Always the last to know

Seems the ownership issues of Leeds United FC have been resolved as Ken Bates and co. successfully manage to sweep the whole thing under the carpet, leaving the fans well and truly in the dark.

The Guardian have reported that Leeds United have submitted documentation to the Football League that proves Leeds United’s owners are ‘fit and proper.’ Apparently, the Football League have accepted this proof and no further action will be taken (despite the fact Ken Bates lied to them in the first place.) The continued secrecy and lies aside, everyone seems to be ignoring the fact that it’s the fans that fund this club and they in turn have a right to know where their money is going.

The more actions Ken Bates, Forward Sports Fund and everyone else involved with Leeds United take to try and keep the true owners secret, the more suspicious the whole thing looks. Whether the true owners of Leeds United have passed the fit and proper test or not is totally besides the point. The fact remains that something’s being hidden and usually when someone goes to such lengths to keep things hidden, there’s something not quite right. I remain worried.

The Yorkshire derby

The best defensive record vs the best attacking record. What’s more, this tie pits two Yorkshire sides fighting for promotion up against each other in what is sure to be one of the biggest attendances of League One this season.

The last three fixtures haven’t gone quite to plan with Huddersfield winning them all. Infact, the last time Leeds beat Huddersfield was in 2007 when our Yorkshire counterparts were well and truly disposed of at Elland Road 4-0.

This time round though, Huddersfield have a 20 match Elland Road unbeaten run to contend with. They also have to defend against a prolific strike force and try and score enough by a defence that’s only conceeded eight all season and kept five consecutive League clean sheets to stand a chance.

It’s a tall order for Huddersfield and you’d expect Leeds to easily be  favourites. The likes of Beckford and Snodgrass were rested at Oldham and will be well prepared for this match. On the same day, Huddersfield let a two goal lead slip to draw 3-3. If they play like that at Elland Road, they have no chance. Without wanting to sound arrogant, I’d be disappointed with anything less than three points.

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  1. Armchair White

    “The all time record shows Leeds have reigned supreme in this clash”

    Are you sure? I make it 17 wins for Leeds, 12 at home, 5 away, versus 24 wins for them, 8 at ER, and 16 at their place(s). Although to be fair that is taking the sequence back to the 1920’s when they used to beat us too regularly.

    Or do you just mean in this clash at Elland Road?

    • TSS

      Right you are, AW. I used Statto rather than Soccerbase for the stats and misread the table. I’ll correct the above. Cheers.

  2. Kernow

    This is just the kind of game we would have drawn or lost under previous regimes – good test of the overall confidence and attitude of the team.

  3. JKC

    Just because the owners of LUFC appear to have passed the “fit and proper persons test” , does not give the supporters any reassurance that they are also interested in our long term success, rather than using the club as a “cash cow” for short term personal gain. It probably means that they simply do not have a “criminal record”.
    So,….. no criminal record,….well at least that probably rules out Bates ( ha ha ), but imagine if we turn out to be in the ownership of a fanatical “Leeds hating” rival fan !

  4. Kernow

    This is just the kind of game we would have drawn or lost under previous regimes – good test of the overall confidence and attitude of the team.


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