I’ve totally ignored the rumours suggesting Simon Grayson is being lined up for the Burnley job, mainly because I don’t believe for one second he would go.

I’m not even going to bother wasting my time arguing about who has the bigger Dad, because in terms of size Burnley can’t hold a candle to Leeds. It’d be like comparing a Boeing 747 with a paper aeroplane.

The rumours seem to keep coming from the same place, namely The Mirror. Never has there been a more pointless waste of trees than this sad excuse for a newspaper, and whilst I try not to entertain anything they write, it’s hard not to laugh at them sometimes

Regardless of what I think, the bookies are usually the ones that know first and change their odds accordingly. Simon Grayson as I write this is 16/1 on SkyBet with no fewer than TEN other managers in front of him, including Paul Lambert at evens.

The bookies, like me, know Simon Grayson is going nowhere. His odds would probably be a lot shorter than 16/1 too if it wasn’t for the afore mentioned national rag writing unfounded rumours every five minutes, leading to a load of gullible fools placing money on him.

Simon Grayson is living the dream at Leeds. He wears the same rose-tinted spectacles as the rest of us. For him, there is no one bigger than Leeds United. There’s nowhere else he’d rather be and no other job in the world that he’d rather be doing. His success is a result of the passion he has for this club and the enthusiasm with which he carries out his job. They’ve got more chance of signing Jose Mourinho.

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  1. Claret4Eva

    I hate to tell you this. But I have it on good authority that our Simon is not being as truthful as he is making out. Watch this space!!!

      • TSS

        “I have it on good authority.” C’mon lads, that’s like something you hear from the wind-up merchants on WACCOE. Almost as good as the Mirror’s “source close to the club.” Infact, I bet he is that source!

      • Harry

        I have it on good authority that Beckford is going to Burnley as player manager.

    • Andy

      With a name like Claret For Ever there’s no secret about you being a Burnley supporter. So you’ve no right to be referring to him as ‘our Simon’. He’s not your Simon at all.

  2. Grumpy Older Man

    Your proberbly right he isn’t moving in the next two weeks but lets not deluded ourselves about Grayson. He broke his contract with Blackpool to come to us and only a negociated settlement prevented a series FA sanction for both him and the club. I would also add that his statements in the last 72 hours don’t show a man committed to the concept of loyalty, even to the club he supports. I think the best way to deal with this Burnley stuff is to take up your Beckford formula, think what a “ridiculous” compensation fee would be, half that and assume if Burnley offer it to Bates Grayson is gone (33-1 shot as we speak).

    • TSS

      Yeah, there is the Bates factor I guess!

      Blackpool however was a different thing entirely. Have you ever been to Blackpool? I’d be happy to get out of there too! Besides, he’s at the club he loves. You can see how much it means to him on matchdays. He’s going nowhere!

  3. chris

    simon grayson has more chance taking over from fergie at man utd than going to burnley !

  4. Lewis g

    im hoping lambert gets the job. at least it would f**k up norwich’s season :)

  5. West Stand Rebel

    I warned many months ago that the real problem at ER was not the fate of Beckford who may or may not see his contract out but the fate of our manager. His success with a motley crew of misfits loanees and out of contract signings has been staggering culminating with Sundays spectacular in Stretford.
    In one year he has achieved marvels without any money. He claims not to be bothered about expensive signings or seeing young prospects like Delph go to Aston Villa. I’m not sure I believe that as the lack of ambition from our owners (Thorp Arch debacle) whoever they are would be a major concern to me if I wanted to go places as a manager. Hotels are not the answer to on pitch problems.
    Sadly money talks and if a large or small premier league club came knocking I think I know what the answer would be. Uncle Ken was after all godfather to Dennis’s son and that didn’t stop him taking a nonsense job at Newcastle for a reputed £1m a year.

  6. Clive Sanderson

    I have it ‘ON GOOD AUTHORITY’ that Simon is going to stay at Leeds. Simon said it himself. That’s good enough authority for me!! As for Simon not being loyal to Blackpool, I thought Simon was Leeds through and through hence the only reason he left Blackpool for what must be his dream job.

  7. Claret4Eva

    I don’t know much but I have heard from inside the club he is talking. Personally after the way we have been treated I wouldn’t want to see it happen. But Nixon in the Mirror (Coyle’s bitch, is usually spot on) Not sure about this one though….UTC

  8. Dje

    To be honest I don’t think it would be the worst time to offer Grayson an improved contract. I doubt Bates put him on that much when he came from Blackpool and if I remember correctly it was only a two-year deal (of which there’s about a year left on it now).

    Considering the team and now the fans expect promotion to the Championship and one or two hearts are fluttering that we could do back-to-back promotions next year if the Championship is as weak as it is this year, then making him the best paid manager in England outside the Premiership shows our confidence in Simon and our ability to get back to where we believe we ought to be, the Premiership. In relation to the playing squad, Grayson seems to be worth every penny.

    • Colin

      Next season Avram Grant will be the best paid manager in England outside the Premier League :)

      • Dje

        That’s optimistic that Portsmouth FC will still exist next season!

        Or may be Grant has been lined up as the new general manager at the soon-to-open ‘Fratton Park Tesco Extra’?

  9. john storey

    why on earth would SG leave the club he loves to go manage a side we will be playing next yr the championship..it makes no sense..and an utter nonsense story..SG is bound to be linked with every vacant prem post due to the great job he doing..the only sure thing here is that he will be leeds manager for many yrs to come…lay of the crack pipe and u may see things more clearly

  10. West Stand Rebel

    Money John money. Oh and also the ambition to pit your wits against other premiership managers week in week out. Not only that but if you live nearer Burnley than Leeds as is the case with SG then the temptation may be very great.
    Not saying it will happen or want it to happen on the contrary I love Simon Grayson. However wouldn’t you jump at the chance of managing a top flight club now rather than waiting years and at more money than you’ll ever get out of Bates’ fund managers.

  11. MikeLufc

    I am more interested in the lack of team news than SG leaving for bloody burnley.
    We may be in for a surprise……

  12. MikeLufc

    Beckford in the team
    Saturday, 9 January 2010

    League OneHome Team Score Away Team Time
    Leeds United v Wycombe 1500

    Leeds United
    01 Ankergren
    02 Crowe
    03 Kisnorbo
    06 Naylor
    04 Doyle
    08 Kilkenny
    14 Howson
    16 Johnson
    09 Beckford
    10 Becchio
    23 Snodgrass
    36 Martin, 17 Michalik, 26 Bromby, 32 White, 07 Prutton, 28 Gradel, 13 Grella
    01 Shearer
    02 Hunt
    03 Woodman
    20 Mousinho
    23 Westwood
    32 Hinshelwood
    08 Doherty
    22 Davies
    24 Beavon
    09 Harrold
    16 Pittman
    12 Young, 06 Oliver, 10 Bloomfield, 15 Green, 18 Phillips
    Ref: Webb


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