The crossed gates sculpture of… well, Cross Gates, has finally been painted after months of anger directed at the council for their plans to paint it in the colours of Manchester United.

Despite appeals from the city’s residents, the council stubbornly decided to go ahead with their plans and the gates are now red, white and black. There had been plans to scrap the plans and paint the gates in the colours of Leeds United and the city itself – white, yellow and blue, but the arrogant councillors decided to not listen to the people they represent, but move forward with their own plans.

The council may well live to regret their stubborn decision, as Leeds United fans across the city threaten to vandalise the gates and re-paint them in the colours of our beloved team.

Gary Edwards – famous for his ‘Painting It White’ section in the matchday program, as well as a couple of books – had offered to paint the gates in any colour except red for free, but the council didn’t take him up on his offer and he told the YEP that;

 “I cannot believe they have painted them in Manchester United colours. They (local councillors] were warned that Leeds fans would not like it but they pressed ahead anyway. I think it’s incredibly arrogant.

“I know lots of lads are talking about going and repainting them. I think the strength of feeling has been massively under-estimated.

“They should have been painted blue, white and gold, which are not just Leeds United’s colours but those of the city of Leeds.”

It seems that local Labour MP’s are the ones responsible for this travesty, so you all know what to do when the next local elections come along. Would be the stuff of legend if Labour managed to lose an election for annoying the fans of a League One football club.

The “sculpture” itself is hardly the most impressive thing you’ll find in Leeds. Infact, for me, it’s a bit of an eyesore – even moreso with it’s new paint job – but that’s besides the point. It’s a sculpture in Leeds and therefore should represent the city.

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  1. Colton White

    I drove past this today, it is ridiculous. Personally, I didn’t even notice the colours, just the pointless mess in the middle of the roundabout and some signs saying “Welcome to Cross Gates” as if the place is Hollywood and tourists would be eager to know where the place begins and ends.

    I’m not bothered about the colours of these and don’t think it warrants all that much attention. If specific Councillors can be evidenced to have ignored a clear and significant objection from the people of Cross Gates, well, that is worthy of attention, I just doubt that this will be the case.

  2. Grumpy Older Man

    Right TSS time for SAF style air dryer treatment for you..firstly MP’s are not councillors so please get your democracy basis sorted out (and that’s before you even try to understand devolved ward budgets). Secondly i’d expect better from here, my position can be summed up by this text I sent a Labour Councillor mate of mine…”I’m outraged by the choice of colours for the gates, I see no reason for them to be painted in Rotherham United colours” (insert you own club playing in red and white if you like). It really is bollox, Scum don’t own the colour red, the colour red isn’t illegal in Leeds, in fact, check your Leeds United history and you will find we have played in all red within my lifetime! Where does this stop, do we remove all red from all public sector institutions, from traffic lights, from ketchup bottles, from blood tranfusions in the LGI? Get a fu**ing grip. Whatever the imaturity levels of the WACCOE brigade a ten second reflection by a 3 year old would see through the fake outrage of “Superfan” Gary Edwards and the politicing of Andrew Carter (bin-strike, Thorp Arch, closure of day care centres, no lets discuss paint jobs!).

    Sorry to say it but when you post threads like this without heavy levels of irony involved its a sure sign of taking an easy life.

    • Get Over Yourself Grumpy

      If I had a handbag, I’d raise it to my chin and say, “oooooooo”.

      Get over yourself son – people are entitled to feel however they want, so why don’t you get a fu**ing grip of yourself?

      Oh, and don’t refer to Ferguson as Sir. Arrogant, tantrum throwing prat would be better.

    • TSS

      To be fair, I posted it to get a reaction (hence the title) and expected nothing less. I do think public “sculptures” (and I use the term loosely as the Crossed Gates are an absolute eyesore) should represent the city and in this case it should be in colour, but I couldn’t care less to be honest with you.

      My main anger is how much money they’ve blown on the whole thing. Absolute joke.

      • Colton White

        You know what my main irritation with the whole scheme is? The 4 month disruption to traffic while they were building it.

    • Frogz

      I thought the post was written ironically? Losing elections because of a paint job?

      That’s besides the point anyway. The fact of the matter is that the councillor were told this would enrage the people they represent and did it anyway. Where’s the democracy in that?

  3. JKC

    A clear indication of local Councilors not listening and not supporing local opinion….. (1) a waste of tens of thousands of pounds in the first place (2) colours are an insult to the City of Leeds,…..and make no mistake, this will definately make a local news story in Manchester (3) the common sense compromise to paint in the City’s colours arrogantly ignored. ………. SOMEONE MUST BE MADE ACCOUNTABLE !!!!

  4. Miggy white

    Colton white are you sure you’re not colton white, red and black because you sound like a scum fan to me

  5. west stand rebel

    I have to agree with G.O.M. what a load of C*@p. I even wear a red shirt to work on occasions and probably have red roses in my garden. As for that numpty Gary Edwards I really couldn’t care less how many grounds he’s visited or pies he’s eaten on the way. His column is an afront to any sensible readers intelligence.
    At least Ken’s column gets a reaction from me usually a red mist…oops a white mist that should read!

    • Gary Edwards

      Hi there Mr Rebel,
      Its me, Mr Numpty.
      I’d just like to address this to you and Mr Grumpy.
      I was asked by The YEP and others to get involved in the ‘Gates Saga’
      I dont give a toss if you dont like me, thats democracy, something that wasn’t used during the discussions by the boffins who sanctioned theses gates.
      The main reason these gates were painted in those colours was the Labour councillor for Cross Gates, Peter Gruen is a fan of you know who, not only a fan, he openly brags about it.
      I dont usually enter into debate with people I dont know, I’d much sooner face them,so at your convenience I’d like to invite the two of you to discuss it further over a pint
      That way I can give you the full facts behind this farce.
      Oh and I dont eat pies. And please dont come in red.
      Please leave your details with the controllers of this site and I’ll return my details and we’ll talk wherever and whenever you want.
      Cheers 4 now, Gary Edwards.

      • Colton White

        “The main reason these gates were painted in those colours was the Labour councillor for Cross Gates, Peter Gruen is a fan of you know who, not only a fan, he openly brags about it.” have you levelled this accusation at Cllr. Gruen directly?

  6. Colton White

    I’m going to pick the missus up from work in fifteen minutes, now instead of going down Selby Road, I am going to drive past the offending gates to have another look. I will let you know what I think later.

    • Colton White

      I was thinking what to say about the gates, can’t really think much except this; it is shit.

  7. Pudsey Whites

    If aint white in Leeds it aint right.

    Staggering waste of public money.

    Hooribke peice of art? completely meaning less?

    Deliberate & provocative insult to the people – the Whitkirk villan has really shoved 2 fingers up to the residents.

    Had such an issue / item offended any “minorities” it would never happen but as its the white majority its ok.

    Replace it with white stocks or gallows and publicly string up the offending jobsworths responsible for the whole debacle.


    I don’t live in Leeds anymore, so I have had to learn to tolerate other people’s strange tendencies to support alternative football clubs! However, perhaps the question should be this: how many people positively wanted red, black and silver? So if more people wanted white, blue and yellow, why did the councillors authorise red, etc? Smacks of power trips, empire building and all those shadowy political manouvres. Certainly could be taken as disrespectful to an electorate. As for GOM’s ‘devolved ward budget’ stuff, well that’s the kind of babble that gets up my nose. Patronising and unnecessary. That’s the attitude that ignored a majority opinion and caused the controversy in the first place. The fact is Leeds United is an institution in the city and should be respected as such.

  9. Colton White

    I have emailed the Councillors about this asking for an explanation. I will let you know when they come back to me. On this subject, does anyone on here know of anyone who approached the Council about this during the planning stages?

  10. West Stand Rebel

    Hi Gary,
    First a couple of apologies. My computer has been on the blink and I have only just read your reply. Secondly I apologise for calling you a numpty; totally unfair as I have never met you and I guess your column in the match programme on reflection is what you are asked to write. It may not I suppose really reflect what you really think of how our Club is being run.
    The beauty about this site is it allows fans like me to express strong and often heartfelt opinions in an open forum. Mine as you may have noticed are really directed at one man who I believe is wrecking our Club, althougn many disagree, and as you say that is democracy.

    I would like to meet you over a pint some time although I live near Bingley which is some distance from your neck of the woods…perhaps you could paint my front door which is blue at the moment (down to the missus that one, not me)


    • Gary Edwards

      Soz for delay getting back to you mate, no harm meant. I get a lot of stick from people who dont know me.
      We’ll have a beer anytime you fancy.
      Get in touch with the Leeds match programme, Neil Jeffries or Paul Dews they’ll put you in touch with me and we’ll have that drink.
      Or I’ll be knocking about tomorow in the pavilion if you fancy, let me know.
      cheers, Gary.

  11. RTF

    I live in the next town and think its a joke, if it were done in my town i can assure you B&Q would sell a few brushes and some white,blue and yellow paint.

  12. Colton White

    Response from Peter Gruen

    I have wondered how to respond; politicians are supposed to always have slick answers; however my overriding reaction is one of immense disappointment.

    Some facts:

    1) I have not chosen the colours, the Cross Gates Community forum originally put up a bid for the proposed sculpture. This had extensive consultation on radio, in the press, the library, an exhibition, questionnaires etc.

    2) The colours are red, white and blue, particularly when the sculpture is lit up at night. These are not Man Utd colours, are they? The opinions in the forum are that they relate to the original railway colours, part of the history of Cross Gates, some local school colours and the national flag? The forum has never discussed football colours of any kind.

    3) I personally want Leeds Utd to get back into the premier league; where our city’s football team belongs. In my view we can’t be a top European city without our team being in the top league.

    4) The local Councillors made it clear to officers running this project that we were not tied to any colours, as long as they were visible and created an interesting feature.

    I hope I have given a full reply. I really wish people would not believe everything they read and, like you, have the courtesy of finding out.

    Best Wishes


    • TSS

      I suspect Peter’s holding some bits back or it wouldn’t have made the local press in the first place. The amount of money spent on the gates is unreal too. How on earth it came to such an amount is anyones guess.

      Nice of him to take the time to reply though.

    • Gary Edwards

      Hi mate, you are a fan of ‘them’ arent you?
      Its important that we know the truth, during the day the gates are those colours and at night they are lit up in blue and yellow and that one in that awful colour. I would say this is a crafty act to avert vandalism.
      the fact remains, the official colour of this city does not include that colour. Who santioned this?

      Yours, Gary Edwards.


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