The Italian press are starting to report what many Leeds United fans already suspected, that the club is- once again- up for sale.

It’s believed Massimo Cellino is looking to cash-out at Leeds and buy Italian side Parma. Cellino is currently banned from exerting any control over Leeds United after falling foul of Football League rules and seems to have reached the conclusion that his ownership of an English side is untenable with more courtcases in Italy still to come.

Meanwhile, Leeds Fans CBS (formerly Leeds Fans LLP), the fan-investment initiative which aims to buy a share in the club have revealed to the BBC’s Adam Pope that they’ve had approaches from six separate parties looking to buy Leeds United, all of whom were fully on-board with part fan ownership.

ThRed Bull football clubse group also revealed they’ve spoken to Red Bull but the soft drinks giant refused to give assurances there would be no change of kit, badge, stadium and club name. Red Bull recently denied they planned to takeover another football club just days after Massimo Cellino confirmed an approach from them.

It seems fairly obvious that after so many months of speculation, there’s definitely some truth to the Red Bull interest, but from their point of view, admitting it would only complicate matters. Red Bull already own half a dozen football clubs and massively divide opinion with the tacky rebranding job (pictured right) they do on them all.

At Salzburg in particular, Red Bull were met with fierce opposition from fans, many of whom eventually split off to create a new football club. By confirming their interest in taking over Leeds United, Red Bull would give fans the opportunity to get out in front of this thing and appeal against the takeover, so from a Red Bull perspective, it’s in their best interests to deny such a move in the hope that it’ll help them avoid another messy takeover.

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  1. henrymouni

    Who knows what is really going on TSS.
    It is said that his family cannot settle in Leeds?
    Massimo will probably say it is not true tomorrow, then sell the club on Friday.
    Another close season fiasco on the way?

    • TSS

      Is there any other kind of post-season at Leeds? I’m struggling to remember the alternative.

      • markman

        Agree,but this time i cant see any players leaving unless they are on Cellino’s terms.
        and this time around we have a certain amount of cash as opposed to being totally skint.

      • AWal

        Cellino will cash in on the youngsters before he goes, mark my words.

    • markman

      I think we are a journos dream.
      anyone can write anything and off the hare goes.

      I agree Cellino is a complicated soul but i have seen nothing from him to say he or his family are tired of Leeds.

      journo “do you miss the Italian sunshine”

      Cellino “yes”

      Journo reports Cellino cant wait to sell Leeds and get back to Italy.

  2. markman


    you must be full of energy from too many easter eggs.

    Red Bull categorically denied it was not interested in Leeds.
    they could have just said no comment.

    I cant find any quote attributed to Cellino where he has said he is looking to sell Leeds.

    Much more interesting are the reports of Liverpool’s proposed summer bid of £8 million
    for Byram. good or bad business?

    • yorxman

      Bad business, we got £11M for McCormack and bought shite to replace him

      • Chareose

        yes with mccormacks goals this year wed be in the playoffs

      • markman

        dont forget when we sold him we were losing £1 million a month.

        and at least the youngsters have been given a chance

        so,maybe there is gold in shite.

    • TSS

      Cellino also said he’d had an approach from Red Bull so you can’t believe Cellino absolutely with one breath then not believe him the next. Surely that fact alone tells you there’s a lot more to this.

      • markman

        I think that approach was from a guy who said he was representing red Bull
        who subsequently said they had never heard of him

      • TSS

        LOL. Sure it was. The reason Red Bull continue to deny they’re interested is because the opposition from fans (which they’ve faced elsewhere) hugely complicates things. Do you really think Cellino, the rest of LUFC’s board and Leeds Fans LLP didn’t check the credentials of those who approached them?

      • markman

        i cant answer that
        but i do remember a few years ago,i think it was Portsmouth gave a contract to a player who had the same name as a reasonably well know player and he was useless. no checking there.

      • TSS

        It was Portsmouth! They were the equivalent of GFH when it comes to knowledge of how to run a football club.

      • henrymouni

        I remember!!
        It was Albert Messi they signed!!
        Easily done!!

      • RobHK

        Wasn’t it Ali Dia at Southampton, claimed to be George Weah’s cousin. Mind you we’ve given contracts to many a useless player over the years.

  3. Mersey-White

    I’m surprised that in one breath, Red Bull say they have “no interest”, then in another, are unable to give assurances over re-branding, which then does suggest an interest…

  4. CptCrash

    Vultures already circling with Byram and Mowatt being linked today with moves away. The longer the uncertainty goes the more will leave and for once (in recent years and in part only I accept) we have a crop worth keeping


    If Mr C was sworn at and subsequently fired yer man what I would like to know what the hell was he doing in a place and supposedly not having anything to do with the WHITES, would he have the power to sack some poor guy working for B & Q who has nothing to do with him either.Here we go into the closed season yet again, not knowing what the hell is going on. Can a joiner not be put on any subsequent sale that they have to tie to the club for a minimum period, a bit longer that one year.

  6. LeedsFaithful

    I could live with, and even openly accept:

    a) Red Bull Stadium at Elland Road (or facsimile)
    b) Red Bull as long-term (permanent) kit sponsor
    c) Change in badge that incorporates elements of LUFC and Red Bull (less happy about it, but I’m not that attached to the current badge anyway)

    I would never accept:

    a) A change from the all white strip to red bull colours (allowable for the keeper or away kits)
    b) A change in the name of the club.


    • TSS

      Name they’d struggle with, though they had same problem in Germany and got round it by using ‘RB’

      Badge would definitely change to the identikit one they use for every other club, as would the kit. We’d be an advertising gimmick, that’s just how they operate.

  7. The Baron

    I’ve been a Leeds fan since the 60’s….I now live in Oz….so I probably have little kudos when it comes to commenting…..that said, I would happily put up with a name change, badge change, kit change whatever, to ensure not just survival but promotion to where we belong the Premier League….any owner that can bring back the Glory days can do whatever they feel like… was in the 60’s that Revie completely changed the kit to all white to emulate Real Madrid…and look what happened after that!….there was fan/public outcry at the time, but the result speaks for itself……football is commercial, things change, get used to it.

    • Backwards Mac

      Yeah mate, never mind the local community and their cultural values and other nonsense, there’s no progress in empathising with such things is there? We should all just endorse the marketing gimmicks of psychotic corporate entities instead, seen as though that’s where the virtues of the free market economy clearly lie. We should all bask in the inevitable glory of the soft drinks company franchise team that will emerge from the tarnished ashes of that loser football club Leeds United AFC, with its backwards way of simply existing and losing matches occasionally of all things. That just can’t be tolerated in competitive sport, at all costs. Lets buy more red bull and let the caffeine fuelled revolution begin. Long live boardroom psychopathy and down with community ethics. I’ll be the first man on the Elland Road/red bull stadium picket line if that day ever comes to pass, though of course I realise, there’s no place for an antiquated sole like me in this brave new world of ours.


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