Tres banned for three matches

Tresor Kandol has been handed a three match ban for the shoving match that followed our 4-0 victory over Yeovil Town last Saturday.

According to Sky Sports, Tres lashed out at Yeovil striker Sam Williams. Tres has accepted the charge of violent conduct and the ban will begin with this weeks FA Cup tie against Oldham Athletic.

Although I was leaving the stadium at the time and couldn’t really make out what was going on, it looked like a petty pushing match more than anything serious. I know Tres has accepted the charge, but I’m suprised it’s actually come to this. Then again, this is Leeds United and the FA do seem to have a soft spot for us.

Swindon Town game postponed

The game against Swindon Town has been postponed due to international call-ups from the Leeds United squad. Rui Marques and Patrick Kisnorbo have been called up by their country, whilst Lubomir Michalik is on standby. Alan Martin will also play a part in the Scotland U21’s match.

George Burley will also announce his squad tomorrow and Robert Snodgrass will be hopeful of another call-up after injury kept him out last time. On-loan Wolves striker, Sam Vokes may also be selected for the Welsh side.

Much like the Bristol game that was postponed, there seems to be a lot of maybes. We aren’t the only team in this division with international players (there’s a lot of U21’s in this league for a start), yet we seem to be the only one that needs to cancel matches, despite the fact we have the biggest squad.

It also doesn’t look like we’ll lose too many first team players – 2-3 at the most. So there’s absolutely no reason why this game shouldn’t go ahead as planned. My major grievance is that I – like many other fans no doubt – had already made arrangements for the Swindon game and this just doesn’t seem like a valid excuse for postponement.

Our next League One game is now Brighton on the 21st of November, which I’m half expecting to be changed as well. Leeds United have a bit of a reputation at the seaside, so there’s always a chance they’ll move it to the Friday night, or an earlier kick-off Saturday. Why even bother releasing a fixture list if it means nothing?

Leeds keen to keep Max

It’s been confirmed that Leeds United have approached Leicester with a view to extending his current loan period. The current agreement keeps him at Elland Road ’til the middle of this month, but Leeds would like to extend the deal until January.

Leeds have also asked Leicester for permission to play Max in the FA Cup tie against Oldham this weekend. No decision has been made by the Foxes as yet, so fingers crossed for both.

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  1. Jezza

    I agree with the comments re. Swindon and Bristol Rovers – probably can’t go now as midweek but could have gone to Bristol as it was half-term. Living in the SOuth East, I could go to Brighton but can’t get tickets as it’s a Loyalty game, and just found out I didn’t get tickets for Brentford. So my membership – 1 adult/1 kid – han’t bought us many tickets so far, the way Lees treat their fans ain’t too good. ANyone got any spares for Brentford?

    • kevturner

      I agree about the Swindon game. We had purchased saver train tickets so lost £68 each as they are non refundable. It seems the Club don’t consider the fans when they make these decisions.

      • TSS

        I was fuming when I saw it had been moved. They have no consideration for those of us that have booked in advance. I lost money when Bristol was rearranged too and am likely to do so from hotel deposit on this.

        The other thing is that it’ll undoubtably be re-arranged for midweek, which in itself is a problem. To make it to every game on the Football League fixture list, I have to book time off well in advance. Otherwise, I’m left with a long drive straight from wotk, then another straight home leaving little time for sleep before the next days work. If I have enough notice, I book the following day off, but it never seems to be the case when this happens.

        It’s just a joke of a reason with no consideration for the fans.

      • Yorkshrman

        I stuggle to believe some of these comments ……. “it’s only 2-3 first team players …..”

        We know that Parker is going to be out another 2-3 months; and it’s quite likely that Higgs, Crowe and Becchio will still be out. Kandol would be suspended. So you’d really rather that we played the game with one suspended, (maybe) three missing on International duty, and (maybe) another three out injured ……???


      • TSS

        Yeah, that’s exactly what we should do. Like every other tesm has to!

  2. Grumpy Older Man

    Following your post and comments left on Clarkeonenil I went back to the Football League show highlights and to be blunt have come to the conclusion Tresor is a bigger idiot than I first thought. He has half his team mates and half the Yeovil team trying to restain him and he STILL smacks the lad in the face. If it had been spontanious I might have had a smiggin of understanding but to lash out like that then, bloody stupid. I for one am sick of thicko footballers acting like numpties and especially those who have earned some leeway through consistant performance.

    Tresor should get the transfer South he so clearly wants ASAP.

    • Grumpy Older Man

      missed the word “not” before earned some leeway. Mind you on reflection i don’t want it off any of them, good or bad players.

      • Grumpy Older Man

        and finally we give ourselves too much credit if we think the FA or FL are out to spite us!

      • TSS

        As I said, I didn’t have the greatest of views as I was leaving the stadium and my back was to the pitch. Did just look like the petty pushing matches we see every week from where I was and no one else seemed to pay too much attention to it, so I wrote it off as nothing.

        As for the FA punishing us. It was written a little tongue in cheek. Can hardy argue with half the punishments we’ve received under our current dictatorship.

      • TSS

        Just seen it now. Yeah, they may have a point! Haha. What’s he playing at there?

    • Terry

      What an a***hole he is!! Having just got himself back into first team contention and looking good he walks yards to get involved in a situation that was nothing to do with him and gets himself banned. I’ve noticed that he crosses himself when he comes onto the field so presumably he’s a committed Christian. Whatever happened to turning the other cheek?


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