Bit of a short post as I’m just getting ready to go to Oldham, but Leeds United have released pictures of what a redeveloped Elland Road could look like should England win the right to host the World Cup in 2018 and Leeds be selected as an host city.

The plans would see the West and North stand extended to match the height of the East, bringing the total capacity to 50,000, whilst the East stand redevelopment would also go ahead as planned.

Whilst I’m under no illusions that Elland Road desperately needs some investment, I can’t see the point if we don’t own the stadium. Furthermore, it infuriates me that Leeds have the money to do this, yet don’t have the money to repurchase our training academy.

It seems the plans are in association with Leeds City Council, so I’m assuming the investment must be coming from them. Makes sense given that the city itself would prosper more than anyone if a World Cup was brought here, but I still can’t get beyond the major stumbling point that no ones mentioning – why improve someone elses stadium!?