Thorp Arch

After years of failed hope, the final nail was put in the coffin of our training complex as Ken Bates et al failed to agree terms with the LCC to secure it’s future. Although the complex will remain in the hands of Leeds United on a 20-year lease agreement, there’s no guarantee as to what may happen thereafter. The lease agreement will also see Leeds United’s rent rise by 3% each year.

I’ve held back throughout this whole situation, but this is totally unacceptable and there’s a lot of questions that have been contiually asked that now need answering. My main problem with it all is that I have absolutely no doubts whatsoever, Leeds United and Forward Sports Fund could have raised the £6m by now. The sale of players, high ticket prices and other endeavours mean this is a profitable club. Profitable clubs don’t lose their assets!

I aren’t going to jump on the ‘Bates out’ wagon, even though I aren’t his biggest fan and would prefer someone else at the helm. The reason why is because Bates is just a figurehead for the illusive Forward Sports group that own the football club. I know the Football League have started to look into the ownership of our club and although I am a little worried about any consequences that may bring, I’m tired of the cloak and dagger way in which we’re being run. If you have nothing to hide, then make youselves known. It’s impossible to determine what these peoples motives and intentions are unless we know who they are!

Sam Vokes

It’s being reported (albeit by an often ill-informed source – The Daily Mail) that Leeds United are chasing Wolves youngster, Sam Vokes.

Leeds are rumoured to be front-runners in the chase to acquire the front-mans services. Sean O’Driscoll (Donny Rovers boss) is also chasing the striker but believes he’s already lost the chase, he said that “Our interest in Vokes is well known, but there are four or five other clubs interested and it comes down to money.”

The ending of ‘it comes down to money’ seems to have led many to believe Leeds are favourites. The club hasn’t even confirmed their interest though, so this could be purely speculative, especially since the media in general think we have a massive problem upfront with Luci out injured. The other sites should also note the fact we couldn’t even buy our training facilities back, so money clearly isn’t as readily available as some would have you believe.

90 years young. Leeds United 1919-2009

In happier news, the club celebrates it’s 90th birthday today. The title of this post (ups and downs of…) references the club anthem, Marching On Together, and I think it’s somewhat fitting today of all days. Throughout our 90 year existance, we’ve definitely had our fair share of ‘ups and downs’.

Even now, riding high at the top of League One, looking like we may finally break from the shackles of third division football, the ups are instantly levelled by the downs of losing our training ground and the FL’s investigation into the clubs ownership. Over the last few years the clubs supporters have been pushed to their limits time and again, but we continue to turn up in our numbers. We may have our faults, but no one can question our loyalty.

Here’s to another 90 years of ups and downs. On and on…