After an inconsistent 2014-15 domestic campaign, Leeds United will target a significant improvement this season. The Whites recently appointed former Wigan Athletic boss Uwe Rosler as head coach and he will look to invest astutely in the transfer window to improve the squad. Leeds finished 15th in the Championship last season – a disappointing position considering the talent that The Peacocks possess in their ranks.

We take a look at the upcoming season and give our thoughts on Leeds’ chances of finishing in the division’s top six and therefore, earning a spot in the playoffs at the end of the campaign. For more odds and news regarding Leeds United, or the Championship in general, check out website.

Uwe-RoslerOne of the main reasons for Leeds United’s struggles in the past few years has been the lack of continuity at the club – both on and off the field. Since Simon Grayson left the club, Leeds have chopped and changed managers on a regular basis, and Rosler is the fifth head coach in the last year. They have talented footballers, but their managers have struggled to get the best out of them in recent times – which have contributed significantly to their fall down the Championship table.

Uwe Rosler will be looking for his side to show an immediate improvement at the start of the season and will hope that the Whites can get off to a good start and build some confidence. With the likes of Billy Sharp, Steve Morrison and Charlie Taylor in their ranks, Leeds obtain a mixture of experience, talent and passion – all of which are traits needed to succeed in the Championship. Their veteran players can help the younger professionals to advance and improve, as well as offering friendly advice on the training ground.

Ultimately, their schedule will play a huge role in their chances this year. The Championship is one of the hardest leagues in Europe and, at the start of the season, all 24 teams are in with a chance of winning the title – such is the competitive nature of England’s second division. Leeds are certainly in with a chance of reaching the playoffs next season and, with a bit of luck, Rosler can steer the Peacocks into the top six.

Can Leeds United reach the play-offs?

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  1. chris

    too early to tell ,why speculate so early?it a bit premature at this stage

  2. Anthony Dickinson

    Think top 10 is minimum we need. Just outside play offs is more than likely. Anything else is a bonus.

    • Scally Lad

      Agreed. I think we might make mid-table, moving up to 12th from 15th, but, in fact, it’s all too early to know much, and who can predict Mess-imo? What is sure is that Middlesbrough, Brentford, Wolves, Ipswich and Derby are going to be huge challenges and favorites for the top positions, as are QPR, Burnley and Hull coming down from the Prem. Bristol City, I think, could be a challenger for the top ten, coming up from League One.

  3. Philip of Spain.

    It depends on who else is in the picture with regards new signings.A couple of good new players and who knows but we must be looking at top six.

  4. James

    Top six got to be the aim but this season…. dont think so at the moment but who knows who else will come. Come on massimo!!

  5. Mike

    If we do end up signing Bamba(which is rumored to be “completed”), a few wingers and I honestly think we need to replace Rudy as well I think we have a decent shot at top 6. It’s really hard to know where we land without seeing our and other teams moves in the close season.

  6. henrymouni

    Two weeks to pre-season.
    We need a top signing to lift the fans & the squad.
    We have a keeper to start in the 21’s and a striker who has not scored many goals (he should fit in OK).
    Too early to predict anything yet.
    Bamba was already here last season.

    Looking forward to a new season!!!

  7. Mick444

    This is my take. Leeds will sell Byram. The funds will be used to add experience in the attacking third. If We do not get promotion this coming season Massimo will sell Cook. I hate pre-season talk but I have grave doubts about the owner comitting any real funds for quality players. Early days but I think I am so used to being disappointed that I find no room for optimism. Hope I am wrong!

    • mrbigwheels

      I don’t think you’re far wrong with your thoughts… I don’t think MC has the money to move the team forward many think he has. The recent restructuring of Club ownership tells you that, imo and moving Redfearn out of the way to any objections to future youth sales tells you and confirms the other real story.

      Not a lot of cash to spend on players unless some youth is sold…

      • henrymouni

        Same every year Mr B.
        All our targets slipping away to other clubs.
        They get stronger – we get weaker!
        Twas ever thus, my friend!
        Backroom staff look good!!
        Pity they can’t play!!!

  8. PMH

    We do not have a top six team. At least not yet. Leeds need Bamba and a couple of other good signings. Then they need to make a coherent team out of the group. That needs skilled team management and a heaping of good luck. Plus we need the owner to show a little self-control – something he hasn’t done in decades.

    There’s a lot of work to be done. Wishful thinking won’t do it.

  9. RichyM

    Can Rosler get anything out of the fringe players like Sloth and Motenegro? I Can’t see there being any money for decent signings and I can see one or more from Cook, Byram, Mowat being sold to balance the books/pay for MC’s lawyers. If some of the squad on the periphery have a rise to form like Luke Murphy did we might have a more respectable showing this season, even dream of the play offs.

    • Scally Lad

      I think, to raise dosh, we have to expect that Messimo is going to sell at least Byram (who is likely to bring in the most cash and who probably is the most determined to leave LUFC for a Premiership side). I’d be a bit surprised if Messimo gutted the side, but one or two of the bigger names are sure to go – especially those players who we know want out and can be picked up cheap by Premiership sides for their pre-season at the annual LUFC jumble.

  10. spellz

    I always believe we should make the top 6 minimum…..we are Leeds United.

    Lets rise out of the bottomless pit, hope Uwe will be the man to do make it possible.

    Always believe, all we have is faith.

    M.O.T AA.

  11. spellz

    Do I have that scent of broke to you? I happen to own Alfa Romeo, so next time come to me for a discount, yours sincerely Barry Evans.

    • henrymouni

      Private Box at ER?
      Your own helicopter for the away games!!!
      She’s only got your welfare in mind spellz!!

      • spellz

        I will sell Alfa Romeo for the private box, what have I been doing all these years wasting time selling Italian cars?

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