The crossed gates sculpture of… well, Cross Gates, has finally been painted after months of anger directed at the council for their plans to paint it in the colours of Manchester United.

Despite appeals from the city’s residents, the council stubbornly decided to go ahead with their plans and the gates are now red, white and black. There had been plans to scrap the plans and paint the gates in the colours of Leeds United and the city itself – white, yellow and blue, but the arrogant councillors decided to not listen to the people they represent, but move forward with their own plans.

The council may well live to regret their stubborn decision, as Leeds United fans across the city threaten to vandalise the gates and re-paint them in the colours of our beloved team.

Gary Edwards – famous for his ‘Painting It White’ section in the matchday program, as well as a couple of books – had offered to paint the gates in any colour except red for free, but the council didn’t take him up on his offer and he told the YEP that;

 “I cannot believe they have painted them in Manchester United colours. They (local councillors] were warned that Leeds fans would not like it but they pressed ahead anyway. I think it’s incredibly arrogant.

“I know lots of lads are talking about going and repainting them. I think the strength of feeling has been massively under-estimated.

“They should have been painted blue, white and gold, which are not just Leeds United’s colours but those of the city of Leeds.”

It seems that local Labour MP’s are the ones responsible for this travesty, so you all know what to do when the next local elections come along. Would be the stuff of legend if Labour managed to lose an election for annoying the fans of a League One football club.

The “sculpture” itself is hardly the most impressive thing you’ll find in Leeds. Infact, for me, it’s a bit of an eyesore – even moreso with it’s new paint job – but that’s besides the point. It’s a sculpture in Leeds and therefore should represent the city.