Not often I agree with anything written in The Mirror. More often than not, I refuse to read it in all honesty, but a link on Newsnow this morning caught my eye.

In an age of increasing player power, it’s refreshing to see Leeds stand up to Jermaine Beckford.

Beckford has ideas above his station and feels he has outgrown Leeds, which is interesting considering they picked him up from non-league Wealdstone.

The striker has rejected Leeds’ offer of a new deal at Elland Road in the hope a Bolton or a Newcastle will swoop for him in January.

Ken Bates and Simon Grayson’s response has been to tell him he won’t be leaving before the end of the season, even if it means losing him on a free when his contract runs out in the summer.

Their stance should be applauded and they have cleverly put the onus on Beckford to keep himself in the shop window by scoring the goals to win Leeds promotion.

Beckford is deluded if he thinks he is Premier League class and he is a poor man’s Andy Cole, who needs two or three chances to score one.

He has a lot of improving to do before he could cut it in the top flight and if he has any sense, he will stick with Leeds and continue his education under the excellent Grayson.

Couldn’t have put it better myself, and I watch the striker week in, week out. He’s a class act at this level and I have no doubt he’ll be a strong enough striker in the Championship. The Premier League however is a different game entirely. You don’t get numerous chances a game and never get as much time on the ball.

Beckford may well be able to develop with Leeds and take that step up. Other players have in the past afterall, but if he was to move straight to Bolton, I think he’d be forgotten about within weeks and shifted quickly to the reserves.

Agreeing with a national red-top myth-maker could well be a first. The Mirror writing something of interest, that’s without bias and actually complimentary of the Leeds United management is definitely a first. One of those days I guess – it won’t last!

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  1. Choppers

    I think the mirror have given Beckford more credit than he is due. 2 or 3 chances, surely that should have read 5 or 6.

    I do think that he will move on in the summer and to be honest, I would not be sorry to see him go as I do not beleive he will be able to cut the mustard in the Championship.

    I would rather take a player of R Lambert or G Holt quality to the championship as these only need one or two chances a game and they take them, especially Lambert. You can not argue with his goals ratio in teams that dont neccesarily create many chances a game.

    Just a thought

  2. Kernow

    The step up to the PL is a massive leap, even from the CCC – if you look at the youngsters we’ve lost like Danny Rose, warming the bench at Spurs and then they end up out on loan in some backwater. Leeds is a big club and first team football at ER is probably one of the best way to learn your trade. Same with Delph, he would be playing in the Championship next year with us, learning his craft, then go from there. Some players are too short sighted and look at short term financial gain over long term career development.

  3. Ramblinjohn

    The trouble is..where is the evidence that this is what Beckford is doing? He wants more money than ken Bates wants to offer and I’m sure he deserves it. The rest of it is two and two equals five by the mirror, a paper which stats show get the inside story wrong about leeds more often than others.

    Beckford has never said anything about this in public so why are we slating him? And whatever others’ scoring records may be, there are non much better than Beckford’s – and that IS a fact

  4. Ramblinjohn

    I meant to say…we should trust Grayson to get this business right in the long term…if he can fend off bates that is

  5. paull

    I think the whole will he stay or go debate is over the top. The team is now light years ahead of where they were last season and although Beckford’s goals have been important they don’t account for the main improvements. Our defence is now the best in the league with competition for places and our midfield is both secure and creative. With those two things in place we are finally starting to look more like the finished article. Don’t get me wrong I do rate Beckford but premiership quality! I don’t think so. When you consider the amount of chances being created from midfield I would expect any competent striker to bang them in at this level

  6. Tony C

    at our current level Beckford is quality he does have the habit of going missing in big games usually where he is well marked or his temprement is called into question when he meets a physical defender all these would be exploited by more experienced defenders in the higher divisions also the change of playing style of a new club could be not to his liking only time will tell but as people have pointed out many have moved on to other clubs lured by the mighty dollar only to see themselves in the wilderness or some footballing backwater

  7. Colin

    Looks like a slow news day for The Mirror.

    “Beckford has ideas above his station and feels he has outgrown Leeds, which is interesting considering they picked him up from non-league Wealdstone.

    The striker has rejected Leeds’ offer of a new deal at Elland Road in the hope a Bolton or a Newcastle will swoop for him in January.”

    And just how do they know this? Well they don’t. They’re making it up. Complete tat.

    To be honest, Beckford doesn’t look like he has ideas above his station to me – working hard, keeping his head down and scoring lots of goals.

    Regarding Beckford “feels he has outgrown Leeds, which is interesting considering they picked him up from non-league Wealdstone.” – How is this interesting?? It doesn’t even make grammatical or common sense. It doesn’t matter one jot where he came from – that has no effect on any player outgrowing a team.

    • TSS

      Beckford did reject the contract and it is going to be readdressed come January. That’s common knowledge as it’s been said by Grayson whenever asked about the situation.

      • Ramblinjohn

        and fair enough – he doesnt have to sign any contract put in front of him, especially one from bates! doesn’t mean to say he wants to go though necessarily

  8. Paul South Wales

    If Beckford stepped up to the premier league, i honestly think that would be the end of him. He wouldn’t be anywhere good enough up against Vidic or Terry and the likes. He would end up in reserves with his confidence shot to bits. He should stay with Leeds and progress in the championship, which although is only one league up will be an entirely different proposition. We’ve picked up CCC centre halves and look how much better they are than league one defenders?

  9. Matt

    Call me crazy, but i wouldn’t give a flying monkeys arse if he left. I think the fact he came from a non-league team is clearly visible. He is fast and his finishing is no better than average. Choppers is right, he does need 5 or 6 chances. And if we didn’t have creative players, e.g. Snodgrass, then he would be banging his head against the wall every game. He’s a complete fairy and moans everytime anyone makes slight contact with him. Iv’e been watching Beckford since he joined Leeds and i’m sick of people who don’t watch him week in and week out defend him. At least a few of us see sense!

    • TSS

      I do watch him every week, home and away and I’ll defend him to the death whilst he’s in a Leeds shirt. He isn’t good enough for the Premiership, but he’s one of the best strikers in this league.

      Whether he takes every chance or not is besides the point. He gets himself into positions to create them chances time and again. No one else on the Leeds striker list does that.

      There seems to be two groups of fans opinions with Beckford and neither is ultimately wrong. Whilst there are better strikers and he does waste a lot of chances, he also scores a lot of goals. It’s a tricky one, but I’d rather have him playing for us than anyone else.

  10. Heather

    Beckford’s all round game isn’t good enough. His attitude some days is spot on and other days, is really poor, as is his temperament. To be fair to him though, his movement sometimes is really good and enables the midfielders to pick him out. He demonstrated at Brighton that he can have a great touch, but 3 times out of 4 he fluffs it, and he must be a pain to play with for the other striker, as he hardly ever tries to set up one of his team-mates, preferring to try the spectacular.

    Nevertheless, his goal scoring record speaks for itself and if he could improve his game and eliminate the above faults, he could score 20+ a season in the Championship. At Premiership level he might struggle although he did OK against Liverpool to create himself chances against better defenders, but as usual, on the big occasion, he didn’t take them.

    I would like to see him stay as I think Simon will sort him out, but I would happily take Holt or Lambert to replace him if he goes. Frankly I blame the agents who seem to push the players to move when it really won’t be to their benefit. I suspect they are more interested in their cut of the transfer fee than the future of the player. At least the stance taken by LUFC in keeping Beckford until summer means that if he goes for nothing the greedy agent won’t have a transfer fee to get a cut of!!

    • Yorkshrman

      If he goes on a free he’ll likely get a big signing-on fee ….. I’m sure his agent’s contract will give him a slice of that ….!

  11. lloyd

    just look at ebanks blake for wolves. looked a class above in ccc but is being shown up in prem. Too big a leap for becks if i’m being honest!

  12. Ramblinjohn

    matt, you’re crazy: if we didnt have beckford we would have less chance of going up

    • Dazzler17

      I have to admit to frustration at not being able to comment from a more informed standpoint given I reside in Australia, however League 1 games are broadcast live back in OZ and I’m always up at 3 or 4am to watch Leeds play. The speculation surrounding Beckford is just that, speculation, fuelled by deadline driven “sportswriters” and lapped up by headline devouring supporters who run away with the wrong end of the stick while the authors of these articles prepare the next half truth. If Beckford is offered the chance to join a PL club, who are we to deny him his chance? Why should he be scorned and slagged off for doing so? If you were offered more money from a bigger company, more opportunity, bigger profile, all for doing the exact same job your’e doing now….would you knock it back? Stop expecting the same loyalty from players that you have for your club! A supporters club loyalty lasts a lifetime and endures longer than any players career ever will. Beckford’s ambition whether real or imagined, is not a legitimate reason to turn on him. As supporters of this great club we have had many more players deserving of scorn and vitriol for their unsuitability to weard the shirt! Beckford has been a consistent contributor and a big reason why we are favourites to win the League. Don’t believe everything you read, we are Leeds afterall, and should be more discerning when it comes to football stories.


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