Stuart Dallas was finally confirmed as a Leeds United player today after a trip home for a funeral and power outages in Brentford delayed his arrival.

The 24-year-old Northern Irish international will take the number 15 shirt and is expected to play left-wing, filling the biggest hole in Uwe Rösler’s squad while also allowing the Whites’ boss to play his preferred 4-5-1 formation without fielding anyone in an unnatural position.

Dallas came with a significant price-tag at £1.3m and it’s not the first time Leeds have spent big this summer, with Chris Wood’s fee believed to be around the £2.5m mark, thus giving cause for some optimism ahead of the opening game against Burnley on Saturday.

Speaking to Phil Hay of the Yorkshire Evening Post, Adam Pearson said Leeds might not be done yet with one or two additional signings still possible. Leeds’ Executive Director also revealed season ticket sales have surpassed last year with over 13,000 sold.

In other news, Sol Bamba has been named club captain while Steve Morison, dubbed ‘The Shift’ by some Leeds fans, has returned to Millwall. The striker was said to be one of the club’s highest earners and it’s believed Leeds have had to cover part of the cost.

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  1. RoystonLUFC

    I’ve always said we should have faith in the great MC, at the expense of suffering loads of abuse from negheads. Now I don’t wish to gloat but…

    MC has learned many lessons since coming here. You can’t question his intent, even if you question his methods. But it looks like one of his shrewdest signings – Pearson – has worked wonders in getting everything back on track.

    We now start the season with the most promising squad we’ve had for a long time. I can’t wait for Saturday. I reckon that if we show promise, MC will put his hands in his pockets during future transfer windows. After all, he stands to gain immensely if we somehow get promoted this season.

    So here we go, start the show.


    • TSS

      MC’s his own worst enemy at times, he builds fans up (like now) then does something mental. Hopefully AP et al are providing a better sounding board and helping keep things in-check, because it’s not like there hasn’t been plenty of highs to date, starting with the WhiteLeedsRadio interview where almost everyone was on-board and excited. You just never know what’ll happen next.

    • PMH

      To build something takes time, effort and patience. To destroy something takes but a moment of foolishness. You are right to point out that Cellino has done some astute team-building this Summer. Unfortunately, his track record is that he cannot leave well enough alone.The only faith we should have is that the owner will do what he has done each and every football season of his life. Just wait for the inevitable string of four losses in a row and Rosler will be fired. Why would you expect anything else?

    • spellz

      I am backing MC all the way, he has sure shown incredible intent and will to try and lift us up to where we want to be, it was over a decade before we spent our first mil on a player in Murphy, now the mils are being splashed on what looks some real quality attacking wise.

      For once we look like we can challenge with the big sides of the Championship, after all we are meant to be one ourselves which has kind of been lost during the last decade or so, maybe just maybe we can gain our reputation and respect back, when were rocking teams this season with that heavy metal footy, cannot wait.

      Long live Cellino M.O.T AA.

      • Markman

        Tks for info
        And if,as the mirror reports,
        Rose goes to Chelsea,the
        Same will Apply?

      • Markman

        Pearson has just said we got nothing from the Delph sale

        Because the buy out was activated. strange state of affairs

  2. Mike

    Looks like the lad has an eye for goal. If Wood can do what we hope he can, Dallas/Mowatt chip in 8-10 each and we get some goals out of Erwin/Antenucci/Byram we could genuinely bury so teams this year which has been one of our negative points since Grayson really.

  3. FRED

    The Stuart Dallas signing could be the vital player, for getting Leeds into the top six and the most pleasing thing about all of the seven signings, is that no inexperienced Serie B players have been signed.
    Maybe Cellino has learned a vital lesson, about signing players.
    The only thing missing now is a sponsor, for the team shirt. Does anyone know what is happening with the the kit sponsorship ?, because the the shirt looks rather bare and amateurish without a sponsor.

    • Andrew Nattan

      Yeah, I can’t get behind Leeds United unless some two-bit insurance firm, cheap supermarket cider or fourth rate blended scotch plaster their name across our kit. At the minute, the only thing on the front is the club crest, and I can’t form any sort of emotional bond with that.


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