The fixtures are out and Leeds United will start the 2015/16 season with a visit from Burnley on the 8th of August before 3 consecutive away games start with a League Cup tie against local rivals Doncaster Rovers on the 11th, followed by league ties at Reading and Bristol City on the 15th and 18th respectively. Sheffield Wednesday visit Elland Road on the 22nd before a trip to Derby on the 29th rounds off a tricky looking start to the campaign for The Whites.

To give some indication of how difficult a start it looks to be for Leeds, of all the Championship clubs Uwe Rösler’s side will face in the first month of the campaign, only Reading are considered less likely to be promoted, giving some measure of how unfancied his side are at present. At the time of writing, Leeds United’s odds of promotion are 25/1, while Bristol are 22/1, Sheffield Wednesday are 18/1, Burnley 14/1 and Derby are 15/2 second favourites behind Hull City.

Of course, this being the Championship, it’s very difficult to predict what will happen and a lot will depend on the players brought in – and retained – over the next two months.

Leeds have made some movement in the transfer window already, signing Scottish striker Lee Erwin from Motherwell and picking up American U23’s goalkeeper Charlie Hotton, formerly of Cardiff City, on a free transfer. However, neither name is raising the expectation levels much and with talk of Sam Byram attracting offers from Sunderland, there’s been little evidence so far of a Leeds United side ready to challenge at the upper half of the table.

Byram’s possible exit isn’t the only transfer rumour doing the rounds however, there’s also been plenty of players rumoured to be heading to Elland Road too; Joey Barton probably the most recognisable, if one of the least realistic-sounding names to be linked thus far.

At this point, there’s no real surprise Leeds haven’t done more business because the crucial month for transfers tends to be July when contracts expire and the movement of out-of-contract players creates a domino effect across the leagues (teams lose players, enter market to replace, meaning more teams lose players and so on until the window closes).

As important as it is to bring in new blood and strengthen this summer, it’s equally important we retain young stars like Sam Byram if we’re to maximise our chances and defy expectations in 2015/16.

Brace yourselves, the next month and half could be something of a rollercoaster. On and on…

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  1. Ropey Wyla

    Personally I think Barton is probably the most realistic potential transfer.

  2. Tim Campbell

    Glover and Pearson have alluded to the fact that Leeds fans would be pleasantly surprised at some of the signings we are trying to bring in. I remember coming on to this site in years gone by having my optimism cruelly dashed on the rocks as transfer window after transfer window went past without any significant investment in the team. This was never more stark as it was in Cuddly Kens days. The present regime hasnt exactly covered itself in glory either with the quality of player being brought onboard being open to criticism. My optimism has not been completely exhausted however and i have been encouraged by the appointments behind the scenes especially Pearson and to a lesser extent Rosler. Yes i choose to believe we are persuing the type of player we need to get out of this division, its getting them over the line however that will be the acid test

  3. Markman

    Mc has said the wage bill is now about
    £10 million down from £20 million when he arrived. He has indicated he will allow
    It to be £13+ for this coming season
    So that should get at least a couple of
    More than decent players.

    • Scally Lad

      And we are going to need more than a couple… For all their occasional flashes of promise, we cannot become sentimental but recognize that this side took us into the bottom half of the league, and we were lucky – let’s be honest – to escape relegation again this year. This “talent” is what we want retain? I think if we are ever to escape from the yearly threat of returning to League One, we have to be bold.

  4. oldschoolbaby

    “Brace yourself” for the “rollercoaster” ? I thought, as Leeds fans, we reside on the rollercoaster.
    I`m not convinced by Rosler. He can`t pretend he doesn’t know the nature of the Cellino beast. He can`t express surprise if Byram leaves. The pre-season is more than plausible. It looks like there will be more than 2 new faces. It is a tough start but if Rosler is to succeed we should be able to acquit ourselves reasonably well.

  5. Fat_Freddy

    Hello guys
    I only really get back to the UK in the closed season and rarely get to see my beloved Leeds, relying on dodgy internet streams and sites like this for info. I’ve got a question for those who see the lads on a regular basis. Is Byram that good? I know he’s local and from what I’ve seen of him he’s good enough, but to me he’s not in the same class as Mowatt or Cook. If Sunderland offer 8 million for him, would it not be better to take the cash to strengthen elsewhere (assuming the cash goes on the team)? As I’ve said I rarely get to see us in the flesh, so would welcome the opinion of those who go every week.

    • markman

      when he burst on the scene he was a revelation and created excitement all around.
      he then got a nasty injury that set him back,he has also suffered,like everyone with learning his trade under a number of coaches.he is getting back to those levels.

      with the club in its current state,there will always be the question of should good offers be accepted and “re invested”

      MC has said,we are now not a selling club and players will only leave on his terms and what he considers good for the club.
      Ross Mck being a case in point.

    • TSS

      He was right up there with Cook and Mowatt as one of the best players last season, though he was something of an unsung hero at times because we already know how good is can be so it’s become expected of him.

      • Fat_Freddy

        Nice one thanks fellas. I guess at this stage you’d have to weigh up whether it’s worth breaking up this crop of lads coming through for any price. Walters and Philips are talking about the family atmosphere and that can only be a good thing. I thought I was too long in the tooth to get too optimistic about Leeds, but I can’t help it at the moment. With Pearson, Glover, and the youth lads signing new deals, it’s almost as if things are starting to promising. Still, best not get too carried away eh? MOT

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