Leeds United and Wigan Athletic have agreed a fee of £500,000 for the transfer of Rodolph Austin, according to Sky Sports.

The 29-year-old Jamaican international is one of Leeds’ most experienced players having made 94 appearances for the club since joining from SK Brann in 2012.

A regular in his side, Neil Redfearn has stated publicly that he wants to keep Austin and even claimed to have received assurances from those above that the midfielder would not be sold.

If Sky Sports are accurate and Austin is indeed sold, this would once again demonstrate the limited power Neil Redfearn has over the playing side and would surely frustrate a Leeds United head coach whose side are very young and severely lacking in experience.

It’s worth noting that Rodolph Austin’s contract expires in the summer and that may be a factor in any decision to sell, but failure to tie down players would be a concern in itself.

Elsewhere, Leeds are hoping to sign Albanian striker Edgar Cani before the window closes at 11pm tomorrow and there’s been talk of a move for Millwall winger Martin Woolford, potentially involving a swap deal for Michael Tonge.

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  1. LeedsBowyer

    There’s two options for me. Give Austin a new contract, continue to use him and build a team with him in it. Sell Austin, get cash for someone who is out of contract and figure out who is replacement is and get them playing ready for next season. What we can’t do is stay in the middle, as in carry on using him then let him go for free leaving a hole in the squad.

    I think the sensible thing is to sell him as we have Mowatt/ Dawson/ Adryan/ Sloth/ Bianchi and Murphy who can compete for that position. They are all younger with more quality. We are not going down this season anyway so it is an ideal time to rearrange the squad ready for next year’s play off push.

    • JDC

      Couldn’t agree more Bowyer … you can also add Lewis Cook and N’Goyi to your list competing for the position.

  2. NottsWhite

    If you needed any proof that Cellino does not give a rat’s ass what Redfearn thinks or wants will be confirmed when this transfer goes through. Absolute shambles.

  3. oldschoolbaby

    I`ve long had a theory that players with poor positional discipline ( Austin ) and players who have to think too much about their positioning ( Pearce ) can really put their team mates off their game, to a degree greater than is widely recognised. It`s dodgy unloading them both before the new boys have been road tested – that`s the nature of the window though – but both Bamba and Ngoyi very much fit the physical template of what was needed. It looks like Bamba is a step up from Pearce. If Ngoyi can play a bit Austin won`t be missed.

    • TSS

      Trouble is, Austin’s presence in midfield has been missed every time he isn’t in the starting XI. There’s so little physical presence to our midfield without him, we’re just brushed aside.

      N’goyi will be key, but it won’t justify selling Austin because there are games when the pair would be useful and it only takes one suspension or injury to leave us incredibly lightweight again. Bianchi, Tonge, Norris – there’s plenty of fat to trim without Austin being sold.

      • oldschoolbaby

        I`m not sure where we`re going. If Cani comes it would be tempting to play Sharp with him. Still no natural width though.
        A 5 man midfield could surely survive without Austin. Mowatt and Cook are robust enough. As I`ve said repeatedly Murphy will flourish without him. Ngoyi appears to have physical presence. Benedicdcic did too, though I`m not sure what happened to him.
        I`m still advocating for Bianchi. Seeing him play on the left then on the right was just painful and seems to have coloured peoples opinion. As a water carrier I thought he was pretty tidy.
        Sadly, transfers are a two party transaction. Those looking to buy Tonge and Norris were last seen trading unicorns.

    • Irving08

      I know you like a big centre half OS, but surely it’s too early to say whether Mr Bamba is a step up or not. In any event, I would have kept Pearce; together with McCormack he kept us up last season, which appears to have received scant recognition here – or anywhere else, for that matter. If Pearce appeared sometimes to be thinking too much about his positioning, that may have been due to the way our porous midfield too often left him and his fellow central defender(s) exposed. And with Pearce gone, who are we left with in reserve ? – a Sicilian enigma and a slow moving ex-Mancunian whose heart does not seem to be quite in it.

      • oldschoolbaby

        Yes I`m jumping the gun a little but Wikipedia tells me he`s 6`3″, he looks powerful and reports from the weekend tell me he still has pace. Much more importantly though he has recently played for the Ivory Coast. They produce some wonderful footballers. JP, valiant as he is, wouldn`t get a game for them in a million years.
        Neither Bamba or Cooper have been flogged this season, they should be fresh.
        You have faith in Bellusci
        Del Fabro hasn`t looked out of his depth and needs time.
        Don`t know what to say about Wootton. For me he could have stayed at Rotherham. But some good judges have seen something in him. NR seems to hold him in higher regard than most fans. His “heart” may find its way across the Pennines. We shall see.
        £11,000,000 is an awful lot of money. Major loss but I would have taken the money, without much pondering either.

      • Irving08

        And Roque Junior played for Brazil ! I look forward to seeing him against Brentford then. Bellusci’s may be a better water carrier than your man Bianchi. As for Wooton, a half decent wide player would quickly find him out. I have no idea why Redfearn prefers him to a specialist, even to one as mercurial as Berardi. I would have kept McCormack.

      • oldschoolbaby

        I can only conclude the real Roque is on a remote island with Lord Lucan. Clearly, we got an imposter
        I feel Bianchi has been harshly judged primarily for his efforts playing out of position, without complaint. I wouldn`t be averse to seeing what Bellusci could offer in a holding role. I suspect he would be too impetuous rather than showing the diligence required. His disciplinary issues have left the door wide open for Bamba and, for that, he only has himself to blame.
        Are you sure Berardi has been available whilst Wootton has covered at right back ? Again I would like to see Berardi given a run although I am mystified as to how he has transformed himself from a cage fighter to Gary Lineker in such a short timeframe.

      • Irving08

        I too noticed that Bianchi’s game quickly deteriorated when he was played out of position. But as we’re not playing the diamond anymore, I am not sure where he could play – on the right of a deep midfield two ? Berardi could be injured, I suppose – but I don’t know Redder’s policy on stand-ins. If they play well, do they keep their spot ?

  4. henrymouni

    Another big wage packet departing.
    Redders said Austin was going nowhere!!
    Leeds are going nowhere.
    Anyone who waves money at us, gets what they want.
    Other clubs know we are pathetic and will sell anyone for short term gain.
    We are still not safe from relegation!
    The two games we have won recently, were down to luck, not strong 90 minute performances.
    Massimo’s signing are disappearing from the scene, and a change of goalkeeper would be the final insult!

  5. Scally Lad

    Regrettably, the simple truth is that we are still hemorrhaging millions of pounds a month, and we need this £500,000 more than Austin. We’re clear of relegation; no worries there: it’s Blackpool, Wigan and Millwall (maybe Brighton) that are going down. I’m confident we’re headed to the top of the table. We’ve defeated league leaders this year! So let Austin and the other under-performing big-wage-packets go. Let’s get our financial house in order while we race to the top.

    • henrymouni

      We have been told by Massimo, and the new lad, whose name escapes me that we are running debt free.
      Even if we are not, we are still in the relegation dog fight.
      It seems risky to sell Austin (if the story is true) at this time.
      The new midfield lad is injured and not match fit.
      How many clubs are in profit in any league, apart from Man U?
      Bolton are bringing players in to ensure their survival, and they are over £160million in debt!! Crazy world.
      I hope our luck has turned and that we will be OK.

    • Ron

      Exactly. This is a simple trade for N’Goyi’s wages instead of Austin’s. I like Austin’s fight and determination, but like Warnock and Pearce, I’m sure we’ll get by in his absence. As much as Redders made noises to the contrary, I think he did so to get the fee higher. Once N’Goyi signed, the writing was on the wall for big Rudy.

  6. Jas Mine

    People saying we’re safe from relegation are getting abit ahead of themselves, We’re still 5 points clear of the relegation zone the same as we were before the Huddersfield game, We hardly looked convincing in that game, Or the Bournmouth game, Or the Birmingham game or the Bolton game, Yes we picked up 8 points from 12 but Brighton had picked up 9 points from 12 prior to the weekend, Blackpool have picked up 6 points from 12, Other teams around us are picking up points aswell as we are but we’re suddenly safe because we picked up 8 points from 12 when we could quite easy have been looking at 0 points from 12 if the other teams had taken their chances……Well apart from the Birmingham game to be fair we should have taken 3 points there, I would agree if we were playing well and winning games convincingly but we’ve been very lucky to win the last 2 games and i dont think we’re safe just yet, I’m not saying we will be relegated but to say we’re safe with so many points still to be played for and some very tricky games coming up this month against teams around us is risky, We play Reading, Brighton and Millwall this month and loses against those teams are we’re very much back in the relegation dog fight.

    As for Austin, Hes a player i have always wanted to do well but he goes missing for big parts of the season, On his day hes a beast but then you get games like Huddersfield the man was a red card waiting to happen, Hes a workhorse no doubt about it and he gets around the pitch and to be fair we have missed him when he hasnt been in the team or atleast a player with his power, That being said that was playing the silly diamond and not 4-2-3-1, With the new formation the extra man in midfield he might not be missed as much and we do have Ngoyi when hes fit atleast, Personally i would rather we keep him, Redfearne has come out publically and said hes not for sale so for us to turn around and sell him will do nothing but make Redfearne look stupid, Plus we would be strengthen another relegation threatened side.

    There will be those who laugh at that saying “Selling Pearce and Austin will only weaken Wigan”, Those will be the same people who said selling Lees would weaken Sheffield Wednesday, Or letting Hunt go would weaken Ipswich, Or loaning Wootton to Rotherham would only weaken them……..How many of them actually managed to weaken the side they joined because if it happened i must have missed that, Hunt has done well at Ipswich, Lees looks a different player for Sheffield Wednesday and Wootton looked strong at Rotherham and has been decent since returning to Leeds, While 500k is a decent price for someone almost out of contract and unlikely to be handed a new one it may just come back to bite us come the end of the season.

    • henrymouni

      I’m with you 100% Jas!
      Our luck has changed more than our performances.
      Huddersfield had more of the ball, more shots, more corners, and many good chances to score.
      If they had scored we would be saying we played poorly!
      Rudy is having strong games now, in a talented but light weight midfield,
      and seeing leave him now gives out a bad signal to others in the team.

  7. henrymouni

    The window closes.
    6 out and 3 in.
    Bamba should soon be a fans favourite.
    Cani must be here to play the Morison role of holding the ball, and using his height to good effect?
    Ngoyi – ??Injured and not match fit. Forget him for now.

    Was it wise to sell Tongue to Millwall & Pearce to Bolton?? Makes little sense.

    Where is the winger we really need?
    Our cash flow must not be as good as LU have suggested.
    Me thinks it was a choice for Redders of keeping Rudy, or bringing in the winger.

    I would play Morison & Sharp against Brentford.


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