The Max Factor remains

Leeds United have just announced that talks with Leicester City to extend Max Gradel’s loan have been successful and the impressive youngster will remain at Elland Road until the New Year.

Although Leicester have insisted on a 24-hour recall clause, I don’t think this is anything unusual and wouldn’t see it as an issue. Hopefully Bates, Grayson et al are thinking longer-term and are planning to sign Max up full-time during the transfer window.

Max has impressed management and fans alike since his arrival at Elland Road and recently told how he was enjoying playing for the club and more than happy to stay.

Shane Higgs reaps reward

Despite his recent injury problems that have kept him out of the first team, Shane Higgs’ form so far this season has impressed everyone. Alongside Premier League leaders, Chelsea (who have played less games) Leeds United have the best defensive record in all four divisions and Higgs has played a great part in that consistency.

Leeds United have now rewarded Shane with an extension to his current contract, keeping the keeper here for an extra 12 months. The 32-year old thoroughly deserves the extension and I look forward to his return from injury.

E-noch, E-noch, E-noch

For me Enoch Showunmi is the weakest link in our entire squad. I don’t know what anyone saw in him when Leeds United brought him in, but he’s looked clumsy, awkward, out-of-place and 5-yards behind the rest of the players on the park everytime I’ve seen him play.

Much like Emile Heskey for England, I keep trying to convince myself that I’m missing something and there must be something that the management are seeing in him that I can’t, but alas, I give in – he’s truly woeful. Anyway, he may not be here for much longer as Rotherham manager, Ronnie Moore prepares to make another attempt to sign him on-loan after his first was refused.

He isn’t a League One player, never mind a Championship one and simply seems like a waste of wages. I’m sure he could do a job elsewhere, but he simply isn’t good enough for a team with Leeds United’s ambitions.  

…and finally

The Celebrity Leeds United fans post I added just before this brought another milestone for the site in that it was the 100th post. Thanks to everyone that’s visited and contributed towards the site and here’s to another 100. On and on…

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  1. Grumpy Older Man

    Gradel: still early days, cameo moments ala Carole do not a long term Leeds United influence make.

    Higgs: fair enough, good to have too decent goalies to call on, all this building up Higgs and knocking Casper does nothing, both have won us games this season, both will again. Casper may not kick well but his coming out to smother the ball and his shot-stopping are superior to Higgs, Higgs is the better catcher.

    Showunmi: agree he never as been good enough but the same is true of Kandol and Robinson. We have a series of fringe players we need to have out on loan come the end of January (working on the assumption we won’t be able to sell due to the contacts they are on) so that should injuries, suspensions or other issues (like a transfer to Newcastle)kick in we have fit cover. Whilst it might be ok for Enoch to turn this one down it won’t be for him or Kandol or Robinson or Prutton or anyone else out of the team to waste opportunities to get first team fit as the business end of the season approaches.

    • TSS

      The Leicester fans were a big fan of Gradel and are expecting great things. The ones I’ve spoke to were shocked he was allowed to come to Leeds – although the manager is obviously thinking about match fitness – and still see him as an integral part of the team.

      I think the lads got lots of potential and is definitely worth gambling on at his age. Better than paying over-the-odds for over-the-hill or over-rated players like we have previously.

    • Clive Sanderson

      I don’t agree with you about Kandol. He’s forced his way back into the first team because he’s played well in the reserves and done very well on his limited appearence time in the first team. I never understood why the Donkey (Enoch) was always prefered to Kandol. Kandol has earnt the right to be on the bench as he’s been excellent every time he’s come on for us.

      Casper has definately improved this season compared to his poor season last year. I’d still have Higgs starting despite Caspers improvement.

      Gradel has been superb but so was Seb Carole at times. However I think Gradel has what it takes to be a regular with Leeds and more consistant than Seb Carole was.

  2. Paul South Wales

    I have to agree Clive. Kandol has staked a claim to a place, and should start ahead of Vokes. Showumni couldn’t trap a bag of cement and should be loaned out/sold asap. Robinson is a good player who scores a lot of goals (awesome for Swansea), just needs a run in the side which he’s never had, but should be kept. Gradel, still undecided, but looks like he could have a lot to offer. The squad needs trimming back quite a bit, there’s still a few players who could do a job elsewhere in this division naming no names, but Larry knows what he’s doing. The keepers are fine and keep each other on their toes, each offering pros and cons. MOT!


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