Bit of a short post as I’m just getting ready to go to Oldham, but Leeds United have released pictures of what a redeveloped Elland Road could look like should England win the right to host the World Cup in 2018 and Leeds be selected as an host city.

The plans would see the West and North stand extended to match the height of the East, bringing the total capacity to 50,000, whilst the East stand redevelopment would also go ahead as planned.

Whilst I’m under no illusions that Elland Road desperately needs some investment, I can’t see the point if we don’t own the stadium. Furthermore, it infuriates me that Leeds have the money to do this, yet don’t have the money to repurchase our training academy.

It seems the plans are in association with Leeds City Council, so I’m assuming the investment must be coming from them. Makes sense given that the city itself would prosper more than anyone if a World Cup was brought here, but I still can’t get beyond the major stumbling point that no ones mentioning – why improve someone elses stadium!?

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  1. Vic Petit

    Guess at least it suggests no ones going to knock down ER and build a supermarket there. Agree though, big disappointment (yet somehow not that unexpected) that we couldn’t see the deal through re buying back Thorp Arch. I want that safe and sound in our ownership.

    Anyway fill yer lungs tonight and help get us 3 points please!

  2. Mark

    What are peoples thoughts re the Revie/north stand? will making it too tiers spoil the atmosphere?

  3. paull

    Spot on as usual. Once again Bates is playing games with our beloved club. It’s an interesting thought though that he’s attempting to get the city council (or us) to pay for it.I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I’ve been going to ER for over forty years but until Bates grants full disclosure as to who owns the club, ER and TA then the council shouldn’t put a tax payers penny into it. Bates is quite deliberatly keeping the club asset poor in order to maximise his profits when he and his cronies come to sell. In other words he can sell the club for whatever he can get but then insist on top dollar for both ER and TA. I’m even begining to wonder if he deliberatly put the spanner in the works when the fans group were considering buying TA because it wouldn’t serve his intrests talking to people who really care. Sorry bit of a rant I know, come on you whites LLHB MOT.

    • simcol68

      paull spot on mate couldn,t have put it any better bet that little grey bearded to$$er is rubbing his hands in glee hoping upon hoping that england wins the bid for 2018 and leeds gets vote for a host city part of me hopes we don,t get it just so that prat carn,t make any more money .

  4. Yorkshrman

    Even if we got back to the Prem, would we ever fill a 50,000 stadium on a regular basis? After all, Revie’s Leeds couldn’t do it (34,000 or so for the famous 7-0 against SOuthampton, for example), and I can’t see us having a team to match that one in my lifetime …….

    • simcol68

      yeh no probs because our ever so generous chairman would slash the price of a ticket to £5 just you wait and see mark my words he would …. no nurse i,m fine yes just taken my tablets i seemed to be talking bollocks for second there

    • Hunter's Boots

      I think times have changed enough Yorks for the gauging of division one history against that of the modern Premiership to be pointless.Football today in the Premiership is a lifestyle as much as a game. It adorns our everyday lives,it’s in our face with adverts connecting football to any product you could care to mention. TV screens are relentlessly full of live games like I could never have dreamed. Filling a successful team’s ground is easier now than ever. Arsenal, 36,000 to 60,000 is not just success, its almost a vogue to be there. New grounds abound these days and attendances are on the up.

      I think if we are successfull we would easily fill ER. Remember in the last five or six years another fifty per cent of the Leeds City Region’s three millions has joined the ranks; women love the game. The potential is massive. Bring on the new stadium, let’s show the world we are coming back bigger and better than ever.

  5. Leeds Mad

    As is usual with Leeds Utd, these proposals tell us basically nothing.
    The description states that the north and east stands will have a continuous roof height ( ie, a matching stand design ? ) but the illustrations show seperately built and designed stands to all sides of the stadium. My first impression is that of a “piece-meal design aimed at a maximum capacity, but achieved through a minimum investment. So ,…. “doing it on the cheap” and “using other peoples money” . Now dosen’t that sound like Pappa Smurf ! Lets find someone who cares in this long term investment and rebuild on Fullerton Park.

  6. West Stand Rebel

    Well all I can think is “pie in the sky” In Bradford they have been talking for at least 40 or 50 years of re developing Odsal and done exactly nothing. Perhaps we can tap up a Dubai business partner…they seem to be rather good at conning bankers out of billions.
    Come to think of it isn’t Leeds supposed to be the financial capital of the North with even a branch of the Bank of England on hand.
    I just get the feeling we are starting to live the dream again. The Championship yes ok …but the World Cup get real.


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