I imagine that, like me, the majority of readers are fans of Soccer AM and will therefore have seen the following clip but for those that haven’t, here’s Jermaine Beckford and Neil Kilkenny being interviewed not long back (but before Enoch’s transfer).

Quite interesting to see them both rate Grella as the most skilful. I’m shocked that Enoch is considered the most intellectual, although these are footballers we’re talking about. It’s the equivalent to Peter Crouch going to China and becoming the tallest man – no hard feat at all.

Not so shocking was that Beckford is considered the worst trainer, David Prutton is the joker (watch any interview with him, the mans a comedy genius) and Tres the best dancer; the MJ tribute act he did on crossbar challenge was hysterical.

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  1. Kevin O'Connor

    Enoch does have a degree in something Business-related, was a late starter in football thanks to his uni course :)

  2. mikelufc

    It is not all that has apparently died…
    What has happened at clarkeonenil?

    This account has been suspended.
    Either the domain has been overused, or the reseller ran out of resources.

    • TSS

      Impossible, it’s hosted on wordpress.com, which is free. (this is self-hosted using the wordpress.ORG software)

  3. halifax white

    does anyone out there in the leeds management team ever read our comments!! i, and i expect others want to know what is going on!! why have they agreed to let robbo go out on loan?? it beggers belief!! one of our most influentional players and grayson does not like him!! why? countless times hes has come on and changed the game, but no, hes not good enough for the first team!! peeps out there give me a clue!!


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