Oh how naive the Cardiff fans were to think Peter Ridsdale would bring them anything other than financial ruin. His takeover of Cardiff was met with endless warnings from the Leeds United faithful. We told them he was a self-obsessed meglomaniac hell-bent on getting as much attention for himself through over-spending and dellusions of grandure as he could, without any thought for the consequences such dramatic spending would incur. Of course, they didn’t listen. The Cardiff fans were dismissive of our warning cries, thoroughly buying in to Peter Ridsdale’s dreams.

Free to good home. Contact HMRC for more details.

I’d love to sit here and write an article from my high horse whilst pointing and laughing at the Cardiff fans and typing ‘WE TOLD YOU SO!’ over and over again, but the truth is, we know exactly how manipulative and convincing Ridsdale can be. After all, we bought into his madness too.

Remember that famous quote of ‘Peter Ridsdale could sell snow to the Eskimoes?’ Well, unless he can also sell sand, I mean Cardiff to the Arabs, then things are looking a little ominous for the Welsh side as they face another winding up order.

Ridsdale’s club escaped their first winding-up order as a payment plan with HMRC was agreed when they went to the High Court back in December. It seems the lovely people at Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs aren’t too happy though and have issued Cardiff with… yes! Another winding-up order.

Ridsdale meanwhile continues to try and make everyone believe things are rosy and that the club will pay the debt to HMRC by the end of January. A quote on the BBC’s website says;

 “We have every confidence that all monies owing to HMRC will have been repaid by the end of January.”

Whether they meet that target or not, I would gladly put money on further troubles ahead. The beginning of the quote which reads “we have every confidence” would be enough to send shivers down my spine if I was a Cardiff fan. I imagine many Leeds United fans reading this are getting the distinct feeling of déjà vu.

Having been through enough of an emotional rollercoaster ride with Leeds United to fill a Dan Brown novel, I actually have sympathy for Cardiff’s fans. As much as it amuses me to see Peter Ridsdale crash and burn once more, as we all know, it’s the fans who suffer whilst Ridsdale will swan off to sell his “dreams” to another club, quickly forgetting the trail of destruction he’s left behind. The man should be sectioned… or shot. At least that way his insurance money could be used to repay the taxpayer.

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