Hi everybody, hope you’re all well and not suffering too much!

2009 was a great year for Leeds United. Although there was more play-off heartache for Leeds United fans around the world, there was also a lot to celebrate. Simon Grayson arrived and set about breaking records, guiding us to the top of League One as we look forward to a New Year, and hopefully more of the same. 2009 will undoubtedly be remembered for Simon Grayson’s arrival and the resurrection of Leeds United.

2009’s been an extremly enjoyable year for myself following Leeds United. I’ve met some great people, seen the very best of our fans, visited new grounds, new places and enjoyed every second. Invariably, every year brings with it some poor performances and 2009 was no exception. Fortunately though, for most of the year the team have performed well and we’ve been able to celebrate some fantastic results and witness some brilliant football.

So as we look forward to a New Year where Leeds United are well on track to escape the third tier, with the added possibility of a trip to Wembley in the JPT, I’d like to wish every Leeds United fan across the world a happy and prosperous 2010. Marching on together!

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  1. Peter T

    Just imagine if we win at OT they will never live it down
    Just as Colchester is always brought up every Jan

    It would be great to see it replayed for the next 35 years I may not see them all but I am sure my son would enjoy it everytime!

    We can live in hope until Sunday
    Happy New Year
    Promotion more important but if it is it Becks last game and he scores a winner
    Roy of the Rovers stuff


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