While Manchester United fans and undoubtedly their horrible manager think up excuses for why they’ve just been knocked out the FA Cup by a third tier team, Leeds United fans everywhere will be celebrating a historic victory knowing that the lads did us proud.

“1-0 in your cup final!” Clearly meant with a little sarcasm from Leeds, but nevertheless, it’ll be the last game Manchester United play in this years FA Cup. I imagine the excuses range from having an unfit squad to a dodgy referee (despite the fact he should have sent Brown off at least twice) and lead on to explain why the FA Cup isn’t important and they didn’t care anyway. Quite. I mean, after all, it’s not like Alex Ferguson and co. have been hyping this match up all week. It’s not like Manu fans across the country have been telling us about how they’ll hammer us by several goals to nil. The warning signs were there against Liverpool. This team can compete with anyone.

Whilst Manchester United fans dream up their excuses, don’t forget to explain how Wayne Rooney and Dimitar Berbatov – two ridiculously expensive strikers – could be out-classed by our very own Jermaine Beckford. Someone you could buy twenty times over with the money these two are alledgedly worth.

If that was Jermaine Beckford’s last game for Leeds United, in ending a 29 year run, he’ll leave Leeds United a hero. He ran Wes Brown off the pitch today and thoroughly deserved the goal.

Full match report featuring the over-touchy stewards, the lovely Manchester Police and some idiot with the most flawed business plan I’ve ever seen tomorrow. For now, enjoy the victory, they don’t come much sweeter than this.

Premier League Champions 0-1 FA Cup minnows!

Spurs up next away. Good times. Marching on together!