I think it’s fair to say that on-loan Wolverhampton Wanderers striker, Sam Vokes hasn’t made the most spectaculor of starts at Elland Road.

The frontman completed his sixth league appearence for the Whites last night, in which time he’s managed just the one goal. Although it’s a short sample size of games to get any accurate read from, his record at Leeds is 1 in 6 which is in balance with Wolves where he’s managed 6 in 36.

There’s been times when the Welshman has shown some quality touches to assist in attacking play, but more often than not, the end product simply isn’t there. Last night, Vokes rushed an opportunity to get his second Leeds United goal and blasted the ball well over the goal.

His performance was rated by the Yorkshire Evening Post as 5 out of 10, but in all honesty, I think that’s being more than generous.

In fairness to Vokes, the entire team weren’t at their best last night. Until Aidy White and Max Gradel were introduced in the second half, it was a pretty frustrating affair. However, the third substitution, which was Mike Grella showed how it should be done. He didn’t get his name on the scoresheet, but with only a short amount of time, he did manage to force a save from the keeper which was something Leeds hadn’t really done all night.

I know Vokes is only young and is still lacking in game time, but scoring tends to be a natural talent and his history shows that it’s one that passed him by. Similarly, Becchio doesn’t score anywhere near the amount Beckford does, but at the same time he scores a lot more than Vokes and is often a big part of the goals the team does score. He looks like a constant threat all night.

I think it’s easy to see why Wolves were happy to loan him out. In his current position, Vokes simply wouldn’t score enough to be considered a Premier League player, nor would he be good enough for the Championship in my honest opinion.

I think Leeds United have much better options in Mike Grella and Tresor Kandol. I can see why Simon was so eager to get a replacement in when Becchio got injured, but a player so young and inexperienced was a mistake. We have players like that ourselves in Davide Somma and Mike Grella who would have benefited much more from the game time and probably contributed more goals.

I fail to see any reason why Grayson would extend the loan in January, especially with Becchio close to a return. I wish Vokes the best of luck and hope he finds his scoring boots at some point, but I just don’t see it happening. The build-up play isn’t bad and his first touch is usually quality, but without the end product, he’s never going to be a top striker.

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  1. Grumpy Older Man

    Young, decent, quality and when he gets going a natural finisher, if Wolves don’t want him we should snap him up.

    • TSS

      I said above that he’s got quality in terms of first touch and creating chances, but as an out and out striker, he’s failed to prove himself. Jury still out for me I’m afraid.

  2. paddytheflea

    The 6 goals in 36 matches for Wolves does not look impressive, I agree. But if you look at the minutes he has played it gets better. He was our ‘super-sub’ in the Championships and almost never played from start in those 36 matches. Last 15 was his time and he scored some very important goals.

    Last season he looked like a player who had the killer instinct and the ability to be at the right place in the right time. Perhaps it would be the best for Leeds to use him as a sub (but not for Wolves of course). I think he has a great future ahead of him and that he eventually will be a Premier League player of good quality. He is still young and he needs to play. Maybe Leeds lacks good wingers to give him crosses to work on?

    • TSS

      I’d have to disagree with the last part. Robert Snodgrass is amongst the best wingers outside the Premiership, which was widely recognised by the national media after the Liverpool game.

      It’s not that Vokes hasn’t had the service. Beckford only gets 30+ a season because of the great service provided for him. Vokes just doesn’t seem to have the final shot in him that some of our other strikers have.

      • Yorkshrman

        While I agree that Snoddy is one of the best in our League, he’s not a traditional “get to the byline and cross for the big bloke” winger – and indeed, the trademark Beckford goal is from a ball played behind the defence for him to use his pace rather than from wide crosses.

        As I said below, I’m not convinced Vokes really fits our playing style.

      • Danny the Loser

        I agree that Snodgrass is not an out and out natural get crosses in winger.
        And neither is Johnson, he lacks pace and the ability to get round a man.
        So Paddy the Flea may well be right in that respect.

        However, Sam Vokes is not quite hitting the mark at the minute, the team don’t seem to know what to do with him. He could be a fantastic link up player (great first touch, comfortable on the ball, good vision) a la Becchio but doesn’t seem to have the strength or space to work in….

  3. James Morris

    I go to every home game and I have seen him a few times now and I have been disappointed to be honest.
    Kandol gets the nod everytime for me.

    Ps.. Please note that Grella (as short as he is) won more headers in the short space of time he was on the field than Vokes did all game.

    Vokes has scored us a goal but even Eee orr Showumni could have tapped that in (Possibly) ;@)

  4. Yorkshrman

    Grella’s scoring record for us doesn’t exactly set the world on fire – 2 in 24 appearances, although admittedly most of those are as the “last 10 minutes sub”. Actually, Enoch’s is much better – 6 in 28, and he’s only actually started 7 games!

    Agree about Vokes, though …. he seems out of place in our playing style, and I’ve yet to see much evidence that there’s any kind of partnership building between him and Beckford. Certainly last night they seemed on completely different wavelenghts – mind you, so were most of the team ….

  5. Paul South Wales

    Vokes has been disappointing so far, he’s a lot better than that. Let’s be honest we only have one striker, the others are supporting front players who slot in with Beckford. He isn’t firing yet, but give him a little more time to come to fruition. Bechio wasn’t actually pulling up trees, but has a good work rate. If not Vokes then Kandol should get the nod, but not yet, patience is a virtue, luckily we’re still winning even when we’re below par. MOT

  6. derbyshirewhite

    Becchio played full 90 minutes in reserves today. Loanees won’t play at Kettering anyway. As Tweety Pie might say “that’s all Vokes!”

  7. Heather

    I have been really disappointed in Vokes for the most part and last night he was really poor. He didn’t even get off the ground most of the time and won virtually nothing in the air. He had one golden chance and blew it big style. Kandol every time for me until Becchio is back. I don’t see any sign of an improvement in Vokes and at times he doesn’t even look interested. I noticed that when we beat Yeovil and scored our first, he just turned away and didn’t bother celebrating, which suggests to me that he doesn’t really care that much.

  8. tim

    No disrespect to the lad but he can go back now for me. From the start he has looked like just another ordinary forward – Grayson has bought a few in now and none of them have worked out. Becchio, Kandol and Grella – whats the problem?


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