Hardly breaking news given that a leaked picture has been floating around for a few weeks now, but Kappa held an event at Elland Road tonight to unveil their new home kit.


The kit is all white with dark trim and there’s no main sponsor due to an ongoing dispute with Enterprise Insurance. Combined with the placement of Kappa’s own sponsorship (on top of the right shoulder and on the sleeves) the absence of a main sponsor gives the kit a very retro look, which is bound to appeal to a lot of fans – myself included.

Let us know what you think of the new kit in our poll below.

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  • henrymouni

    Looks good to me!

  • Inchy

    Best kit we’ve had for a long time in my opinion. Have a feeling that this is going to be a good year…but saying that MC will probably flog all of our star kids and then sell us back to Bates.

  • london peacock

    Looks like our 80’s kit with smiley badge..
    Personally I’ll like to see the original Leeds City crest badge on this kit then that’ll be my personal nirvana

    • TSS

      Script for me. Absolutely timeless that badge.

      • london peacock

        I think the sense of tradition (post the Dons Real Madrid greatest ethos) encompassed by the Leeds coat of arms badge encased within the shield border brings back what the Don wanted us to become.
        He wanted the dazzling white to lull the opposition into a sense of awe before we unleashed the steel of our armoury to totally devastate our poor opponents…
        Yeah I like the simplicity of the script, and it should and has been used on our socks… talking about socks ..wouldn’t the reintroduction of sock tabs be the icing on the cake of this kit?…
        Lastly…as per Dr Zen…yeah…It does miss a splash of yellow…

        • Clive Bindley

          ” He wanted the dazzling white to lull the opposition into a sense of awe before we unleashed the steel of our armoury to totally devastate our poor opponents.”

          When did that last happen, did I blink and miss it?..

          • london peacock

            Talking about the only real ‘DON’ …Mr Revie… not the self proclaimed one currently pulling the purse strings.

  • Markman

    Looks good
    In the absence of a sponsor
    Could always go down the Barca route
    And promote a charity. Suggest nspcc
    Or Macmillans nurses

  • Sir Oscar de Loides

    How many different ways are there to actually make an all-white kit?? The less other colours, badges & logos the better for me, so no sponsor is a huge plus. I do agree with london peacock that the original Leeds City badge is the best.
    I can remember us playing in blue & yellow. God knows what they’d make of that combo these days.

  • Christer Gustafsson

    Its not all white…

    • spellz

      Why what’s the matter?

  • Dr Zen

    Love it. Does anyone else yearn for a splash of yellow or is that just me?

    • spellz

      Yup just a few streaks, maybe on the side.

      • henrymouni

        You might like the new away kit then!

    • henrymouni

      That will be on next season’s shirt Dr Zen!

    • TSS

      Not me, I’d have made it more white if anything.

  • spellz

    I don’t like the actual sponsor that’s going to be on the shirt, I don’t know what’s happening in this legal battle but I hope they lose and don’t put their ugly logo on the front, the way it is logo-less, just fine for me.

  • Bunga Bening

    The “LUFC” on the socks is a bit girlie but overall it looks good. As was pointed out though a bit of yellow would be nice (as long as it’s not the beige/urine yellow of recent times).

    • TSS

      LOL, girly how? The script is the best badge we ever had IMO. Should have been to each side though.

  • Faye Wardle

    Yes it is retro, change the shirts to blue and the trim to gold and you have our 1950s strip
    Faye Wardle

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  • Clive Bindley

    More yellow needed, and bring back the Yorkshire rose badge.

  • PMH

    No stupid logo! I like it. But the legal shenanigans over the sponsor are wasting money that should be spent on players

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