The English transfer window has now closed bringing an end to the summer long speculation surrounding Jermaine Beckford’s future.

Becks has been linked with an host of clubs throughout the summer, most of whom play in the Championship, but it was the latest rumour involving Bolton Wanderers that had Leeds United fans worried as we headed into the final few days. The rumour was that Gary Megson was preparing a last minute £3m swoop for Becks should he fail to sign another of his targets.

Beckford’s been an integral part of Leeds United’s early season success. So far we remain 100% in League One with Beckford scoring five in the first five games.

The news will bring some much welcomed harmony to Elland Road – at least until the next transfer window opens in January. Although there would be no point whatsoever selling Beckford in January as no right-minded club would pay anything for him, he would be able to sign a pre-contract with any club he chooses. He will undoubtedly remain at Elland Road until the end of the season though and that’s the main thing.

On the final day Leeds brought in 24-year old South-African striker Davide Somma who has been on-trial with us but only played behind closed doors so far. We’ve also loaned out Alan Sheehan to League One rivals Oldham Athletic, initially on a one month loan.

Full list of summers ins and outs.

Players in From Fee
Davide Somma San Jose FREE
Jason Crowe Northampton FREE
Shane Higgs Cheltenham FREE
Patrick Kisnorbo Leicester FREE
Michael Doyle Coventry LOAN
Leigh Bromby Sheffield United £250,000*
Players out To Fee
Alan Sheehan Oldham LOAN
Fabian Delph Aston Villa £6,000,000*
David Lucas Swindon FREE
Peter Sweeney Grimsby FREE
Frazer Richardson Charlton FREE
Jonathan Douglas Swindon FREE
Ian Westlake Wycombe FREE

*Estimate fee

15 Responses

  1. Matthew Stephenson

    Pretty sure we haven’t loaned out Kilkenny…

    Do we know much about this Somma?

    • TSS

      Other than him being 24, not a lot. He’s been on trial with us but only played behind closed doors. Read up on him what I can find, but it doesn’t mean a lot really.

    • TSS

      It was. Rushing, chatting and typing at the same time lead to such errors. Haha.

      I got it right in the table, but posted it wrong in the thread.

  2. TSS

    Sorry for the error. I was trying to get the whole thing done for 5pm and never read it back to myself. Was chatting with a friend at the same time about the squad and that’s how Kilkenny’s name got mentioned.

    One of those things when your talking and typing and you type what you’re saying rather than what you should be.

  3. Dje

    Having looked at Somma’s not-very-impressive goals per game ratio (3 goals in 57 games), I wonder if we have taken him on as a winger. Apparently he can play on the wing as well as up front and I read on some link about him getting some assists along the way; mind, I’m not sure against what quality of opposition.

    • TSS

      Yeah, noticed that myself and he doesn’t look like an impressive striker on paper. Whether he’s spent the majority of his career playing as a winger though is unclear so it’s hard to judge him with the limited information available.

      The standard of opposition involves Major League Soccer, which for me is probably on a par with our lower leagues.

      Guess we’ll have to wait and see what he can do in a LUFC shirt. We have some very good coaches and Simon Grayson hasn’t made a bad signing yet for me, so I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

      • Dje

        I agree. The ‘extended’ trial element also makes me optimistic about Somma’s current or potential ability. As we already have plenty of strikers at the club you’d imagine that the coaches have seen in him something that the others lack. I’d be particularly interested to know whether he has pace or not, as the winger element would become more favourable then.

        On a side note, it is one of my greatest annoyances with sites like Wikipedia – they can tell you all about a players stats in their reserve team performances for a Swedish Second division team, or in an early round of a Romanian minor cup, but they rarely tell you what makes a player a player. As the information is no doubt updated by the player’s agent, or even the player themselves, you’d have thought they’d talk up the lad’s skills a bit more!

      • TSS

        I’d have thought the fans would have done most of the updating, but such sites will seldom offer a decent analysis of any player. I’m struggling to find anything of note on him at all, so lo0ks like we’ll just have to wait and see it for ourselves.

  4. Paul South Wales

    So another window closes and we move on. I never thought i’d say it, but i think Larry should reinstate Kandol in the current squad in place of Shuwumni. He’s a lot better in the air and can still score a fair few, when presented with the opportunities. I’m not really suprised Becks didn’t go, although still breathed a sigh of relief when i got home from work. The league games can’t come quick enough now and there seems a real sense of confidence about the team. Grayson’s done a fabulous job so far and made some canny signings on the way. I just hope the scousers don’t put out a full strength side and marmalize us in a couple of weeks! MOT

    • Trav

      Apart from the lack of a true left winger i’m very happy with how the transfer window has gone for us. The Delph transfer is maybe the only downer but even then i believe we got a good deal out of it which will benefit both parties in the near future. Beckford staying is always a plus and if we can be sitting pretty come january then he’ll probably re-sign with us. Kisnorbo, Doyle and Higgs are excellent signings, Bromby sounds like he’ll be good, Crowe i’m unsure about but will take the optomist path with him for now and Somma we probably won’t see much of this season (hopefully)

      Definately a better squad this season IMO and we should see ourselves go up!


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