It’s a white Christmas this year for more than one reason with snow covering the UK and much of Europe and Leeds United sitting comfortably at the top of League One. I know a lot of teams train on Christmas Day in preperation for the Boxing Day fixtures and I doubt Leeds United are any different. Little harsh for the lads maybe, but I guess that’s what it takes to be a pro athlete.

I’m sure the majority of visitors in the UK will have caught the Queen’s speech earlier. She mentioned the brave soldiers that have to carry on as usual today whilst the rest of us enjoy this time with our friends and families. I’d like to send my best wishes to all the men and women fighting on behalf of this country and their friends and families back home. We are forever in your debt.

It’s been a great year so far for Leeds United. National hangover day tomorrow brings Hartlepool to Elland Road where the majority of fans will undoubtedly be suffering from the excesses of today. As one fan put it earlier on Twitter ‘Christmas, the only day where it’s OK to start drinking at 10am!‘ Hopefully, the lads will be in a better state though and they can build upon the win over Southampton and secure another three points.

I’m often left amazed by the amount of people that visit TSS from all over the world. The list of countries is truly mind-boggling, but wherever you are and whatever you’re doing today, I wish you all a very happy Christmas. Marching on together!