The Don Revie Kop, the John Charles West Stand and… The Billy Bremner Scratching Shed?

Billy Bremner deserves to have a stand named after him, i know he already has a statue but a stand would be perfect. So join this group and invite all your friends aswell and lets see if we can make it happen!

Those words were written by Lee, a Leeds United fan who has setup a Facebook group with the sole aim of having the South Stand renamed in honour of Billy Bremner.

I have to admit, I kind of like the idea, but Billy does have a statue and a bar and is still honoured at every Leeds United game when his name is sang aloud. The South Stand also houses the away fans quite a lot so that deters me slightly.

The group has already attracted 700 members though, so clearly there’s a lot of support for this campaign. I thought a poll was in order to see how many were for and against it though – and, if some thought the East Stand may be a better idea? After all, it is the most impressive structure in Elland Road and it seems only right that Billy should tower above all others.

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One other thing to consider. Does anyone actually think Ken Bates would pay for all those new seats that would be needed to spell out ‘The Billy Bremner Stand?’

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  1. Grumpy Older Man

    I saw this yesterday but immedialtily decided not to support it: I’ll explain why. To me you don’t name all your stands after one era (unless you only have one era), you need to spread it around a bit. The Revie era is represented by..the Revie Stand. As I saw somewhere we would need 12 stands to reflect that era. The pre Revie era gave us John Charles and the renaming of the West Stand. Now for me you either go to the Wilkinson era, which proberbly means Howard himslef (although remaining the North East corner the “Batty Stand” works for me in so many ways), or you go past that to say Radebe. That is another reason not to have a Bremner South Stand, you need space for the legendary era’s to come and those we may lose (but hopefully not for years).

    The Statue does the job IMHO, lets not add to the existing dilution of respect that is Billy’s Bar.

    • lufctalk

      Very good points and I fully agree with the single era argument.
      Coming back to the 700-something members showing support for it, well it doesn’t make it a smart idea, it’s just how internet masses react. I’m sure if someone made a group suggesting Old Trafford be set on fire you’d get a fair number as well, but that wouldn’t make it legitimate.

  2. AndrewM

    Not sure either way on naming the South Stand for Billy Bremner – although he was so much more than just another player of a bygone era. I do, though, think we should hold off naming the East Stand for anyone soon, as I have a suspicion that may one day become the “Simon Grayson Stand”.

    Cheers. Marching on together…

  3. AndrewM

    BTW, does anyone know where I can get my hands on the happy pills Phil Parkinson is obviously downing with alarming regularity? Apparently, if you take enough you start to believe you can catch a team that is rapidly pulling away from your slightly-above-average also rans!


  4. West Stand Rebel

    Perhaps the directors box could be named after Roque Junior or perhaps the Bates/Ridsdale stand. This may help us remember a legacy of monumental greed and stupidity.
    Love to hear others suggestions.

  5. West Stand Rebel

    My colleague has just suggested the Clough/Stein suite and she isn’t even a football fan.

  6. Gledders

    How about being really subtle and have the word “Bates” etched in all the gutters.

  7. LezToomey

    Totally agree with Grumpy Older man. although i like the directors box idea too. As far as etching “Bates” in the gutters, perhaps replace the ‘Target Tackle’ signs in the urinals?

  8. Kelly McCalman

    I like the idea of the east stand becoming the Lorimer stand
    His records will never be broken by a Leeds player and has dedicated more than 3/4 of his life to Leeds United
    Ditch the Lorimer suite and rename it the Radebe suite


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