As the title suggests, I’m finding it difficult to believe any club in their right mind would pay £5,000,000 for a striker with half a season left on his contract. This particular Beckford rumour (number 3791 for those of you that have lost count) was also published in the nation’s most unreliable rag – The Sun – so that too adds little credibility to the speculation.

However, this is the Mike Ashley led Newcastle United we’re talking about. If anyone is stupid enough to pay over the odds for a League One striker, who I don’t believe will be any help to them whatsoever if they do make it back to the Premier League this season then it’s most certainly them.

Of course, as January draws closer, we can expect a lot of this stuff. The summer saw Beckford linked with countless Championship sides alongside a couple of Premier League clubs. None of these rumours came true of course and the striker remained a Leeds United player, going on to net eleven goals so far this campaign.

The majority of these rumours will have been invented by his agent looking to draw up interest – afterall, that’s his job – whilst a lot of the remaining ones will have been dreamnt up by the national press who simply can’t help filling their pages with Leeds United gossip. No matter how far we fall, it seems the press still can’t find anyone more interesting than Leeds.

If true – and for the record, I remain unconvinced – then Leeds would be out of their minds to turn it down. Jermaine doesn’t seem to have any intention of signing a new contract and I’d be suprised if we made it through January without him signing a pre-contract elsewhere.

The major problem is that despite our apparently profitable status, it’s unlikely much of the money will be re-invested in the squad. If we lose Jermaine, we lose a huge amount of goals which aren’t easily or cheaply replaced.

The rumours will inevitably persist for as long as Beckford remains a Leeds United player. The fact of the matter is, that if this one is true we have to sell him. £5m is impossible to turn down. It’s too much of an unlikely sum though even for Newcastle so I just can’t see it being true.

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  1. Keith

    As you say, Leeds would be bonkers to turn down a sum like that under any circumstances, not just for a forward with a few months left on his contract. As for replacements, Sam Vokes has hinted that he may well be on his way out of Wolves, and a few fans of theirs that I know have said they agree. Think he could do a job with us full time?

  2. Techno

    More paper talk. Thing is though, you are all too ready to dismiss Beckford as not being good enough for the step up to the premiership, why not? Nicky Maynard is doing well at Bristol City and could quite possibly be a premier player next season. Why wouldn’t Beckford do well if he made the step up? he’d get much better service from midfield than he is now I would’ve thought. Another thing is what would be the point of £5 million, what striker would you replace Becks with and what price? It won’t be spent on the club anyway i doubt!!!!! Hopefully Beckford goes up with us, MOT.

    • TSS

      For me, Beckford misses far too many one on ones and decent chances to make it in the Premier League. You don’t get half the chances in the top flight that you do at this level and in that lies the problem.

      Keith – Not sure about Vokes. I think he’s still finding match fitness and does seem to have improved with each game as he’s gelled with the team. He’s clearly a good striker, but whether he’ll be good enough to act as a direct replacement for Beckford is where I’m sceptacle. By all means, sign him up though. He’s certainly better than Enoch Showumni and would be excellent cover at the very least.

      • Kernow

        If Newcastle were struggling just outside the play-off positions they might be tempted into a panic buy, but they are comfortable at the top with a decent (for the Championship) squad. Also, they aren’t going to be handing a guy who is, to all intents a caretaker, a big transfer kitty.

        I think the words ‘agent’ and ‘negotiations’ spring to mind…

      • Ollie

        Turning down 5million would be madness, but who would we be able to buy to replace him?
        Fryatt maybe, but Leicester won’t let their number one assest go cheaply especially since they are really pushing for back to back promotions.
        Maynard? I honestly have never seen anything that impresses me too much, he seems to be a player playing at maximum capabilities, where as Beckford still has alot more to give I believe.

        Whoever it is, won’t be cheap. As soon as 5 million is transfered to us other clubs will try it on and up the prices.

        Nobody has mentioned Smith…..

      • TSS

        Would be a controversial one, but I’d take Smith back.

        Doubt he’d score as many as Becks though. Was never the most abundant scorer.

  3. summerof69

    well as someone did say this is a mike ashley led newcastle so anything is possible for a league 1 striker with a few months on his contract left but personally i am happy with the forwards we have and would prefer his wages to be spent on a couple of wingers

    ps good luck for the rest of the season

  4. MOT

    I know this seems unlikely but I actually think Beckford will not sign for anyone in January nor will he agree any deal. I think he will re-sign for us in the summer if we get promoted. I don’t think he wants to be sat on the subs bench for a Premiership team and if Newcastle get promoted, as is looking likely, then he’ll be doing just that next season. I think he’d prefer to stay with us and play in the Championship next season. Unlikely but that’s my guess!

  5. Toon exile in Leeds

    As someone who has picked up Leeds as a second team whilst being at uni, but a geordie nonetheless I can honestly say that the FCB wouldn’t pay even five pence for Beckford at the minute!
    Every transfer window we’ve had a net profit from sales and only more will leave in January from us with an already threadbare squad.
    I think he would make a good squad player in our team and definitely could excel in the championship, but honestly the only player, apart from loans we’ve had in, was a free agent this season and that’s saying something!
    Reckon it will be a lot of luck our way if we end up back in the premiership at first time of asking really.
    And also about the press, the Beckford article is the first in months I’ve seen about LUFC (apart from in the Yorkshire Evening Post obviously) it’s all about us geordies, so consider yourself lucky really!!!
    Anyway good luck to you lot, nice to see you riding high in League 1, hopefully you can get back up to where you clearly belong (playing exciting football in the premiership!)

  6. Tim

    I think once we know we’re going up as champions, he’ll sign an improved deal….£2m of that £5m would likely buy a decent player like Fryat and some cover to replace him though

  7. Techno

    Isn’t Sam Vokes a premiership player? even he cannot replace Beckford you say.

    • TSS

      Vokes is a youngster still learning his trade, but with regards to replacing Beckford I meant as a goal-scoring entity.

  8. Techno

    In all fairness, Beckford is still learning his trade, he hasn’t played at this level for too many years, 3 is it??

    • TSS

      He’s made over 100 appearences and scored more than 50, so he’s hardly a newcomer anymore.

      The fact of the matter remains that no matter how frustrating Becks can be at times, he’ll always score a decent amount of goals. We’ve yet to see whether or not Vokes can do likewise.

  9. Techno

    I agree. I think Becks will score goals at any level given the opportunity. Love your articles by the way!

  10. Techno

    “He’s made over 100 appearences and scored more than 50, so he’s hardly a newcomer anymore.”

    Sam vokes has made over 100 appearances, at a higher level too and even international appearances, hardly a newcomer really.

    • TSS

      Seen his stats for League games – 93 appearences, 23 goals. Hardly the most prolific scorer, is he? Too much like Becchio overall, which isn’t a bad thing, but where Becchio does the work, Becks scores the goals. They thrive because of each other I think.

      As I say, I think we should sign Vokes up, but I still think we’d need a direct replacement for Becks, which is going to cost us.

  11. jo

    we should have gone for ricky lambert in the summer, beckford-lambert would be an unstoppable pair in this league but of course all our transfer funds keep mysteriously disappearing…

  12. Phil

    Beckfords performance on Saturday evening wasn’t worth £5s nevermind £5M, if Geordies are daft enough to pay that (and they are!) Leeds should snap ther hands off. Beckfords only ever scored goals in League 1

  13. Paul South Wales

    Yes i agree, as good as he is he’s never premiership quality. I don’t believe for one minute Newcastle are going to pay £5M for him, and if they do he’s gonna be sold by pappa smurf quick smart. I’m hoping he’s going to sign an improved contract with us, after all fingers crossed we should be playing in a higher league next year. As far as replacements go, what about David Nugent dropping down to CCC, he can score for fun in that league, just needs a club to show confidence in him again. MOT


    Leeds should snap Newcastles hand off if these reports are true,5 million for a player who needs 2 or 3 chances before he can score. Beckfords attitude at Oldham on saturday stank, he should have been took off well before he was. Sign Sam Vokes permanantly,that boy’s work rate is second to none and he will chip in with goals as well, the fitter this boy gets the better he will become. If Simon Grayson dips into the transfer for another striker should Beckford go he should look at any of these three – Simon Cox from WBA or Barnard of Southend or perhaps Nicky Maynard of Bristol City.
    All the best and keep the run going Simon and the boys.

  15. nathan gm

    beckford is not worth 5m for a start in the premiership and championship you do not get goals given to you, also the space that beckford gets and the respect will be completely different and i dont think he has got the right attitude to adapt be a waste but for 5m we could buy a beccio who is a goalscorer

  16. KeepFighting...

    I doubt that anyone would stump up that much money for a player who they can sign for free in the summer but if they do, then he will leave in Jan. After all, what’s Ken’s favorite song:-)

    Money talks, money talks
    Dirty cash I want you, dirty cash I need you”

    As for his performance on Sat – No service, surrounded by 3 players when near the ball and when he did get through, he seemed (from my vantage point) unlucky to be ruled offside. Not his best game, but the lad is not a lone striker and was harshly given stick on this occasion in my opinion.

  17. Colin

    Anyone who doubts Beckford is insane. Irrespective of whether you think he’s had a good game or a bad game, the only thing you can go on is stats. At Leeds, Beckford has 116 games, 65 goals. This guy was the top scorer in ENGLISH FOOTBALL last season (not just CC League 1).
    For any Leeds fan, the only aim is to get into the Championship. Without Beckford, you can kiss promotion goodbye – what do you want? Vokes and Kandol up front? Don’t make me laugh.

    I bet there weren’t too many comments moaning about Beckford when he scored injury time winner against Norwich.

    To any Beckford knockers out there, name me a player with better stats (in recent times) than Becks (116 games, 65 goals).


      DONT get me wrong colin i think beckford is a good player but he is not worth 5 million with just a short contract left,plus perhaps colin should cast his mind back earlier in the game against NORWICH when he missed how many chances, and when we need becford to shine in big games does he ( THE ANSWER IS NO JUST LIKE IN THE PLAY OFFS SEMI FINAL LAST SEASON).

      • Colin

        I agree that Becks isn’t worth £5m but Glen Johnson’s not worth £18m either, but that’s the going rate for footballers.
        If Becks went to Newcastle and scored 12 goals or so in the second half of the season which helped them get promoted to the Premier League, then it’s small change compared to the gain they’ll make financially by getting promoted.
        As for the Play-off Semi – you can hardly blame Becks – the team didn’t turn up. The thing is you are expecting Beckford to get Leeds out of trouble in every game that Leeds play poorly and then beat him up for not scoring and saving us.

        Do you want to blame Becks for the defence letting in the 2 goals that Millwall scored against us? I hate to admit it, but Millwall were the better team. I seem to remember Naylor making some stupid banzai manouevre that gifted them a goal. Obviously that was Becks fault as well I guess?

  18. Colton White

    I agree with Colin, Beckford is invaluable to Leeds at the moment. I would love to see what he could do at a higher level and hope I can do with us.

    What I would say is that Leeds fans have always preffered a workhorse like Becchio to a flair player like Beckford. It used to get on my nerves when fans would boo Becks for trying an ambitious chip then praise Becchio for running around. It’s like these people don’t understand football. Which for the most part could be true. If you’ve had a season ticket all your life, you’ve never played have you. Hence the reason why every single soul that I know that sits in The Kop is pretty clueless about football itself.

  19. dave grayson

    beckford can go for all i care, yes we need his goals but why should a player hold us at gun point for money (i hear he wants £15000 a week),sell him if he doesn`t sign a respectable deal in janurary and maybe try and sign lee barnard or a long shot rob hulse back where still a bigger club than derby and will be playing in the same division next season. mot

  20. tim

    Don’t forget guys that if we get good crosses into the box Tresor will knock them in.
    Personally, I am not convinced about Vokes yet, but he may just be taking his time settling in.
    What’s the point of having the transfer fees anyway as no evidence yet that it comes back into the club!!
    By the way what happened to that 6 million player called Delph? Not much has been seen of him since he left. Yes, he the player we bought on from a junior and supported who couldn’t even post a thank you to the fans on leaving.
    Finally, if you watched scum being beaten on Sunday I hope you were not eating your dinner at the same time when Drogba was substituted! Perhaps someone could suggest he keeps a hanky up his shirt sleeve so we don’t have a full on view of him blowing snot out of each nostril!!


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