There were very few to start with and although I was never his biggest fan, I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. This was never a naive stance that I’d taken because I thought he’d changed or could be brilliant for Leeds United, it was simply because he’s all we have and I felt a club united is stronger than one torn apart by such a division.

However, since the second administration I’ve grown increasingly more frustrated with his leadership. Court-cases, bad press, dodgy financing and mysterious owners aside, the Thorp Arch failure was the final straw for me.

It seems I’m not the only one either. Fellow blogger, Armchair White sounds like he was sat on the fence alongside me, but has now moved swiftly into position after the mess Bates and co. made of TA. In one of his first blog posts, he says;

I am not and never have been a part of the hate Ken Bates crowd. I have always been prepared to allow for the benefit of the doubt. But Thorp Arch is a watershed moment. This was a litmus test of the sincerity of the promises we have been given over the years. And it was a test that was measurably and emphatically failed.

It’s not that those of us originally outside the ‘crowd’ wanted Bates as chairman, or in anyway affiliated with our club, it was simply a case of survival and stability. The ones that were originally in the ‘Hate Bates’ campaign weren’t necessarily right either. The club had seen enough turmoil and we simply had to get an even footing before we could start demanding better leadership.

Ridding ourselves of Uncle Ken is pretty much impossible unless he sees a profitable escape. The man is far too stubborn to leave because of a little thing like hate, so most campaigns seem somewhat pointless. Afterall, he never really endeared himself to the Chelsea fans by suggesting an electric fence be erected around the pitch to keep them in line!

Forcefully exiled from Elland Road could be an option. If the Football League ever manage to figure out who they’re paying the League share to every year, maybe we can question the ‘fit and proper-ness’ of those individuals. I aren’t entirely sure what the repercussions would be, but if they aren’t deemed worthy of ownership, then surely they have to sell? In which case, I’m almost certain Kenneth will follow.

I appreciate that any consequences of a Football League investigation could proof costly to our promotion push and that this probably isn’t the best of times, but then, when is?

Other than that, we simply have to pray for a takeover bid. Surely there’s someone out there that can see the potential in this club? Premier League infastructure (albeit, on-lease), one-club city with die-hard, passionate fans and a brand recognised throughout the world.

It’s leadership to rival that of Mike Ashley – infact, I’d rather have him. Infact, I’d rather have Liesdale. At least he kinda cared about the club.

 Time to go, Ken!

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