Unfortunately, I can’t offer much of a review for this game as I didn’t make it. My better half contracted Swine Flu and after spending the morning running about to get her the medicine, it was too late for me to travel and I decided it was probably wise to stay home and look after her.

I did watch the game over the internet through the FA’s streaming service, which was unsuprisingly poor. This country simply isn’t ready for mass streaming of live events. Until we’re covered from top to bottom in shiny fibre-optic cabling, it just isn’t going to work. The FA need to understand that and stop subjecting us to this nonsense. The game wasn’t unwatchable in fairness, but for me, it often felt like I was watching it in slow-motion.

From friends that did make the game I was very unhappy to hear the minute’s silence for Remembrance Day wasn’t observed by some Leeds United fans. I don’t know if they were intentionally being disrespectful or were simply unaware of the circumstances, but if they were aware of it then I can honestly say I’ve never been so ashamed of my fellow supporters.

Thousands upon thousands of brave men and women have paid the ultimate sacrifice to give you the life you lead. It’s not a big ask to remain silent for sixty seconds to remember those that have died and think about the families they’ve left behind. I honestly can’t put into words how disgusted I am at the fans that disrepected the silence.

Earlier in the season I was proud to stand in the Kop and sing along with thousands of others to ‘there’s only one Bobby Robson’. The man was a true footballing great and we quite rightly acknowledged and celebrated that. Bobby was a legend, but one that lived a happy and long life. The men and women who have died at war for this country have often died young protecting us. Hero is a term that’s over used these days- No doubt many have used it to describe Bobby over the years, but he wasn’t a hero. He did a lot for the game and quite rightly deserves the praise he’s received, but the men and women who have died protecting me, you and this country are the real heroes. Some people are obviously too ignorant to understand that.

As for the game itself, it was indicative of every game I remember against Oldham. Never the most thrilling, but at least we won and progressed. I don’t think anyone can argue against the result. Leeds definitely deserved the win. Two great goals from Howson and Grella as well with nice build up play for them both. Ten goals scored with none conceeded in the last three games. Anyone expect that with Casper in the net?

A full review written by a well-travelled Leeds United fan can be found here at Travels of a Leeds fan.

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  1. Jon

    For me, long after the football aspect of this game has faded from memory, which won’t take too long, the overriding memory will also be of the Leeds fans’ disrespect for the minute’s silence. It was probably only a handful but unfortunately the lot of us will likely be tarred with the same brush. I have to say though the other audio coming through loud and clear was the “airplane” song which is probably not that further up the scale of tastefulness.

    I actually found the streaming pretty good, and that was without the benefit of fibre optics. I can’t get to many games anymore but remain as passionate about the club as when I never missed a game – so I would take as many games as possible over the web.

  2. Andrew Wood

    The “so-called” disrepectful people where at the bar and I think they couldn’t hear the PA system announcing the minutes silence.

    • DN

      It doesn’t matter where the noise was coming from – the failure to keep the silence was shaming on all of us.

      At the same time the [severa[ outbursts of the “airplane” song was equally embarassing and shaming: don’t these twerps understand what they are singing about or, are they so ignorant they can’t visualise what the words “who’s that dying in the snow” actually mean? It’s time for it to stop.

  3. Dave

    I was there and the singing came from behind the stands, they would not have heard the announcer.

    Good to see the Leeds fans who weren’t actually at the game so quick to judge the ones who actually were there, without getting the full story first.

  4. Kernow

    I think the airplane song should finally be consigned to the bin of 70’s football history. When we are stung by people singing about what happened in Turkey and making stabbing motions at Leeds fans, surely this must open the idiotic minorities eyes to their double standards?

  5. Mark

    The noise was coming from behind and below the stand we were in, with people still coming into the ground, who werent aware the minute silence had started. It isnt disrespect if you aren’t aware the minutes silence has started. People need to stop being so ‘precious’, about everything. There are enough leeds haters around without people who didnt go, but are watching on the net having a go too.

  6. Iain

    I’m a Latics fan, and the Leeds fans were sat in the stand that I usually sit in, and I have to say that the PA system in it is pretty much inaudible from the seated area never mind from behind the stand. Penny-pinching, it would seem, caused the unfortunate event.

  7. tim

    I was at Oldham but well to the right hand side of the stand, looking towards the pitch and all that I can say in some kind of defence is that the tannoy system was poor, Oldham didn’t announce prior to the game exactly what they were going to do and they played a recording of the Last Post through the minute’s silence, so I can only think people were expecting the actual silence to come after that. It was very poor organisation but no excuses for the fans who bantered through it, although not very many I think, and at Leeds these things have always been recognised impeccably.

    By the way, where was the poppy on the Leeds shirts? If they had done a poppy shirt in the shop I would have been happy to buy one and wear it the whole year. Disappointing but we fell into the category of “no poppies” with Liverpool and you know who, not far down the road from Oldham!

    • TSS

      Was wondering about the poppies on the shirts as well. Obviously not something that’s been organised by the FA or FL as some teams did and some didn’t so Leeds and Oldham maybe haven’t realised they could.

      I hope it is the case that this was bad communication and/or people that couldn’t hear the tannoy. We have a bad enough reputation as it is that’s often uncalled for. Hearing the Munich song as well led me to believe we had a selection of idiots in with no respect and it wasn’t beyond the realms of possibility they’d disrespected the silence.

      Have been to Oldham before and know the stadium’s extremely poor and that the tannoy can be inaudible so am happy to accept that as an excuse. I thought the majority of people travelling would have been aware of the silence though. We do it every year.

      • JB

        We were in the stand and could barely hear the tannoy – but could see the “silence” taking place. Problem if you were still in the bar was that because they played the last post rather than have an actual silence, you probably would not know it was a silence.
        Singing the munich song causes embarrassment and doesn’t bring any kudos. The earlier comment about double standards is exactly right.
        I recall last year’s game at Crewe. Some young lads behind the crewe fans goal started singing about galatasaray and the lads near us who had been swearing and offensive all match, suddenly feigned outrage and demanded the stewards take action – just making temselves look like yobs and complaining about the crewe fans who looked school age. I have to also say there were some older Leeds fans at Crewe who did look upset, but the thugs we still have, still keep our reputation for being louts well and truly alive.

  8. Dean A Walls

    Thomas Wright,
    You should be ashamed! Learn your history you ignorant t–t, Leeds fan my arse. I presume your only a nipper though with comments like that and it does seem that you have had the unfortunate curse of being dragged up by parents that neither had the care, knowledge nor desire to teach you any form of human decency and respect!
    Can’t you go find yourself something else to do at a weekend, as I myself, am getting sick of inconsiderate morons such as you making us all look like thick pricks!
    Bring on Kettering.

  9. CF

    What an awful article, why not check your facts before you post this sort of thing all over the internet? There were hundreds of Leeds fans singing and drinking behind the stand until well into the game. When the minute ‘silence’ was announced I was at my seat 4 or 5 rows from the front and even I wasn’t entirely aware what was going on – so poor was Oldham’s PA system. How on earth were the folks behind the stand meant to know what was going on?

    As a supposed Leeds fan you should be aware of the attitude of our supporters. We like to make a noise and enjoy ourselves away from home. With the best will in the world, you’re not going to get every single Leeds fan sat in their seat – flask of soup and sandwiches at the ready – in time for kick off. It was an unfortunate occurance but your blind condemnation of your fellow fan leaves a sour taste. You’ll be aware that your postings appear quite prominantly on sites such as newsnow and, as such, will be viewed by lots of people. I hope in future you’ll take the time to do a bit of research and ask some questions before you condemn you’re own club and fans that actually bothered to go watch the game on a cold and wet evening.

    • TSS

      As I said above, I heard from friends that did make the game and admitted I wasn’t entirely sure of the circumstances. I was unable to attend for the first time this season for the reasons mentioned and am well aware of our supporters passionate ways. I’m usually amongst them.

      Whether it’s the poor tannoy system at Oldham, a lack of communication prior to the match (although this was announced on the official site) or simply ignorance is hard for anyone to be absolutely sure of. The article was written hypothetically on the basis that the same idiots that insist on singing the Munich song had intentionally ignored the silence. The link at the bottom of the post was equally condemning of the fans who sang through it, as were my friends, all of whom were at the game and in their seats for kick-off.

      What I’m really struggling to believe is that news of the on-pitch events didn’t filter through to them not in their seats. We also have a minutes silence throughout the country every year at the games so it’s not as if it’s entirely new thing that caught us off-guard.

      • JB

        With the greatest respect TSS, CF has a good point. It is your headline that appears prominently on newsnow, not your acknowledgment later that you might not know what happened because you weren’t there.
        Perhaps if you were unsure, you should have toned down your headline. I assume you are not the Sun or Mirror after all where facts never get in the way of a good headline.

      • TSS

        Yeah, in heinsight I can see his point. When I wrote the above I was so infuriated by what i’d heard that my reaction was probably a little hasty.

        As I said earlier, I’m happy to accept this may have been a case of poor communication, but when our own supporters continue to sing songs like the Munich one, it’s understandable as to why many would jump to a different conclusion – as I perhaps did.

        Dean A Walls (below) makes a good point with regards to the Munich song. The club doesn’t seem to do enough to prevent this kind of thing and it’s a massive part of why we have such a bad reputation to start with. We were quite rightly outraged by the thugs at Millwall for their antics, but it’s hard to take the moral high ground when these things continue to be a part of matchdays.

      • JB

        OK – too late to change the headline I guess. I completely agree wrt the Munich song. Out of order and incredible double standards when the same fans claim injustice at the mention of Galatasaray. Both are dreadful and should be gone for ever at football matches.

    • Del

      Best comment so far. Been a Leeds fan for 40 years and I travelled 600 miles for this game from the Outer Hebrides and brought my young lad to his first away game. I find for someone to pass comment when not been at the match utterly stupid there are enough tossers out there sticking the knife in to Leeds. Those in the stand observed the silence and guys at the back were shouting to those at the bar to shut up.Game was shocking, stadium is a tip and the weather as usual in Oldham was grim but the atmosphere created by the Leeds was top drawer and my son only wants to go to away games now! Big thanks to the staff and Oldham fans in the Rifle Range Inn for making us feel welcome. WACCOE

  10. Dean A Walls

    I am sure that most of the people making the noise at the bar were not aware of the timing of events as I am also sure that most leeds fans as most people would be regretful if they thought that they had offended anyone in this way. These things happen and the tannoy system and poor arrangement of the silence meant that noise was inevitable.
    Unfortunately though there are still ‘fans’ out there who continue to show disrespect to the dead i.e. Munich song, and people that would find this sort of occurence as ‘Funny’! This is a problem with society as a whole and not just individual groups of supporters, we do seem to let them get away with it at Leeds though for some reason, and this has got to stop for the good of our great club!

    • David

      Not the first time this has taken place, they did the same with George Best. I’m a Leeds fan and a Northern Ireland fan so as much as George played for the most hated team he also played for Northern Ireland. Shame on you on Saturday [On Sunday more brave men were lost] but I’m not suprised.
      You know who you are, you disrespected me and the other N.I. fans who travel over week in and week out through good and bad times. Clean up your act your getting us all tared with the same brush.

  11. Ollie

    I do find it strange how we employ so many stewards to make sure everyone sits down (don’t get me started on that). Yet your permitted to chant about about people dieing? But most clubs do chant one or two songs which turn a few eyebrows….
    “When I was just a little boy, I asked my mother what should I be……. etc etc” That seems to be accepted, but its last line is pretty hard hitting!

  12. Jon

    For me, long after the football aspect of this game has faded from memory, which won't take too long, the overriding memory will also be of the Leeds fans' disrespect for the minute's silence. It was probably only a handful but unfortunately the lot of us will likely be tarred with the same brush. I have to say though the other audio coming through loud and clear was the “airplane” song which is probably not that further up the scale of tastefulness.

    I actually found the streaming pretty good, and that was without the benefit of fibre optics. I can't get to many games anymore but remain as passionate about the club as when I never missed a game – so I would take as many games as possible over the web.


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