There’s no denying that Leeds had been on a decent run of form of late. Steve Evans might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but he deserves credit for steering the club into a position where a play-off place was just about beginning to look as if it might be a viable target over the latter months of the season.

The 2-1 defeat at Ipswich Town on Tuesday night has put a pretty significant dent in those aspirations, with the gap between Leeds and the top-six now standing at a hefty 12-points. Even in early January, that game with the Tractor Boys was arguably something of a six-pointer and could well prove to be a defining point in the season.

With 20 games of the campaign remaining, it’s going to take a herculean effort to get up among the upper echelons from here. In fairness, relegation looks equally unlikely, particularly given the financial plight of Bolton Wanderers and Charlton Athletic’s sterling attempts at self-destruction.

Whilst not quite writing off our promotion dreams just yet (or being so complacent as to ignore the possibility of relegation), it’s looking like the best hope of a little excitement between now and the season’s end could come by way of a decent showing in the FA Cup.

A run of results, be they positive or negative, could yet make things interesting at either end of the table, but a quick perusal of the post-match odds after Ipswich only emphasizes the point that Leeds are already looking destined to meander around mid-table for the remainder of the season (you can get 28/1 with Coral on a top-six finish and 33/1 with Skybet for relegation or check the latest betting odds).

There’s the nucleus of a very decent young squad at Elland Road, but as soon as that late Ipswich winner went in I found myself wondering how it might impact on the remainder of the transfer window. The current league position isn’t exactly a selling point for potential targets as it is and you wouldn’t put it past Massimo Cellino to cash-in should firm offers materialize for the likes of Lewis Cook and Charlie Taylor over the next couple of weeks.

Speaking of our esteemed leader, the one thing that can be predicted with a fair degree of certainty is that another nonsensical and invariably damaging episode for the club is just around the corner. Excitement on the pitch might be limited over the coming months, but you just know that there will be talking points aplenty off it.

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  1. Matthew

    Realistically we don’t have a team capable of achieving the playoffs, but it was nice to dream. Fact really is that we only have half a team, and need more than 3-4 players of quality to really be playoff/auto capable. As others have noted before, we shouldn’t be going to any ground with expectations of being happy with getting a point, we should be going to anyone away ground in this league with the expectations and quality in the team to get all 3 points.

  2. Bluesman

    The quality of the team is being improved all of the time but, we don’t have enough quality in depth. There will need to be serious investment for a push otherwise we will stay mid table. This year next and the year after, mid table. If we were serious about promotion we would keep our best players and bring in the needed quality. Can’t see it happening! Oh, has anyone seen that red nose manageer wanker lurking about the site, with his one cell comments and fascist views?

  3. LeedsHipPriest

    Thud! Evans and Leeds crash back to earth,Let’s be honest, in spite of what recent results might suggest, we’re still a very average team. Owners aside, from Bates through GFH to Cellino, the Academy is churning out a few jewels that need polishing by a good manager, then add half a dozen of the kids to half a team of decent seasoned experienced players, and things can improve, but we need stability,

    The key to Leeds moving forward is the departure of Cellino, until then we’re just treading water as we have the last decade

  4. number1inyorkshire

    I would agree we had been in a decent run of form had we had more 3 point results than 1 point results……This team was never going to go up automatic and we have drawn too many already to go into playoffs .we will not go down .12th ish would be a good season .the pitch side of the business needs a massive overhaul .we need to sell he 30 million pounds worth of kids and replace them with some seasoned pros 24/26 age range with some premier league, championship good quality and a management team to organise them ..every team can beat us ..It is a joke we only have one keeper ..

    • FRED

      I totally agree with you. This ailing Leeds team desperately needs some much needed experience in three or four positions, because the young players are so naive and need proper role-models and not Serie B “nomads”.
      The many drawn games have felt more like defeats to me and when this miss-firing Leeds team lose to decent teams, the situation becomes an intolerable crisis, due to Leeds drawing against struggling teams, such as Bolton, MK Dons, Charlton and many more.
      This totally mediocre Leeds team can’t beat those struggling teams, because we are as bad as those teams and players like Byram should be sold now, because he is hardly making any difference to the Leeds results, because Leeds are hardly world-beaters with him, are they?
      On the subject of Silvestri, he has to be the most over-rated goalkeeper to ever play for Leeds. He may be a good shot stopper, but he now is well-known to opposing teams, who all know that he is extremely weak on corners and crosses. Anybody can be a good shot-stopper, even someone playing in a kick-about on a sports field.
      You are right, every team can beat Leeds, but the terrible results at Elland Road this season, are something which have never happened before, in our lifetimes.

      This terrible season can’t end quick enough for many of the long-suffering Leeds fans, but with the Leeds players only willing to draw games, I am very concerned if this Leeds team can get enough points to stay up.

  5. Chareose

    evans is trying to improve it on the cheap because hes not getting supported, until that changes we will go no where, every summer we get our hopes up, new players we know nothing about and we hope that we have managed to unearth a bargain….but invariably we are proved wrong………….most clubs know when they have a talented player on their books and those clubs can see the going rate in English football……..therefore its almost impossible to get genuine talent on the cheap in the UK

    We are also missing genuine opportunities that in different times would have been jumped on…………one last summer was Joey Barton who in effect had “made for leeds” and he more or less said come and get me………but no it was the vision, imagination and money that Burnley had that got him not leeds…..Burnley ??? Again I don’t think that transfer was even considered by the out of touch Leeds heirachy…………………. now there is my greatest bug bear and a wee pipe dream ; James Milner………..short of painting a large sign on his head saying I want to go home….what else can Milner do that he hasn’t already done to catch our attention………. two separate interviews hes stated he wants to finish his career at leeds…….he went to Liverpool on a free……is he in klopps plans ?? id like to think we could get around his wages……..

    Anyway that’s what would be happening if I won the us powerball lottery tonight and bought out leeds united

    • FRED

      I totally agree on the signing of Joey Barton last summer. Barton would have been the midfield enforcer and inspirational captain, which has sadly been missing this season, but his wages were obviously the main problem. However, a pay-per-game scheme could have been offered, but Cellino is doing everything on the cheap.
      I can’t help thinking that Barton would have verbally, kicked the sulking, shrinking-violet Leeds players up their backsides on the pitch and in the dressing room, but that will never happen now.

  6. henrymouni

    We are all waiting for a transfer window when we can bring some quality to the team.
    All the decent players we are linked with, go to other clubs with ambition.
    You sometimes wonder if the owners really want us to be promoted at all??
    sam will depart soon, it seems, and then we will be weaker than we were before the window opened.
    If we had made our shambles of a defence our first priority, we would always have a chance of promotion.

  7. mrbigwheels

    Limbo?…. This ownership can be likened to a never ending nightmare of a party.
    Crap music, shit food, too many gate crashers and a drunken host shouting, ”let’s piss everyone off and smash up the furniture”…… “my house, my rules”.

  8. Scally Lad

    At both Portman Road and Hillsborough, we were robbed. Evans can be our new Don Revie, but he can’t lead us back to glory if his leadership is overridden.


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