The Don Revie Kop, the John Charles West Stand and… The Billy Bremner Scratching Shed?

Billy Bremner deserves to have a stand named after him, i know he already has a statue but a stand would be perfect. So join this group and invite all your friends aswell and lets see if we can make it happen!

Those words were written by Lee, a Leeds United fan who has setup a Facebook group with the sole aim of having the South Stand renamed in honour of Billy Bremner.

I have to admit, I kind of like the idea, but Billy does have a statue and a bar and is still honoured at every Leeds United game when his name is sang aloud. The South Stand also houses the away fans quite a lot so that deters me slightly.

The group has already attracted 700 members though, so clearly there’s a lot of support for this campaign. I thought a poll was in order to see how many were for and against it though – and, if some thought the East Stand may be a better idea? After all, it is the most impressive structure in Elland Road and it seems only right that Billy should tower above all others.

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One other thing to consider. Does anyone actually think Ken Bates would pay for all those new seats that would be needed to spell out ‘The Billy Bremner Stand?’