It was another disappointing season for Leeds fans as the club languished around mid-table once more. After picking up just the one win from their final 9 games, they managed to end the campaign in fifteenth spot, accruing one point less than their total haul from the 2013/14 season.

But now it’s all over, and, as the dust begins to settle, it’s time to set sights on bigger and better things next season; who will be the new names and faces that could be heading to Elland Road over the summer period in order to give the whites a much needed boost?

With German coach Uwe Rösler, their newly appointed manager, now at the helm (and incredibly marking the club’s fifth manager in just 12 months) the new Leeds gaffer certainly has his work cut out for him.

First up on the rumour mill is Southend United goalkeeper Daniel Bentley who is currently being targeted by the club along with Championship rivals Bristol City and Premier League outfit West Ham. But with Bentley’s sights firmly fixed on first team football he may not be willing to jump ship just yet. Hoping to bring a little Uruguayan flair to the side would be the successful signing of Inter Milan full-back Alvaro Pereira. The club has already reportedly put out an offer in for the experienced 29-year old this month but after already missing out on picking him up in the January window it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

Leeds will also be looking to tighten up at the back if they are to make a realistic challenge for promotion next term and sources at Elland Road have indicated that Colombian centre back Jherson Vergara could be on the radar. The 21-year old is regarded as a hot prospect; strong, quick and powerful, his game should suit the physicality of the Championship.

At the other end of the field both Brentford’s Andre Gray and Stoke City’s Charlie Adam are also rumoured to be on the hit list and either of those signings would surely help boost the White’s goal tally next season. To emphasize the gap between Leeds and eventual champions Bournemouth, Leeds bagged 50 in the entire 2014/15 campaign, almost half of the amount Eddie Howe’s side managed to notch up.

With high hopes for next season- and the future of the club looking a little brighter- could we finally see the whites climb out of mid-table and make it to the play-offs if not even higher? William Hill offers make that target seem like an attractive proposition to back. If Rosler can attract some real talent this window, and keep them fit for the entire campaign, then 2015/16 could be the season when Leeds United finally end their Premier League exodus.

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  1. David Wilson

    A very optimistic reading of the situation. I see us getting a couple of L1/ lower end of the champ players and we’ll be looking forward to a season very similar to the one that’s just gone. We don’t seem to have the money to get anyone decent.

    • TSS

      Do you think the youth players might make the difference though? I’d argue most of the Championship squads are littered with fairly average players and the division tends to be separated by small amounts of quality (parachute clubs are distorting that somewhat, but it’s otherwise held true I think). With a year of experience under their belts, and assuming they’re kept together, I’m expecting the youngsters to have a strong season.

      • Chareose

        The kids will do well I think and I desperately hope Dawson gets a real chance because for me he was one of the brightest talents in our youth team. However I don’t think they will be enough on their own, we have a blunt attack and not enough width or pace……… I would also like to see us bring in Joey Barton on a free as I just have a gut feeling hed become a leeds legend like Vinnie did.
        I suspect however Cellino wont even consider him despite rumblings from the player that he would like to play for Leeds
        Redfearn suggested him because despite lacking imagination Redders is a leeds fan and he thinks the same way we do, he understands what the fans respond to and what has worked for us historically.
        Bentley has suggested hes likely to stay at Southend, obviously the prospect of being substituted after Cellino has exploded and phoned Rossler up isn’t a very exciting prospect for him. I hope that’s not the case as I think he would be a fabulous acquisition
        We could always go back in for Alex McCarthy at Reading ?? Would cost a few mill though

      • TSS

        I do think a 20+ goal striker is key to any serious hope of reaching top six, as most fans clearly do considering the reaction to Beckford and Becchio becoming available on a free.

        Barton I can’t stand, but I can see where people are coming from. We clearly lack the Jones/Batty type of player who’ll mix things up and get the crowd going. Agree on Dawson too, though his size doesn’t help his cause.

      • Chareose

        People said that about Vinnie too though mate……

      • TSS

        Absolutely. There’s always players like that around. Robbie Savage was the same, only the club’s he played for ever liked him.

      • Irving08

        We don’t need Barton, and I for one do not want him. No Premiership players thank you.

      • bigdog

        If Rosler can get 3 additions to the team…..I think we’ll def progress a lot better than the past couple of seasons.I like his theory of the 3-5-2 formation,…..but that requires a hell of a shift put in ( tracking back,going forward ) of his two wing backs,which I assume will be Taylor & Byram. I agree…..we need a solid front man….similar to Morrison in holding up the ball,but with a bit more skill,technique and an eye for goal now and then.That person,assuming Rosler can find one at a cheap price would play a pivotal role I believe in bringing in our smaller players into the game…..especially as you’ve mentioned….the young Dawson,who I feel would be the perfect player to play in the ‘hole’ so to speak……the No 10 position. Also,I feel we need an ultra hard,experienced,skillful player to replace Ruddy in the middle alongside young Cook,and finally another solid,dependable centre half….to play alongside Bellusci & Cooper! I think Sol Bamba would be good…..he does give some solidity at the back,but it has been mentioned that his distribution sometimes is not the best……something for Rosler to work on if he comes back,m? I would also make him captain…..he appears to not be afraid to speak his mind and he’s a leader!

      • David Wilson

        I agree the younger players will continue to develop but I’m sure they’ll still be some pretty mediocre players in the 1st team and there won’t be much in reserve. My other worry is that we rely on them too much and don’t have the option to change things around. I think that we’ll end up losing as many as we win.

      • Irving

        It depends a lot on which of them is able to adapt to Rosler’s preferred playing style. I can see their fitting into Plan B – here the issue will be the intelligence and versatility of the back 3 – but Plan A requires pace and stamina all over the side, let alone among our younger players.

        To my eyes, by the way, there are a lot of good players in this Division, the promoted sides had strength in most departments, Watford possibly excepted. Goals though are a necessity.

  2. ricco

    If word is true we have been proved guilty illegally funding a transfer via a third party 10 point deduction and big fine cheers you up doesnt it

    • chareose

      yes that could be why we are only aiming for 10 place this season ?

  3. markman

    Kalou,ex chelsea,currently in berlin i believe is available on a free,not sure what his wages are
    but he is a quick winger and may have something to prove.

  4. Chareose

    Ben Pringle should be a cert…………. hes local, young, on a free transfer and a winger
    However again Cellinos ignorance of the british game and his own arrogance will mean no brainer signings like this are unlikely to happen

  5. henrymouni

    I am deliberately ignoring ALL transfer rumours as they always end in disappointment.
    If we lose Sol Bamba we are in trouble unless Mr Rosler can bring in the players he wants.
    So far, we have shed more players, but not brought any one in.
    It is too early to judge, but from past experience, don’t hold your breath.
    I can see Dawson being ready and important for us, but we must get a top goalscorer, and some decent defenders.
    AND a goalkeeper!!
    I pray that Massimo does not balls things up – too much!! Faint hope!
    Adam Pearson is the key to our future – He must not let Cellino drive him out!!!!

    • LeedsLad

      Unfortunately, Pearson will not put up with Cheapalino for long.

    • Irving08

      We have a goalie Henri ! But I agree on the need for a big centre half and a top front man.

      Not sure why you think Cellino would want to drive Pearson out – not intentionally anyway. He cannot afford further chaos; it looks to like he’s trying to put in place some checks and balances to save him from himself.

      My main concern is Rosler’s stated formation preferences. Fingers’ crossed on the adaptability and suitability of our squad. There is a whiff of ‘Hockadayism’ about his appointment (long conversation about football theory, a sweet-sounding Plan). And he is instantly likeable.

      • henrymouni

        We only have one senior goalie now, I think Irv?
        Mr Cellino goes off popular people very quickly!
        He has cut his nose off so many times, that he has a bag full of rubber ones under his desk! If Mr Rosler is not a big ‘yes man’ there could be trouble in them th’ir hills.

      • Irving08

        Ah, forgot that Henri. Merci.
        You don’t really think Redfearn’s popularity per se did for him, do you ?
        If Rosler gets results on the field, I don’t envisage any problems. Tenth appears to be the agreed target for next season, which is a guarantee of some stability. And if we can’t achieve well ….,

  6. Tim Campbell

    See Jonathan Walters from Stoke is available which surprises me as i always considered him one of their better players – wages might be an issue but. Luke Garbutt from Everton too, their own fans incredulous that he is being allowed to leave

    • Scally Lad

      Nice thoughts, Tim, but can we seriously believe that Premiership players are going to choose to drop out of professional sight to join a bottom-half and near-invisible side that closely escaped the drop to League One, has a frightening history of financial instability, is captive to the whims of a totally unpredictable owner of uncertain commitment, and the chaos of a manager-of-the-month history? Let’s look up, to be sure, but let’s avoid planting our feet firmly in the air.

      • Tim Campbell

        Agreed m8 but like the time we signed Strachan i think we need a catalyst and if it means pushing the boat out then damn it lets do it

  7. LeedsLad

    Dream on !! ….. Talk is cheap, so just wait for the lower league Italians, journeymen, and usual other club rejects arrive on more “freebies”. Whilst Cheapalino is around, Leeds will NEVER get “luck enough” to return to the Premier league !

    • Tim Campbell

      leedslad same old negativity as the YEP comments. I will judge Cellino after our recruitment has finished for the summer -so far we have had plenty of positives and look a much more stable unit than this time last year. Im quietly optimistic that Cellino has learnt a few lessons from last year and so until anything else changes that will continue to remain so.

      • seahamwhite

        we will only be more stable when the crooked bastard gets banned again for more fraud and has to keep his meddling nose out of it

      • Tim Campbell

        Think thats what hes planning for fella so no worries there then

      • bigdog

        Personally….I don’t think that’s gonna happen’…..due to our legacy with the FA / FL…..and their will to see us fail….they won’t need to ban the extravagant one at all…..they realise that the path to our own demise,will be to let eveything carry on as per usual at ER….and let the gregarious one….lead is up that path!

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