It’s been well documented this week that although Steve Evans has yet to be relieved of his duties as Leeds United head coach, he is likely to be replaced by Bristol Rovers manager Darrell Clarke in the near future. Here I will explain five reasons why I think Evans is a better fit than Clarke.

1. Championship Experience

Although Clarke has won two successive promotions with Bristol Rovers, he has never managed at a higher level than the fourth tier. Evans now has two years of Championship management under his belt with both Leeds and Rotherham and will know the ins and outs of the league whereas Clarke will need time to settle and adapt to the league, we all know how that worked out for Dave Hockaday!

2. Evans wants to be at Leeds United

The passion shown by Steve Evans on the last day of the season at Preston showed how much he has fallen in love with Leeds since his appointment last October. The tears in his eyes showed that the Scot had already accepted that that would be his last chance to show his gratitude towards the Leeds United faithful despite speaking of his desire to stay on at Leeds on multiple occasions. If Darrell Clarke is appointed he may just see this as another stepping stone as he moves his way up the Football League.

3. The fans want Evans to stay

Who would have thought after Evans’ appointment in October that “One Steve Evans” would be ringing from the away end as we limp to a 1-1 draw at Preston on the last day of the season to finish in a measly 13th position? That alone speaks volumes about how much Steve Evans has won over the fans in such a short space of time. While there are still some fans who are not yet a part of “Team Evans”, it’s safe to say that 90% of fans would like to see him in the Elland Road dugout in August.

4. Evans can attract better players

The days when simply a mention of the Leeds United name was enough to get some players to sign on the dotted line are sadly gone and these days we struggle to tempt top Championship players to sign. While the main reason for these players not signing is more often than not a certain Italian dictator, I believe we have a better chance of signing promotion quality players with Evans in charge. Evans’ two main signings last season, Liam Bridcutt on loan from Sunderland and Toumani Diagouraga from Brentford, were vital members of the Leeds midfield for the second half of the season. While he may be able to attract top quality lower league players, it’s unlikely that Clarke would be able to attract players of the quality of a Bridcutt or a Diagouraga.

5. Evans is better equipped to deal with Mr. Cellino

If the last few years have shown us anything it’s that it’s almost impossible to work under Massimo Cellino at Leeds United. If Darrell Clarke is appointed as head coach, he will more than likely just become another one of Cellino’s yes men, get the blame for everything that goes wrong and be shown the door after a few months (just ask Hockaday, Milanic and Rosler!). Steve Evans has worked under Cellino for almost a year now, that’s a very long time in Cellinoland, and will know by know how the Italian works.

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  1. Jimmy

    Just give steve evens the job.better head coach than all the rest you have mentioned or have you got something to hide jimmy

    • Chris

      DEAD WRONG..Hope he proves all you guys wrong..and im sure he will of Clarke get the up about Darrel Clarke’s achievement before you judge him

  2. Ropey Wyla

    If Cellino were to replace Evans with a Rafa Benitez or someone of that ilk and then let the new guy go all out in the transfer market then perhaps it would be justified whilst still being very harsh on Evans, but Darrel Clarke and the others mentioned fall far short of that standard and it is more likely we’ll be selling Taylor and Cook rather than buying anyone good. That said the season ticket offer does make you wonder what the looney goomba is up to?

    • Chris

      how is that? did you read about Clarke? I bet you didn’t ,,,who are you to say he won’t do the same at Leeds as he did at Bristol Rovers?

    • Jimmy

      I suspect that like Camerons EU Negotiations, MC’s season ticket offer won’t be worth the paper it is written on!! There will be something in the small print that will let him wriggle out of this commitment. Either thar or he will sell the Club and the next owner could say “not my problem”.

  3. FRED

    Of course Steve Evans is a much better option than the unknown Darrell Clarke, who is on the same level as Hockaday. I really hope that Evans stays, but that now seems total unlikely, so let’s hope that Evans walks out now and gets another managers job, before he is humiliated even more, by the bullying Cellino. Like many other people are saying, if your going to replace Steve Evans, then please have the decency and knowledge to replace him with a more experienced and well known Coach, rather than another rookie Coach, similar to Hockaday.

    • Chris

      unknown,shows how little you obviously haven’t done your homework

      • FRED

        Calm down ! Are you a Bristol Rovers fan ?, because it certainly sounds like it.
        Have you ever heard of Howard Wilkinson or weren’t you born then ?, because it sounds like you have never seen a proven quality manager at Leeds before and forget that O’dreary bloke, who went down hill, after trying to ditch Eddie Gray.
        I’m sorry, but I still haven’t heard of Darrell Clarke and any Leeds fan, who feels that he would be an ideal choice for the Coaches job, at a highly pressurised club like Leeds, have obviously let their standards and expectations drop to an all-time-low, which isn’t surprising with the “great dictator” killing Leeds United, by the second..
        What a relief !, Clarke has just signed a new contract at Bristol Rovers.
        Phew ! That was a close one !

    • Chris

      that guy has proven how good he can do with ordinary players..look at his small time at Bristol Rovers? for you to compare him with Hockaday shows you know nothing about Darrel Clarke..

  4. Matthew

    Doesn’t really matter who Cellino hires to be honest. If they’re not sacked after a certain amount of games, they’ll get the Evans treatment and left to ponder their future until the day Cellino replaces and they find themselves out of the job. There’s no respect there. It’s not like anyone really sees anything beyond another mediocre season next season.

  5. leeds mick

    Your reasons are tenuous to say the least and the bit about the fans wanting him to stay? This blog has just made the Through It All Together blog look intelligent and insightful. Utter rubbish.

    • Matthew

      I thought he was part of the Clarke fanclub to be honest. His passionate defence of the man on here suggests so. Anyway, I’m rather indifferent when it comes to Evans. I just believe no one at the club deserves this kind of treatment, if he stays or goes, it’s not hugely concerning. I just think he deserves some respect for the job he’s done thus far. He may have been a bit of an arse kisser in the press, but not many people could work under Cellino.

  6. leeds mick

    Oh well,the Darrel Clarke to Leeds story has ended so no doubt he and Evans will pit their wits against each other in league one next season then we’ll see who the better coach is. Lorimer just wasted another column licking clarkes arse too. This club has gone beyond a laughing stock now and wont be a viable acquisition until both Cellino AND gfh sell up. We’re getting knocked back by league one managers now for crying out loud!

  7. Scally Lad

    People so uncritically enthusiastic for Evans need to read the TwoHundredPercent blog on the topic of Steve Evans and then consider if they can continue to back Evans as Leeds manager. A broader perspective on Evans will lead his current backers to respect the wisdom of a far superior choice like Clarke for manager.


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