Shortly after the FA Cup third round draw was completed, Manchester United moved quickly to get the first dig in at Leeds United’s expense with the attention grabbing headline ‘United face cup minnows‘ on their official site.

Clearly the headline was a cheap shot at the Leeds United faithful, some of which it will have no doubt aggrevated, but for me, this is what it’s all about. The Leeds-ManU rivalry is amongst the most fierce in football and despite our prolonged absence from the Premier League, it certainly hasn’t fizzled out. Even the author of Manure’s official site conceeded that Scum “share a deep rooted rivalry with the Whites, despite their absence from the Premier League since 2004.”

Let’s not get carried away here. We still have to beat Kettering next Tuesday (which will be shown live on ITV4) but assuming we can get by them on home soil, a return to Sold Trafford is a moment we’ve all been waiting for. Of course, ManU are likely to be much stronger than Leeds, but this is the FA Cup and upsets do happen. If anyone deserves a triumphant moment like that, it’s definitely us.

Fair play to Scum for the headline, it was an easy cheap shot, but definitely made me laugh. I’d expect more of the same in the coming weeks, with a war of words coming from both camps as the excitement builds.

Let’s just pray Leeds don’t let us down on Tuesday. They shouldn’t need much more motivation than this anyway! Glory-hunting fans at work are already telling me they’re going to batter us 10-0. Be nice to wipe that smug ‘never been to Old Trafford, but align myself with Manu because they win things‘ look from their face.

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  1. Colin

    I think we’ll beat Kettering at Elland Road quite easily.
    As for Man Utd, I think a lot will depend on which Man U team plays and whether our key players (Beckford, Snodgrass) can pull off the performance of their lives.

    Also interesting is that a live broadcast of a 2nd round FA Cup game earns the club £72,000. And that’s what Leeds will also get when the Kettering replay is shown on ITV4.

    Not bad money for the 2nd round.

  2. Yorkshrman

    The rivalry certainly hasn’t fizzled out! I was “entertained” at a CL match over there a couple of years ago …. a pretty dull prawn sandwich of a game against Sporting Lisbon, who couldn’t qualify for the next stage, while Man U already had. Walking back to the car after the game, it really made my day to hear a group of their lot singing “We all hate Leeds scum …….”

    Two divisions below them, and still they care!!!

  3. Craig

    As soon as the draw got to the last 16-or-so balls I just knew we were destined to get Man U at theirs. Initially I was disappointed but, if we can match the performance against Liverpool I now reckon we’ll get a boost from having played them, no matter what the result.

  4. Gledders

    Leeds always lift their game when they are meant to be outclassed. Look at the pre-season and the Liverpool match. Our boys can put up a good fight, so bring ManUre on. So long as the baby keeps Rooney up all night we might sneak it! JPT and FA Cup. Hmm. I fancy two trips to Wembley this year. Better start by beating Kettering though who actually played pretty well for most of the match on Sunday.


    i would expect us to beat kettering at home after all we were unlucky not to win at there place(ps that is the most one sided game i have watched this season and had kisnorbo been at the back i think we would of won as for the next round i watched scum vs benfica and it was crap snodgrass and beckford on form could lead the scum youngsters a merrydance!!


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