Simon Grayson has done his best to play down Beckford’s strop in yesterdays post-match interview where he told the waiting reporter that;

“I’ve had a brief chat with Jermaine and I will speak to him again on Monday. We will deal with it internally and get to the bottom of it but these things happen all the time”

Not sure this is the kind of thing I want happening all the time, but hopefully Grayson has made Beckford regret his actions. No word from Jermaine as yet and since he rarely does any interviews at all, I aren’t holding my breath for a public apology.

A lot has been said about the fans reaction to his antics, but the fans are well within their rights to boo a player who has shown such disregard to the management. This isn’t the kind of behaviour that will be tolerated by the Leeds fans, and whilst I accept the strop may have risen from passion and frustration, it doesn’t make it any more acceptable. Beckford isn’t bigger than the team. He needs to learn that.

Anyway, the highlights of yesterdays action are below, including Beckford’s reaction to his number coming up.