As the transfer window nears it’s close, the rumours linking Jermaine Beckford with a move elsewhere get increasingly more ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t be suprised to see Bates cash in on our star-striker, who has already scored three in three this season, but I’m struggling to believe the two stories that have emerged in the last 48 hours or so.

The first comes from the London Informer and claims Ken Bates has demanded £10m from Queen’s Park Rangers for Jermaine. Although struggling Championship side, QPR would probably be the right level for Becks, the story could have been written by Dan Brown for all the credibility it deserves. They back up their claim by quoting the ever-reliable “unnamed source.”

The next one is the link with Bolton Wanderers and a £2.5m deal. This one could have some truth to it but I’m struggling to see what Bolton see in him. I’m a big fan of Becks, but really can’t see him making it in the Premier League, so for me, this would be a gamble at best. Bolton’s manager, Megson is refusing to say much over the rumour so there could be some truth to it, but I remain unconvinced.

The first rumour can be totally written off. Throughout the entire transfer window that has to be the most laughable thing I’ve heard. The second one I can’t see being true either. Beckford is not a Premier League striker by any stretch of the imagination. He hasn’t got the first touch for the top flight or the finishing ability. He gets a lot more chances at Leeds than he will in the Premiership and his conversion rate simply isn’t high enough. Having said that, maybe Megson is seeing something I’m not?

The closure of the transfer window can’t come soon enough. Hopefully Becks will still be a Leeds player by that point and we can focus on the season without all these distractions. Having said that, if he is still a Leeds player and hasn’t signed a new contract by January we’ll have to go through this all again as he’ll be able to sign a pre-contract with any other club at that point.

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  1. Grumpy Older Man

    Bolton need strikers, simple really, Beckford (whilst imho no where near PL class) would provide a more pacy instinct option than they have presently and of course because its a PL club Beckford would jump at it.

    I think you have completely misread the QPR story, its significance is in the claim that discussions are/have taken place and you are in position to prove otherwise. The £10m is entirily consistant with Bates form of operating, yes their is no way QPR would pay that but equally their is no way Bates would turn down £4-5m, which QPR are more than capable of paying if they want him that much. Beckford again would jump at the chance to go home to London.

    Genuine offer, free post on my blog on subject of your choice if Beckford is still a Leeds player when the transfer window shuts, if he isn’t you can host my “we are better off without him” missive, can’t sat fairer…. ;-)

    • TSS

      Haha, how we’d be better off without him escapes me.

      It’s the ‘unnamed source’ that makes the QPR link more laughable than anything else, and even at £4.5m what kind of club pays that for a striker with less than 12 month on his contract who they can secure the services of for free in January? Just been on a QPR forum that finds it as laughable as I do.

      As for Bolton, could be true, but you’d expect Megson to be able to find someone with a bit more quality than Beckford.

      • Grumpy Older Man

        Beckford’s contract status doesn’t come into play until the window shuts, for the next 10 days its about who wants him for this season and on that basis whilst £4m is at the top end of the scale, its feasable for some clubs.

        As for the “better off” missive, I promise, its a good un…

  2. Grumpy Older Man

    missing “no” in the sentance above about “position to prove otherwise”.

    • TSS

      Yeah, I gathered. It’s not about whether I can prove otherwise or not. It’s about how believable the stories actually are, and since neither of them have any solid evidence or references to prove their credibility, I find them highly unlikely.

      • Grumpy Older Man

        We will have to agree to disagree, my experience is its always the local rags get the inside story first…nothing in it for QPR or local press to run a spoiler, my view is QPR have asked, Bates has played hard man, QPR are interested but not at silly money and think Bates will compromise, we shall see.

        And to be blunt, I find this story much more realistic than the series of mantra chanting “he is going nowhere” stuff thats just a liitle bit too simular to Everton and Lescott….

      • TSS

        Yeah, Lescott is definitely sold. I’m with you on the ‘going nowhere’ bit. Regardless of how many times Grayson and Bates say that, I fail to be convinced. The closure of the transfer window is the only way we’ll know for sure.

  3. Ralph

    Although we are in a lower league you cant argue by any stretch of the imagination that we are ‘better off without him’. How much would we have to pay to get someone that scores as consitently as him. Maybe he wouldnt make it in the PL but there is no evidence to suggest that. No one scores every chance they get – his strike rate is magnificent for us. I would argue that Bates and Larry simply see keeping beckford as the wasy for us to go up. How much is promotion worth? Thats how much (at least) we would accept for Becks… $10mm seems about right to me.

  4. Ralph

    Yes – I dont think anyone will pay that… so lets hope we’ve got him – at least until the end of season.

  5. musiclover

    Without Delph in midfield we’ve looked pretty average most games and without Beckford we’d be a mid-table outfit. It’s some credit to Beckford that with Delph moving to more lucrative pastures he’s not ‘done a Lescott’ seeking to follow the money and hang the club loyalty. If we’re 10+ points clear come January he’ll hopefully stick with us and take the chance of playing Championship football with a well supported club.

  6. Colin

    IMO, I think Beckford will stay and see out the remainder of his contract. If he’s signed up as a free transfer, he can dictate a huge signing on fee – good for Beckford and his agent. He’ll also have the opportunity of discussing deals with Leeds. There’s no point him signing a contract with Leeds now – he would only sign a contract with the club next season if they were in the championship, and waiting until the end of the season would allow him to do that.

    I think he’ll stay, keep scoring goals for fun at this level, building up his reputation and wait for the big offers at the end of the season.

  7. Colton White

    I agree with most of what you’re saying but you seem to have a sizeable issue with the phrase “unnamed source” and there being no evidence. Having worked in this area for a while, I’d say to you that many publications will have a first or second person source at Leeds and, if they ever get any info from them, they won’t be jeapordising the source’s position, and the outlet’s ability to get more info, by providing any evidence and directly or indirectly revealing who it is. Now, you obviously appreciate this without me saying it as you’re far from idiots, but it is worth remembering that most (almost all actually) incidences of a story being attributed to an unnamed source will mean that a story has been given to the outlet by a scrutinized and approved legitimate source. In short, reputable news outlets do not make up stories and do not print anything unless they could prove, if it came to it, that they had originally received the info from someone who could be “reasonably expected to provide accurate information.”

    Worth remembering when nonsensical stories like this do come out.

  8. Will

    The “will or he won’t he go” story aside, the impact on the team of his imminent (imo) departure is clear – we would be an average above-mid-table, hard-working side flirting with the play-offs.

    There has been nothing to suggest the current team is a title winning team with or without Beckford.

    If he does stay and avoids injury/lengthy suspension, then his late winners will continue to keep us facing the end of season play-off torment.

  9. Paul South Wales

    I find both stories spurious to say the least. I think we all agree he is in no way anywhere near PL class. I think he could do a decent job in the CCC, but probably 15 goals a season (remember he’d be up against the Sodjies of this world who are a class above our league). As for the premiership, do me a favour, up against the likes of Ferdinand and terry? He wouldnt get a sniff. That said, he’s supurb in this league, and £4m would pale in comparison to getting promoted to the CCC, where we could adapt well. MOT !

  10. Martin Sharp Scotland

    To be honest I believe we will be a better team without him. I think Bechio would be a greater loss. If Beckford isn’t playing we will play slightly different and we may make more chances and score more goals from different areas. Beckford’s continuous moaning and pettyness has really turned me off him.

  11. ramblinjack

    Martin – your post on Beckford is just barmy. He is clearly a tremendous asset to us. He also strikes me as an honest geezer and no-one can fault him on his performances since he was transfer-listed then delisted. I suspect Grayson will have had it out with Bates on this one and he will stay till the end of the season and will sign a new improved contract if we go up.


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