Nearly every time a League One club comes to Elland Road, you can hear a chant of something about “Your Cup Final”. But today really was our Cup final – and we won it! I can not tell you how proud I am of our football team and I doubt there is a Manchester United fan out there that can say we didn’t win it for ourselves. The referee was way beyond the quality of those we have to suffer in League One. Even the drop ball, when I thought both sides were down to 10 men was a good shout.

But much as I loved that football match, this is the time for Leeds fans everywhere to take stock and think. We have a winning team. I’ve said it before many times on these pages. Please, please, please do not change the team.

Do not sell Beckford, just don’t do anything. This is not the time. Wait until Summer and then offer Beckford a really good contract. That goal today was not luck. He knew what he was trying to do and he did it. Rooney missed more chances than Beckford today and he’s worth, what, £20 million? Think it through Ken, £100 000 a week and a £20 million plus sign up. Not to Newcastle please. We’re not broke anymore.

At the next home match, we need a hero’s welcome for Jermaine Beckford because I think the fans have let him down this season. It should be Simon Grayson walking with the whole team, in front of every stand holding that lad’s hands in the air and we the fans, the extra man, should show him how grateful we are for what he and his team mates have just done. Brilliant team. Don’t break it up Mr Bates please, give him the contract of his dreams. The whole team were superb for the record, especially Crowe’s kick on. It wasn’t just Jermaine B.

Every Leeds fan needs to spend 30p on a Second Class stamp and mail “Leeds United Football Club, Elland Road, Leeds LS11 0ES. For the attention of The Chairman.” and state “Don’t change until summer”. If you are stuck for 30p, I’ll ask TSS to arrange another vote. Stuff it! I’ll buy your stamp! [Ed: Gledders, not me.] 

Thanks to a great team and manager for my Cup Final 2010 and to all those supposed Leeds fans that don’t respect Beckford, go away. (Wanted to make it much more forceful, but haven’t had enough beer yet. Really…)

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  1. Simon in Leeds

    Well said mate. After years of under achievement and disappointment at last we can start to believe again. If ever there was a case of ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, this is it.

  2. White to the core

    Totally agree. Couldnt have said it better myself. Selling beckford would be both professional and financial suicide. Lets show some ambition , we are leeds!

  3. Ollie

    Jermaine Beckfordddd, scored a f***ing great goal, in the scum s***hole, Jermaine Beckford!
    Whatever has happened, he has put his name in the Leeds legend book.
    The lads played out of their skin today and I’ve never been more proud, I wish I could name a man of the match but everyone deserved it, from the players to the fans to King Grayson.

  4. Gledders

    We’re coming back! Lots of people are reading this, so if you want to keep Beckford, just submit a comment saying “yes” below

    • jimbo


      If we sell him we are mad

      We need to keep our best players and make sure we go up

  5. Timmo

    From Casper to Becks, a great performance all round. Scum weren’t allowed to play. Andy Hughes headers back were starting to get humorous, but the fact is he was first to the ball. Just saw a great picture of Paddy Kisnorbo walking to congratulate Becks at the end, bandaged, bloody and muddy from head to toe. Summed it up for me. Year after next JB can be doing this regularly in the white shirt. Stick around mate

  6. Ramblinjack

    Well said Beckford must stay. A word too for Grayson – his tactics showed no fear and full confidence in his team and he was proved right. Let*s hope Grayson is at Leeds longer than Ferguson at MU _ he certainly outwitted him tactically yesterday.


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