Welcome to the final part of Gledders series of posts, The Football Chairman’s Handbook.

Part IV – Could the next Chairman please step up?

So, let’s relax a bit and get into the realms of fantasy football to decide what kind of owner we would want if Ken Bates ever sells. Firstly, we need an establised businessman of course because we need somebody rich. However, they had better not be too astute, because we are expecting them to put tens of millions of pounds in, but they are not allowed to take anything out!

We need them to pass the fit and proper test in a way that satisfies the footballing authorities. Or more accurately, using the same benchmark that satisfied the authorities that Thaksin Shinawatra and Roman Abramovich were fit and proper. We want them to be uber rich.

Next, we want them to be a loyal supporter of the club but not a fan. Look where that got us before. Mind you, we could have forgiven Ridsdale if he had been rich enough to pay for his own mistakes.

It’s probably fair to say that Leeds United is not going to get swept up any time soon by an Arab on a charger so we had better make the best of what we’ve got and that means the Chairman showing the fans that he is investing their hard earned money back into their beloved club to which they give their time, money and passion. Sure make a few quid when you sell us for a profit because you’ve got us back to the Halcyon days of the Premier League, but don’t bleed us dry in the meantime.

So there you go Ken. That’s everything you need to know about how to be a good Chairman. Spend a load of money, buy my loyalty and I’ll back you until the money runs out. Otherwise could you kindly find me somebody who will? It’s a fair deal.

Thanks to Gledders for taking the time to write The Football Chairman’s Handbook which I hope you’ve all enjoyed this week. Quick plug for his new site offering free technical advice for those of you having problems with your PC. Visit askgledders.com for diagnostics.