Leeds Fans CBS, a fan initiative raising money with a view to purchasing a stake in Leeds United, today updated it’s shareholders with a progress report in which they revealed knowledge of interest from several groups who’ll be ready to move should Massimo Cellino decide to sell the club.

Among them, energy drink manufacturer Red Bull is said be interested, despite previously denying they were planning to purchase the club.

In the newsletter, Leeds Fans CBS claim Red Bull admitted to a journalist that Ralf Rangnick – the sporting director for Red Bull Salzburg and RB Leipzig – has watched Leeds United five times since January.

It’s a rumour that just won’t go away and one that heavily divides Leeds United fans due to the rebranding job they’ve done on clubs elsewhere. Leeds Fans CBS said they understand Red Bull won’t alter the colours, name or location for three years should they takeover Leeds United, which suggests they recognise the strength of feeling towards their hypothetical rebranding of the club, but if a three-year guarantee is the best they can offer, it’s unlikely to sway those opposed.

  • soulpan

    MC out!!REDBULL in!!We need owners who are not Crazy!!

    • Chareose

      Erm no offence bud……….but id also like Leeds to keep its identity which they evidently want to chip away at over a period of time………… im not sure how id feel about having to support Leeds Redbulls parading around in Red and Blue……… Their drink has a shelf life anyway, our club should be around for hundreds of years, long after Red Bull the brand has disappeared into the ether.
      Its like Naming Leeds after a Robin Reliant………10 years later the name and brand is out of fashion…………

      • Balam

        I sure many fans complained when ‘The Don’ changed the traditional blue and yellow strip to white in the sixties.

        • TSS

          Totally different. For one thing, it made sense due to the white rose of Yorkshire. And we’d used white previously (one of our earliest kits was blue and white). Leeds’ colours have always been white, blue and yellow, white just wasn’t the predominant colour.

          Furthermore, Revie didn’t change it to turn out club into a ridiculous advertising gimmick.

          • stelufc

            plus he didnt change it to bloody red.

          • jim

            Here here
            stand up if you Hate the Scum. CELLINO OUT

          • Seaham white

            The Don changed to white to emulate real Madrid. .nothing to do with the white rose

          • Keith & Natalie

            Exactly seaham a football reason not because he wanted to sell cans of fizzy yuck

          • TSS

            I never said he didn’t, I said the colour made sense. And again, we’d used white previously so it wasn’t so much a change, simply the colour becoming predominant.

        • Keith & Natalie

          He didnt change the badge to the redbull logo like redbull have with all there other football clubs or the name to leeds rb or the name of the ground ..n we were still a football first not a walking advert for some revolting drink . do you think they will keep billys statue where it is n what for only the same as what stoke pallace n sunderland have prem kudos but not enough money to comptete with city n chelsea ..would love a new sensible owner ..but redbull would be the last straw for me and many goodnight viena

          • Billy Bunter

            No change to anything yet so why talk like it has happened already?. If Red Bull did purchase there are things they could never change which emphasise the history and heart of Leeds United – pictures and trophies and memorabilia of successes from decades gone by.

            It’s only gonna get in your head and under your skin if you let it, after all Elland Road LS11 0ES will remain.

            Are we just happy to be called a ‘ sleeping giant’ but truthfully we have been in a coma since Risdale screwed up.

          • Keith & Natalie

            Naive to think they will treat us any different to any other club they own they’ve all got the same badge the redbull badge they all play in red and blue and ban any old merchandise and wipe out history identity Dont see why they will treat us any different . They are not interested in leeds united at all just taking our league standing and promoting there horrible drink .so I’d rather sleeping giant than lose our identity ..and lose it for what to be another Swansea city or southampton cuz redbull haven’t enough spare money to compete with Chelsea man City . I’d be over the moon to do a Swansea or Southampton but not at the expense of our identity . They did it without being called costa Swansea play in latte brown at the cappuccino stadium .why can’t we ..we need an answer to your do we want to be a sleeping giant question .but franchise redbull fc ain’t the answer ..mot

      • NottsWhite

        I get what you are saying Chareose and I do not know how I would feel if I was supporting Leeds Red Bull. The comment regarding their drink is debatable as they sell a lot of units and a successful company will continue to diversify it’s product portfolio to meet the demands of the market. Also the trade mark Red Bull is also just as synonymous with sports sponsorship, albeit to drive the sales of their product

      • soulpan

        Redbull taste like horse piss!!I would not be proud to get in a big owner like this to our club.. But if we want a club in PL and sane owners ten yes.. Hell yes– why not!!Mc got money also– but he is wasting them on bad players and making bad descisions all the time..He dont know football..

    • Keith & Natalie

      Go away redbull identity gone so we can play stoke and west brom ..how come Watford and pallace have done it without selling their soul …never been so disapointed in so many short sighted leeds fans

      • soulpan

        Well i don’t want to call Leeds.. Leeds redbull!!But i can see what is happening with our precious Leeds United under MC and its not good.So if the alternative is to get Redbull in to get rid of MC i would prefer that!!But i would also hate to add Redbull name into Leeds .Hate it..But do we have a choice??

  • chris

    Totally agree mc is mental I don’t like chopping n changing managers eV 2 minutes he has to go,the man speaks no sense at all,he’s not even keen on having an academy too and a good one too at that point…just because it costs a bit of money to run.

    • Chareose

      Yes he’d rather spend a few million on having a load of ex managers on gardening leave and court cases with ex players. Hes a complete idiot for all of that alone

      • Chareose

        we also got the possibility of a fine or points deduction from the FA that will no doubt be timed perfectly to deflate us completely.
        Talk is that Samaritans are planning on changing their logo to the Leeds United badge……….

  • Some real money and a dash of red then… if we’re ever going to be in the top end of the PL… for me. The alternative is what we’ve had and what we’ll continue with,
    Hard times, ever increasing dept, instability, stress and a depleting fan base.
    Got to move on imo and I’ve supported for 50+ years.

  • Tim Campbell

    Its all very well red bull having an interest m8 but its another matter placing a firm offer on Cellini’s table AND el presidente
    actually accepting it, which is debatable.

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  • oldschoolbaby

    Caffeine is an alkaloid, which the body finds difficult to digest, in exactly the same family as strychnine. As the metaphor may suggest, Red Bull are toxic. When leaving the frying pan your destination of choice has to be somewhere other than the fire.

    • Keith & Natalie

      Bob on mate weve now got a manager with a plan and some great youngsters with cook signed up ..time to ignore our barnpot owner and get behind new manager and team and you never know we might make play offs without toxic red bull and billys statue can stay where it is and not get replaced by ad for fizzy pop

  • RichyM

    Compared to Cellino any offer seem sensible and that is the problem. Red Bull would be a disaster for Leeds, chucking away a long proud history just to get away from our recent history of crap owners. Surely we are not that desperate to swap one devil for another. Cellino will not be around for ever but Red Bull will obliterate the club and build a new one in its place. The Premier league can wait, I’d rather be in the championship for years to come than seeing RB Leeds play Stoke City in the Prem.

  • spellz

    No to Red Bull!!!!!! our proud history is not up for sacrifice.

  • Scally Lad

    But when Cellino sells, who else is going to be there to buy? Cellino is not going to sell at a loss. He bought LUFC to make a profit.

  • Steve MiggiWhite

    people talk about losing our history? how is that even possible?

    • Keith & Natalie

      Change the badge to the can logo the united to rb the ground to rb stadium and the kit to red n blue ban any one from wearing of retro merch in the ground ..there you go history lost ..have you looked into how they run there other clubs

    • TSS

      Ask Austria Salzburg. When Red Bull took over they literally wiped the club from the history books – the team was apparently founded the day Red Bull took over. They don’t buy clubs, they buy the license to play in a division as an advertising gimmick.

  • Steve MiggiWhite

    its about the future of our club and not the past.

    • Too true… many seem to live in or with the past.

      The past record of this Club can never be lost, but it’s the identity of the Club that matters within future generations, the generations of fans that we are losing because the past fifteen years have been ravaged by tinpot ownership with personal agendas.

      Ownership by RB or their ilk will not be received in the longer term that well by perhaps 50% of the present attendees but they are kidding themselves if the successes of the Club are to be replicated to a sustainable position in the PL without a minimum capital input in excess of £100m.

      Cellino and most of the other suitors don’t even come close to playing long term at the table.

      The Sky money in the PL is one thing but the stands full on match day will only be achieved by LUFC by being taken up there into the top six level by investors like RB… or Man C or Chelsea type owners.

      The present day potential of this Club is just so big and Cellino knows it.
      We need to accept that is the way it will go… eventually.

      • Billy Bunter

        Well put mr bigwheels.

  • Banditsteve123

    Regarding reb bull and the rebranding even if red bull wanted to change the club to rub Leeds they would not be allowed to do so just ask hull city they want to change there name but have been knocked back

  • merkx66



  • LeedsLad

    Just 2 facts that may interest fans :-
    1/ Red Bull Racing cars are branded in BLUE not red, so there is a chance this could apply to Leeds
    2/ Many years ago, Leeds played some games in red shirts, … i remember one of my first games as a kid ( Swansea City ? ) and Leeds had red shirts on ….. So just tell the pi$$ taking Scummers ” its nothing new” …. God Forbid it ever happens !

  • merkx66



    • Billy Bunter


      Were unsure about everything now, Genting will not change this.

  • merkx66



  • bruce

    As someone who has supported this club since the 60s I am as sentimental as anyone could ever be. The llegacy of all those guys under Revie will never die, and this great club will always be a legend in British Football.
    We don’t live forever, memories do but not reality. It’s time to move on and look to the future. Its for all those kids growing up who deserve to experience the same excitement, adrenalin and brilliant breathtaking football that I have been absolutely privileged to watch. Leeds United will always be Leeds United no matter how you dress it up. When Cellino goes, I hope Red Bull jump in feet first. Bring it on.

  • Tare

    TSS This is Leeds United 2015-2020.

    One for the road. CS at WT. TARE

  • Irving08

    Ambivalent. On the one hand, we have a history and, to some degree, an ethos to be proud of; on the other, we are in some danger of becoming history, if we don’t succeed in exiting this Division by 2020. There are other games such as Rugby League and cricket (notably the short form), that attract almost comparable numbers to their games in the city, while the football mad crowd, young and old, are interested only in the best, irrespective of location. So come on Massimo don’t foul up, get us promotion and then bequeathe 51 per cent of the shares to a LUFC trust fund.

    • spellz

      This is very true but in all fairness I would not permit the whole rebranding of our team to suit a caffeine based drink, that’s where personally I draw a line. It’s no different than calling us Starbucks Leeds United, if RedBull was to rebrand us. In this case I would rather us remain Leeds United and a serious Investor to potentially invest in the future.

      Our proud history is why you still hear Marching On Together sung with such pride still from the terraces, without our history we are nothing but a mediocre Championship outfit hanging on each season from being a top league 1 club. We need investment….yes! but from somebody willing to focus on our history, fans, club size and facilities and also is business Savvy enough to realise getting Leeds in the premiership would be more profitable for them than getting any other club in the prem.

      It is a big city and gates alone will make a huge increase we are the sleeping giants just need the right guy to supply the magic beans to wake us up and Red Bull for me are not the outfit, yes they have a huge brand and have plenty of Capital but we are Leeds United if we do not remain as that in our title, our strip, our stadium and on and on, then just don’t even bother we have been through so many torrid investments in the past decade, that would be for me the worst of all and would finally turn our club into where it has been heading for a long time now, the biggest laughing stock in English Football.

      NO TO RED BULL!!!!!

      by the way Irving this is not all directed to you, I just agreed with you and got carried away into a rant as you do, supporting Leeds we are forever ranting lol.

      M.O.T AA.

      • Irving08

        Cheers Spellz – I’ll take the opportunity to revise the timescale. It has to be within 3 years, or we will lose the best of our younger players. It is simpler and possibly easier to buy success. Reflecting on Rosler, I hope he has a pragmatic streak. After all Plan B is still a Plan. It’s a pity, in some ways, that the Championship play offs were not a couple of weeks ago: Karanka might have become available.

        • spellz

          Totally agree, just hope we purchase some extremely good strikers, as we will need them. Judging by Uwes press conferences, he will try and emulate Dortmunds Klopp style of play and seems heavily inspired by him in general (tbf not a bad manager to be inspired by) we certainly don’t have a Aubamayeng type scorer atm but if we get one with a good back up player and keep our midfield, then I for one am excited to see what will come from what only I can describe as positive tactics.

  • Scally Lad

    Spot on, Irv. A generation of English youth have already grown up, focused on the Premiership, who don’t know LUFC from Yeovil or Doncaster. If we continue to waste away at the bottom of the Championship and League One, we’ll never know financial security and responsible ownership again.