.

NOTE: Probably best not to watch the following with kids in the room. It’s offensive on several counts, but for one it contains swearing and worse still, it contains Manchester United fans. You have been warned.

  • Bryn Johnson

    mate the 30 years f… all bit is referring to city my mates just told me

    • TSS

      So why on earth are they singing “we all hate Leeds scum” inbetween? Makes no sense at all!


    Yep, it’s a song about us and City. The 30 years refers to how long City have gone without a trophy.

    • TSS

      Seems to have confused some of their own fans too. Just noticed one of them has commented with ‘Didn’t they win the League in 1992?’

  • Scott

    Sorry mate, it’s a song for City and a song for Leeds. They’re both sung to the same tune so we sing them together. Sometimes you might get a rendition of “Wayne Rooney, Wayne Rooney, he goes by the name of Wayne Rooney…” sung amongst it. Same tune.

    D’oh. Probably should have worked that one out yourself before blogging about it :S

    • TSS

      Haha, or you should have pointed that out beforehand! :P Thanks for clarifying anyway. I stand by the rest of my post!

  • Scott

    Well, if I’d known you were about to make a dick out of yourself by blogging to clarify it’s only been 18 years since you won something, not 33 years, I would have definitely…. done fuck all, and let you make a dick out of yourself :D

    Enjoy yourselves tommorrow. UNITED!

    • TSS

      Haha, touche.

      I’m sure we will. Not since Wembley have I looked forward to a match this much. It’s made me realise how much I miss these games and all the other grudge matches of the Prem.

    • TSS

      …and besides, the rest of the post is still relevant! Haha

    • Tim

      Ha Fuckin Ha We certainly did enjoy ourselves! I just wish we could play shit teams like that every week! The scummers should count themselves lucky that Snodgrass wasn’t fit enough to start & Gradel was unavailable, if they’d been on from the start it’d have been more humiliating! Great article in Sunday Times today (probably not available in scumchester on account of everyone being thick bastards!). It says the scum are on the brink of being in serious financial shit, bring it on!

    • Chips

      Ay Scott what was the score DICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Scott

    I agree. I definitely agree we should look at football before the Premiership and Sky Sports, the good old days. Football did exist before the Premiership. You’d won three league titles, one FA Cup and one League Cup, and we’d won seven league titles, seven FA Cups and one League Cup… oh, and the European Cup. I think I’ve forgotten my point… erm… oh, no, that’s it… we pissed all over you pre-Premiership days and we’ve pissed all over you post-Premiership days.

    Ooooooh ahhhh Cantona!

    • TSS

      As horrible as those stats are, it was still more competitive. Leeds were promoted from the second tier only two years before they won the first. That’s like Newcastle going back up this year and taking the league title in 2012! If that happens, I’ll run round Old Trafford naked.

      Quote whatever statistics you like mate, but Sky have ruined a the game quite a lot. The big teams got bigger and the gap widened. It’s impossible for three quarters of the Prem to compete.

    • Tim

      But we pissed all over you today & thats all that fuckin matters! You lot might look back on this match as the point were everything turned to shit! The only scum fans worth a toss are the ones that fucked off to watch FC United when you lot turned into the Harlem Globetrotters! It doesn’t matter how many trophies you win, you’re a laughing stock!You support a club with almost £700 million of debt & you need to win trophies just to pay the interest! I support a club that has no debt, needs attendances of just 22,000 to break even & pays it’s best players 5 or 6 grand a week. I know which i’d rather have.

  • halifax white

    to all the the scum fans “wotever trevor!!” at least we know weve not one zillions of stuff!! but unlike you manc scum our songs have more than roughly seven words!! face it you are a bunch of inbred, uneducated tossers who have to get a real football team at your shed to get a bit of life into the place!!! and answer us a question!! what if all your yank backers took to the hills and left u in the shite??? would u be all laughing at leeds????

  • Cutts

    What sort of sad, debt ridden Yank owned club supporting shite goes around looking for Super Leeds sites posting the filthy red, Argie/turk loving bilge that this scum loving twat (supposedly) … Scott has posted???? What an Assssssssssshole!!!!!

    • TSS

      In fairness, we’ve posted cross-articles on each others site over the last week or so which is why Scott’s been on here.

      Good to see the rivalry hasn’t dwindled away though. MOT!

      • Cutts

        Fair point…It’s that filthy Red turgey flag…has been getting on my tits since I was an egg!!!

  • Scholeyby

    Got us pumped too mate, trash you in the morn!

    • Tim

      What was that mate? Where did all the scummers go since the final whistle? Is it cos they’ve no balls? Or is it cos they’re all stuck on the fuckin M1 going back to London?

  • mr zanzi

    scumchester-LEEDS UNITED. there is only one UNITED LEEDS UNITED

  • mr zanzi

    yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa GOT’YA

  • Andy Staddon

    pretty impressive video, the scum lovers performed the chant for 4 minutes 55 seconds, thats a whole 4 minutes longer than there team performed.