Just spotted a link posted on ClarkeOneNil which lists the greatest European teams of the 20th Century. The list awards points based on every fixture a club has ever played in European competitions, awarding points for wins and draws.

Using the IFFHS system, Leeds United were the third greatest English side in 20th century, ranking 14th overall. Liverpool were the greatest English side in Europe, followed by Manchester United who rank 8th and 11th respectively.

So far there won’t be too many arguments, but it gets interesting when you see the two time European Cup (Champions League) winners, Nottingham Forest ranked down in 39th! Despite the incredible achievements of Brian Clough, the list works in favour of consistency and Forest’s European dominance was short lived. Leeds on the other hand have played in European competitions much more so rank a lot higher.

That said, I think a lot of the teams above them (like Arsenal) would rather have mirrored their success and have two European Cups sat in their cabinet, as opposed to a long list of shattered dreams.

It’s an amazing credit to Leeds United, Don Revie and all the other managers who have taken us into Europe. We’ve been there on many occasions and start this list with a disadvantage as our formation was two decades after the rankings begin. Let’s hope when they publish a list for the 21st century, we’ll feature prominently in that one too.

Full list – http://www.iffhs.de/?a413f0e03790c443e0f40390b41be8b01905fdcdc3bfcdc0aec70aeedb883ccb05ff1d

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  1. Yiannaki - Forest fan

    Hi there,

    Came across your article by chance. As a Forest fan it’s appreciated by a Leeds Supporter to acknowladge the fact we’d won the European Cup twice yet are down only in 39th. Unfortunatly, as you pointed out, it works only on being in Europe which unfortunatly didn’t last, even though we did have another run n the mid 90’s.

    As for Leeds, there will be a time when you will relive those European days again but for now, just like for us, it’s a time of knowing that we are going to have to be patient for a little longer before we reach Europe again.

    For me personally, I am in no rush to go up to the Premiership this season but for next I will see how the team gels this season before knowing realisticly if it is our time to return to the top league. Hopefuly it should be and who knows, maybe we take the Premiership by storm & grab a Europe place. (Champions League would be a fantastic team but for know, the top 4 haven’t been broken…)

  2. Patrick

    And of course, Forest WERE getting to be consistent in Europe until Liverpool got everyone banned for years on end. Perhaps if that ban had not happened we would not be where we are now…

  3. RTF

    Good god you cant say anything negative about the all saintly Liverpool with their angle like fans.


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