After Saturday’s Beckford-gate saga, Grayson said he’d be speaking to the player Monday morning and that the matter would be dealt with internally. Sure enough, Grayson confirmed he had received an apology yesterday morning and the matter was now done and dusted. He also confirmed Beckford would be back in the squad for the Boxing Day clash against Hartlepool United.

In a statement released on the official site, Grayson said;

“We had a chat first thing on Monday, Jermaine explained and apologised for his actions which I fully accept.

“I made it clear that I don’t need it to happen again and he’s bought into what I’ve said.

“It’s been put to bed now and I expect to see Jermaine in a Leeds shirt on Boxing Day looking to knock the goals in over the Christmas period”

I’m glad Jermaine has seen the error of his ways and been big enough to apologise to the manager. Whilst I understand his growing frustration lately, it’s not the kind of behaviour I expect from anyone wearing the Leeds United shirt. I hope Becks responds in the right way on Boxing Day and plays a blinder to silence his critics in the right way.

I think this problem has probably escalated from the growing number of our fans insistent on putting him down for everything he does. Only a few weeks back a lad in the Kop received a two fingered jesture from Becks for his constant abuse aimed towards the striker throughout the game and although it’s not the kind of behaviour I expect from a Leeds player, I fully understood Beckford’s reasons. The abuse has become ridiculous and needs to stop. Whether you like him or not, he’s a Leeds United player and deserves the same respect offered to all of the team.

The fans have a right to be annoyed at Beckford’s attitude sometimes, it annoys me too, but it’s a vicious circle where both parties need to behave. On the one hand Beckford is becoming more and more frustrated when he can’t find the back of the net – such is the overwhelming expectation we put upon him – whilst on the other hand Leeds fans are getting annoyed at his apparent disregard for the club and lack of effort of late. Each one fuels a reaction from the other and for some, it’s escalated into a hatred of our own player.

Whether Beckford leaves in January or the summer is irrelevant. Whilever he’s playing in a Leeds shirt, he deserves our support. Jeering and booing him isn’t going to achieve anything. Never has a player gone from hero to villain quite so spectaculory whilst never changing clubs. Whatever your feelings are on his performance post-match, you can share with the world on here, on WACCOE or wherever you like, but whilst inside Elland Road we should all be behind every player. United as one.

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  1. alex

    I have been a leeds fan for 30 years, sadly we have always had a large group of supporters who boo anyone and everything or even sing disgusting songs. All they do is demoralize our players and destroy our clubs reputation.
    Its always been majorly embarressing to me that we give all the Leeds haters real amunition to hate us rather than just being one unified unit and sticking it up their XXX by winning.

    All that can be done is for other Leeds fans to make it clear we dont tolerate mindless morons by standing up to them. Sounds cliche’d but its true….sorry

  2. mralchemy

    What we need to remember is , this guy could be the difference between us getting back to the premiership , he needs to be looked after and have an arm round the shoulder and be told how appreciated he is!, at the end of the day , he has kept his side of the deal with all his goals !
    we need to offer him a superb contract before someone else does

  3. Old Billy White

    All players (people)are different, and as mralchemy says an arm around the shoulder could be what Beckford needs.I hope he scores a couple against Hartlepool, and gets everyone behind him again. One thing about him he will keep trying to score, and not hide if he misses a few, that’s why he’s scored so many goals. Lets hope everyone can put this little spat behind them, as we don’t want anything to take the focus off the main thing, promotion.

    • Tim

      For some though, even 6 against Hartlepools wouldn’t be enough. They’d criticise him for only being able to score against small teams….

    • Keith

      BEckford is defeintely a confidence player IMHO. Think about when he first arrived from Wealdstone; he couldn’t hit a cow’s backside with a banjo. Then, a spell on loan with a manager who made him feel valued and suddnely he’s scoring goals from virtually everywhere. Some say that he misses as often as he scores; the fact is he keeps going when other strikers would have given up and said ‘it’s not my day today’.

      Beckford is having a lean spell just now; we need to get behind him and get off his back. Once he’s scored the goals that get us promoted (and he can do it), then he can leave, if that’s what he wants.

  4. Tim

    Anyone who claims to hate Beckford is a dick!

    1 – you don’t know him…at all!
    2 – he’s a 30 goals a season striker
    3 – he’s wearing a Leeds Shirt still
    4 – he’s still out top scorer
    5 – he’s not really done anything wrong other than let his frustration get the better of him.

    All those up in arms would presumably rather see a grinning, uncaring Duberry type reaction I suppose? Is that what you want? Coz that’s what’ll happen !!! (be careful what you wish for – especially at Xmas!)

  5. Pete

    Just thought I’d add my 2 cents;

    Beckford is the best striker we currently have, and unless we spent silly money on Grant Holt or Rickie Lambert, we won’t be able to sign a striker who has the same goals-games ratio at this level. Add to the fact that any player needs time to settle in and find his feet, it would be extremely counter-productive to let Beckford go if anybody puts a bid in. I think we, as Leeds fans on matchday, need to remember that this bloke has got us out of some sticky situations in the last two and a half years.

    In fact, I’d go as far to say that, Lambert aside, he’s the closest thing to a league one ‘banker’ – if Beckford plays the majority of the season, he’ll score you 20+ goals. I wouldn’t want that to be taken away from my team unless I knew it could be replaced, and due to FIFA’s rules I don’t think we could guarantee that unless we went to the championship and paid way over the odds for Billy Sharp (who is a quality league one striker who can cut it in the championship, but that’s a matter for another blog) or Matty Fryatt – neither one of whom would want to leave their current surroundings where they are revered and are knocking in the goals accordingly.

    My point is basically, get behind Beckford and he’ll get us out of this league.

  6. Dje

    It’s all about the goals for Leeds United. As has already been said, Beckford = goals, at least in League One. For some the fact that he doesn’t rise to the big games seems to justify denigrating his superb ability to score goals in more than every other game. I’d have thought that encouragement and appreciation would prove more profitable than denigration, but then for some of our fans the prospect of ‘cutting off the nose to spite the face’ is just a mirror image of our repeating history of rise and fall through self-destruction.

    It’s all about the goals for Jermaine Beckford. Simply put, the reason that he plays football is to score goals – it’s what strikers are programmed to do, and want to do. They, and goalkeepers, are an odd breed. What occurs on the pitch between these strikers and the goalkeeper is the rest of the team, and realistically called ‘the team’. Admittedly you do get different sorts of strikers who put themselves about and help out defensively, but they’re the rarity to the rule. Alan Smith was one, but I’d question if he ever really had the mentality to be a striker. His re-emergence as a pretty-handy holding-midfielder at Newcastle only goes to convince me otherwise. But Viduka was a striker (who makes Beckford seem positively a box-to-box player), and was loved when he banged four past Liverpool, but was routinely bemoaned when he was otherwise, and increasingly utterly anonymous on the pitch. Psychologists could have a field day with strikers – no doubt something about being unloved by their mothers in infancy.

    • Keith

      Good call re: Viduka. Another 20-per-season striker who totally polarised opinion, and could frustrate as often as delight!

  7. Ramblinjohn

    Beckford made a mistake after a frustrating day where he didnt play too bad. Leeds fans are the last people who should make a deal out of it – we wouldnt be the same team without him and he has already banged in double figures this season – reliable as usual.

    Sometimes Leeds fans think that if somebody is not running about like a ferret on amphetamine for 90 mins he’s not trying.

  8. Matt L

    Agree he is a confidence player, but his first touch has been poor at times this season. He demonstrated his petulant side being substituted and if he wont commit to the club then he should expect a portion of the fans will be unhappy with him.

    Also having read the article, is whilever a word?

    • replier2

      Whilever = Whilst Ever just a Yorkshire way of writing it ;-)

      Well it’s a “We luv you Beckford” until the end of tranny winder then!

      If he gets goals we should help him wean off the dummy… with love!

      • TSS

        You people remind me of those that used to mark my essays. Haha.

        Whilever seems so natural to me! I might start a campaign to have it added to the dictionary.

        There’s loads of words like this that are used throughout the country/world.

        Nevermind – Think this started because of the Nirvana album of the same name.

        Alright – Should be all right

        Okay - OK is not an abbreviation of ‘Okay.’ Not entirely sure where OK comes from, but Okay is still wrong.

        Irregardless – Doesn’t even make sense when you when about it. Regardless is the actual word, although I’m guilty of using irregardless.

        Alot – I have a habit of using this one too. Should be two words; A lot.

  9. Grumpy Older Man

    It has nothing to do with the fans and everything to do with “Side before Self” and if Beckford doesn’t understand that then sod him.

  10. DN

    Good to see so many contributors demonstrating commonsense.

    Of course Beckford was totally out of order on Saturday but so were those “fans” who jeered him while choosing to forget they had so recently lauded his goals. For example, a spotty faced youth sat next to me [he claimed to be a long-standing Season Ticket holder but for some reason had never been seen before!] was berating Beckford from the first minute of the game – when he wasn’t having a go at Beckford he turned his criticism towards Naylor and Hughes who he claimed were equally “useless”!

    We are all entitled to our opinions but does it help the cause to abuse our own players?

    Personally, all I want for 2010 is to get out of this horrible Division 1: getting Beckford back on board will go some way to achieving this goal.

    Happy Christmas

  11. West Stand Rebel

    Well said DN (above ) give the poor guy a break after all his goal scoring ratio is superb. Sure he can be frustrating and misses loads of chances but he is only a third division player and one of the best strikers in our league.
    Long ago I remember a winger called Mike O’grady who had come from Huddersfield (his only crime) He was treated very badly by the Leeds supporters who got on his back at every opportunity.
    It seems there has to be a scapegoat and if Beckford goes who will be next? Clearly Caspar is a candidate but what good does it serve when you keep knocking a player ?

  12. paull

    The only thing I’d ask of Beckford or any other player for that matter is that while they’re wearing the shirt they give 100%. All strikers go through lean spells and it’s good that he was frustrated at being replaced so as long as he gives 100% I’ll back him.

  13. colin

    While I agree that Beckford can finish well everyone is forgetting that the other ten players along side him on the team make him look good.

  14. martin

    The bottom line is Beckford was out of line in his reaction to being brought off & his reaction to his manager for doing so, he was rightly booed by the fans & asked to explain himself by his manager who has now had an apology & grayson is happy with that, so every leeds fan should see this the same way & let it go.

    Everyone should get behind Beckford because if he does move on regardless of us being promoted i would like to feel we’ve got as much work & as many goals out of him as possible, even if he goes in janauary to boro as ive been reading the same still applies.

  15. Dean A Walls

    We can all be far too quick to critisize our own players but the responsibility lies with us all, to tell the thickos to lay off our own players when they start having a go at them. We have to trust the manager to deal with anyone who is not showing enough commitment to the cause, he does spend time with them all everyday (unlike any of us) and he has done ok so far so let him get on with running the team and we should get on with doing our job, supporting the team EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM!
    Come on lads championship here we come!

  16. Chazzer

    The reason the fans have a problem loving Beckford is because of his demeanour. Most of the time he has a look on his face like he’s just got a bit of poo on his tongue. He’s hardly the lovable type. Tony Yeboah played with a smile on his face and I think for that (as well as his unbelievable goals) we loved him..

  17. tim

    If this is the only bit of drama this season I will take that!!
    Who would swop Becks for a carthorse like Lambert? Becks is what he is and we all know that but he WILL get us the goals and anyone in a Leeds shirt on the day is good enough for me.


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