I’ve totally ignored the rumours suggesting Simon Grayson is being lined up for the Burnley job, mainly because I don’t believe for one second he would go.

I’m not even going to bother wasting my time arguing about who has the bigger Dad, because in terms of size Burnley can’t hold a candle to Leeds. It’d be like comparing a Boeing 747 with a paper aeroplane.

The rumours seem to keep coming from the same place, namely The Mirror. Never has there been a more pointless waste of trees than this sad excuse for a newspaper, and whilst I try not to entertain anything they write, it’s hard not to laugh at them sometimes

Regardless of what I think, the bookies are usually the ones that know first and change their odds accordingly. Simon Grayson as I write this is 16/1 on SkyBet with no fewer than TEN other managers in front of him, including Paul Lambert at evens.

The bookies, like me, know Simon Grayson is going nowhere. His odds would probably be a lot shorter than 16/1 too if it wasn’t for the afore mentioned national rag writing unfounded rumours every five minutes, leading to a load of gullible fools placing money on him.

Simon Grayson is living the dream at Leeds. He wears the same rose-tinted spectacles as the rest of us. For him, there is no one bigger than Leeds United. There’s nowhere else he’d rather be and no other job in the world that he’d rather be doing. His success is a result of the passion he has for this club and the enthusiasm with which he carries out his job. They’ve got more chance of signing Jose Mourinho.