Oh how naive the Cardiff fans were to think Peter Ridsdale would bring them anything other than financial ruin. His takeover of Cardiff was met with endless warnings from the Leeds United faithful. We told them he was a self-obsessed meglomaniac hell-bent on getting as much attention for himself through over-spending and dellusions of grandure as he could, without any thought for the consequences such dramatic spending would incur. Of course, they didn’t listen. The Cardiff fans were dismissive of our warning cries, thoroughly buying in to Peter Ridsdale’s dreams.

Free to good home. Contact HMRC for more details.

I’d love to sit here and write an article from my high horse whilst pointing and laughing at the Cardiff fans and typing ‘WE TOLD YOU SO!’ over and over again, but the truth is, we know exactly how manipulative and convincing Ridsdale can be. After all, we bought into his madness too.

Remember that famous quote of ‘Peter Ridsdale could sell snow to the Eskimoes?’ Well, unless he can also sell sand, I mean Cardiff to the Arabs, then things are looking a little ominous for the Welsh side as they face another winding up order.

Ridsdale’s club escaped their first winding-up order as a payment plan with HMRC was agreed when they went to the High Court back in December. It seems the lovely people at Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs aren’t too happy though and have issued Cardiff with… yes! Another winding-up order.

Ridsdale meanwhile continues to try and make everyone believe things are rosy and that the club will pay the debt to HMRC by the end of January. A quote on the BBC’s website says;

 “We have every confidence that all monies owing to HMRC will have been repaid by the end of January.”

Whether they meet that target or not, I would gladly put money on further troubles ahead. The beginning of the quote which reads “we have every confidence” would be enough to send shivers down my spine if I was a Cardiff fan. I imagine many Leeds United fans reading this are getting the distinct feeling of déjà vu.

Having been through enough of an emotional rollercoaster ride with Leeds United to fill a Dan Brown novel, I actually have sympathy for Cardiff’s fans. As much as it amuses me to see Peter Ridsdale crash and burn once more, as we all know, it’s the fans who suffer whilst Ridsdale will swan off to sell his “dreams” to another club, quickly forgetting the trail of destruction he’s left behind. The man should be sectioned… or shot. At least that way his insurance money could be used to repay the taxpayer.

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  1. Grumpy Older Man

    I have this dream, Leeds United confirm promotion (without the aid of a wasteful greedy striker who has just missed on the PL mainly due to him not having scored in 4 months for the Toons.) on the same day Cardiff go into administration. Their is also a new owner at ER in my dream but I’ll take 2 out of 3.

      • timm

        I can’t live with Cardiff, Any club who’s fans attack ours (including kids!) & throw a bottle of piss at our goalkeeper are the enemy in my book. Bates may not be the nicest bloke but where was everyone else with their millions when he stepped up? A bunch of racist pricks from Wales or a miserable old bloke who never fails to stick up for Leeds Utd? I Know which i’d take everytime

      • TSS

        I’m always willing to accept every fanbase has a minority of idiots and give Cardiff the benefit of the doubt too. We can hardly be judgemental given the antics of some of our fans in the past after all.

        As for Bates, I try and steer clear of that subject usually as I find steam tends to come out of my ears. Still, better than Ridsdale I guess.

      • Simon Walker

        I agree with Timm, Cardif dont have a “minority” of Leeds hating fans – its indemic – the day they put us out of cup not one (NOT A SINGLE ONE) of the cardif fans was arrested either (which says a lot for local police – who are also from cardif)

  2. lar

    love reading your articles mate,good sense and sound understanding whats going on at elland road.but once again we have a proven goal scorer and fagen mac bates wont up the wages.delph,lennon,rose,healy..on and on.
    just hope grayson does not hop on the same bus.if this happens then we will know where bates heart lies….as if most of us dont know all ready.
    wishfull thinking grumpy.

  3. timm

    Wolves & Sunderland rumoured to be chasing Beckford now? Could this change things? If one of these clubs were to offer more & we accepted it but Beckford turned down the move because he’s set his heart on Newcastle that would mean he’ll definately be here until end of season. Still 3 weeks left for this to unfold!

  4. James Morris

    As the chant went up yesterday… Who the F**k are Newcastle ??
    They’ve never won F**k All….

    I think you will see things move quite swiftly this week. Yesterdays game was terrible and might be a factor from Beckford leaving? Then again it could have been the thought of ”We beat Man U so we just have to turn up against Wycombe”

  5. James Morris

    Ha ha… Just read this

    Leeds have also turned down an offer of £300,000 plus Sam Vokes from Wolves. Sunderland have inquired about Beckford as a replacement for Kenwyne Jones, a, £11.5m target wanted by Birmingham City.

    Must be a typing error.. Surely it should be 3,000,000.?

    Sam Vokes…. NEVER !!

  6. Dje

    I’ve heard that Peter Risdale is being lined-up as the new Chief Executive of RBS.

    How the guy can be allowed any role that involves finances at a football club (or any role) after what went on at Leeds is beyond me – but then again the F.A.’s “fit and proper” test for club owners is hardly fit and proper.

    An utter embarrassment.

  7. Colin

    I’m not going to defend Ridsdale as he did make some mistakes, but he wasn’t alone. If you read both Ridsdale’s book ‘United we fall’ and O’Leary’s ‘Leeds on Trial’ and digest the two, you get somewhere near the truth of what really happened at Leeds.

    Leeds were hit with one after another of challenges, such as the Bowyer/Woodgate case, the plane crash, the murder of 2 Leeds fans and missing out on CL by one point in the last game of the season. Leeds were so so close to pulling it off.

    Ridsdale was not alone, and since it has come out that some of his board were bad eggs. The board supported his decisions and then let Ridsdale take the rap. I remember the book covering the Woodgate sale to Newcastle – one of the board members (not Ridsdale) was calling Woodgate’s father leaving nasty and threatening messages saying “GET OUT OF LEEDS”. Woodgate’s father spoke to Ridsdale – Ridsdale didn’t want Woody to go. Woody didn’t want to go, but in the end it was inevitable and Ridsdale spoke to Freddy Sheppard of NUFC and said you do know that by me selling Woodgate to you, I’m going to get the sack. Freddy went ‘Yep, that’s football’.

    Ridsdale is an easy figure to poke fun at but he was by no means the only reason for Leeds’ demise.

    Whether you like him or not, the Ridsdale book is a good read for any Leeds fan and you can pick the book up for about a fiver from Amazon. It’s a really interesting book and a real eye opener into some of the real stick that came Leeds’ way. Is there an underground movement against Leeds? Do the authorities not want Leeds to do well? The book tells some interesting stories. I highly recommend it!

    • TheReaper08

      Can’t have that Colin, sorry. He was the leader of the club and as such should be held to account for everything that happens. I have the same in my job with the people that work for me, it’s tough and that’s life.

      It can’t be a coincidence that Leeds, Barnsley and Cardiff have allnow suffered at the hands of this guy. I am sure he is a nice guy and I am sure he means well but come on …..

    • TSS

      Had this debate a few times and have ordered that book since I found the royalties go to charity. I think to some extent having a fan in charge was a problem because we wanted him to spend and he listened. My major problem with him is that he let his desire to make Leeds huge get in the way of his job – keeping Leeds financially stable.

    • Yorkshrman

      I heard Ridsdale speaking (and later met him) at an event at ER about a year before it all started to go t*ts up. He said (and I remember it very clearly) that the financial planning at Leeds was based on a mid-table finish, and getting knocked out of all the cups in the first round. As was later showed, not a lot of truth in that statement …..

  8. Leeds4eva

    We criticize Ridsdale for blowing all our money and criticize Ken for not spending, oh to be a chairman.

    • Grumpy

      Not quite Leeds4eva. Ridsdale was criticised for blowing money we didn’t have. Bates is criticied for NOT spending money we have (surely we have something from last years profits and he sale of Delph). Notwithsdtanding that Simon has said he doesn’t need any.

      • TSS

        Would agree, but we can only really criticise Ridsdale in heinsight and I’ve often thought the rest of the board got off too easily. We demanded big signings and loved every second, put suffered the consequences and paid the price.

        Don’t get me wrong here, I aren’t defending Ridsdale, he’s a complete idiot, but maybe he was blinded by his support of Leeds and desire to make us successful that his ability to control the finances went awry.

        As for the rest of the board, they fucked up big time with Woodgate. Ridsdale didn’t want to sell, they forced that and were as much to blame as Ridsdale was for the bad buys. Unfortunately for Publicity Pete though, the chairman acts as the figurehead for the democracy of the board and takes the fall when it all fucks up, much like the PM does on a national scale.

      • TheReaper08

        The rest of the board were incompetent too, take Allan Leighton who has ably demonstrated his startlingly poor business knowledge at Royal Mail.

        Doesn’t excuse anything though as Ridsdale was the man in charge and he has gone on to screw more things up.

      • Colin

        Don’t you worry Bates has spent some of our money. £1.5m costs from a court case against Levi as I recall.

        Bates should have kept his mouth shut and we’d have been £1.5m better off. That would have bought some very nice fish for the boardroom:)

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