Leeds United today confirmed the signing of Chris Wood from Leicester City, beating fellow Championship side Wolverhampton Wanderers to his signature.

It’s said the fee paid out by Leeds is the highest in a decade (believed to be in the region of £2-3m, though that’s not necessarily upfront) which makes it a deal bound to turn a few heads.

The first thing any football fan looks at when signing a striker is goalscoring record and Chris Wood’s return of 57 goals from 196 matches across all divisions and at a few different clubs isn’t great.

But there has been glimpses of the calibre you’d hope for when breaking recent spending habits, most notably coming in loan spells for Millwall and Birmingham where he averaged 1 in 2 – form he maintained in his first season at Leicester, though it dipped dramatically in his second season.

Stats never tell the whole picture though. Becchio’s contribution to Beckford’s goalscoring didn’t really show up in stats, but without his selfless link-up play, Becks may never have reached the tally he did.

Wood also has age on his side too. he’s only 23 which leaves plenty of time to develop further.

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  1. Nick Mesut Wilson

    You need to take into account the amount of his Leicester appearances that were substitute appearances, I think I heard somewhere he only started 33 and came off the bench in 29, it makes a difference. 20 in 62 isn’t bad as it is but if nearly half were as sub appearances it looks a lot better

    • tim campbell

      Agreed Nick i think Wood will do great for us, starting as the main man, his presence and strength will frighten many a defence this season

  2. John Davies

    Thank you!
    Leeds didn’t beat us to his signature, we pulled out because his true value is £1million when with wages Leeds have paid close to £6 million for a very average player.
    If he had came to us he would have been a back up player to super Dicko and superb Afobe and maybe behind others in our under 21s.
    Note Leeds fans: Your manager was at Wigan last season, were are they!


      Ha ha what a joke, Dick.and Adobe for all their goals couldn’t even get you promoted, dream on, it’s mid table for you Wolves fans this season, you missed out on the one player that would have got you promotion.

      • Bob The Wolf

        Ay daft arse that manager you have brought another dud last year at Wigan. .3 million and his gone back home lol…In kenny jacket we trust..

  3. tim campbell

    John Davies I’ll remind you how bad he is when he bags a hattrick against your side this year!! Lol

  4. FRED

    Has Chris Wood cost 2 million, with add-ons and the total will be 3 million eventually or has he cost 3 million with add-ons ?
    For some reason the fee went up over night and there are no proper explanations, as what the final fee will be.
    However, it’s another very good signing and Leeds are thankfully staying away from signing unknown Serie B players, who are out of their depth in the Championship.
    Two new wingers and a central midfielder, will make next season very, very interesting.

  5. WeRLeeds

    Looks like Brandon Barker from Manchester City will be next one to join Leeds by Friday on loan with a view of a permanent….would be a belter of a signing if true.


    In my opinion we should now be the favourites to win automatic promotion, this guy is the best striker outside the Premier League, better than anything that small club Wolves have!

    • Paul Reid

      Dream on (Afobe and Diko….. Ha Ha Ha Har Ha…), no Wolves fan wants to go back to over paying for a very average player, he wants your cash, the cash you borrowed (again)

      • Chareose

        Borrowed ?? You are on the accounts team at ER to know that then ??
        I noticed a few brash comments from hearty wolves fans and no offence but there is a reason why Leeds are showing the most sky games and top viewing figuress……….because despite off field issues we are still a top 5 UK Club in terms of support. Its not down to the fans the way the clubs been run and its a true sleeping giant….a one club city unlike WOLVES

      • Paul Reid

        So how many clubs are in Wolverhampton then ?????? Errrrr… One !
        Leeds gambled their entire club to hang on to the coat tails of Man Ure, you lot got what you deserved.
        Top 5 club my arse.

      • Chareose

        You can say what you want to believe all you like but the figures are the figures……….. Look at Amazon for example, Leeds fans are 4th highest purchases of football related goods in the UK. According to sky we are no 1 for viewing figures in the Championship………… I know you don’t want it to be true but it is and Wolverhampton is in reality part of Birmingham so your supporter catchment is shared by Aston Villa, Birmingham etc etc…….. Leeds is officially the 3rd biggest CITY in the UK

      • Paul Reid

        Some reasonable points, not really here for a willy waving contest.
        Must correct you though, Wolverhampton is its own city, in no way part of Birmingham. It is though on the Western side of the Birmingham conerbation, I grant you that, but being on the edge means there is no other club to the West all the way into Wales and North up to Stoke, South… Well nothing, there are many Wolves fans in Worcester etc.
        Leeds suffer from the same problem as Wolves, living in the past a little too often.
        Leeds fans are in danger of the Newcastle sydrome of thinking they are special, I’m afraid not, you are an average 2nd tier side and that’s where you’ll be next season too in all proberbility.
        Now get on Amazon and buy a lucky Leeds rabbit foot.

      • Chareose

        P.S then on the same note you should continue to be obscure………….
        I had a conversation with a Tottenham fan a few weeks ago and he was getting lairy so I said to him ok be honest…..in your head who out of Leeds or Spurs will win the premiership first from this point on wards………….he grumpily admitted LEEDs…. because Spurs… don’t do anything ever
        Wolves are a good club, well run, with nice fans but Leeds ALWAYS rock the boat if they are in the top division. We arnt there to make the numbers up, put it that way

      • spellz

        Never up vote your own comment, certain air of desperate to it.

      • PMH

        If you don’t vote for yourself then who else should vote for you?

    • Bob The Wolf.

      Lol Yeh small club… keep dreaming buddy.. you lot are still skint. .what a joke club you are !!

  7. spellz

    I am very happy with this signing, he looks the part he might not have the most goal to game ratio across all his clubs and divisions but the fact of the matter is, a player excels at a club when they are part of the club for long enough and I back him to equal his championship record form book a place as a regular, get the stability he needs and clearly never has had before, to progress as a player with a big club in the name of Leeds United and with age on his side, what’s not to like he will progress improve and mature and become the finished product in no time.

    M.O.T AA

  8. henrymouni

    I am pleased with this signing, and have a good feeling about next season.
    2/3 more good signings and we have the makings of an good team!!

    • spellz

      Feels strange doesn’t it, seems like the Cellinos been reading the forums and somehow responded to us this season with most requests, it feels like we are moving in the right direction…..wait, it is Leeds I support right?

  9. Mike

    Just really a tackling/hard CM(kind of like Rudy who I wish we kept) and probably 2 true wingers and I think we look pretty good coming in to the next year.

    • Scally Lad

      Agreed. Our lack of a commanding, attacking centre middie and two superior speedsters on the wings may make all the difference whether we finish in the top half or, again, linger in the bottom half of the league. Still can’t see us finishing in the top six, at this point, especially given the many good acquisitions being made by other, often richer, Championship sides. Proof, however, as always, will be on the pitch, not in our musings, tho.


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