Massimo Cellino today launched his appeal against The Football League’s decision to disqualify him as Leeds United owner.

As expected, Cellino waited until the last minute to launch the appeal in an attempt to drag out proceedings for as long as possible, thus reducing the effective duration of his ban which will start no later than the 29th of December but only runs until March when his conviction in Italy is considered spent under UK law.

The Italian’s lawyers will likely put forth a similar argument to the one they made when Cellino first failed the Owners’ & Directors’ test before winning an appeal and taking over Leeds United.

Cellino and his lawyers believe his conviction in Italy isn’t yet binding and can’t be used against him until he’s exhausted the appeals process.

The argument goes that under Italian law, those convicted of an offence aren’t considered guilty until they’ve had an appeal heard and Cellino is therefore innocent while the appeals process is ongoing.

Unfortunately for Cellino, The Football League’s lawyers seem to interpret things differently. When considering whether a conviction received overseas breaches ownership rules, The Football League relate it to UK law where such a conviction can still be overturned on appeal but the defendant is considered guilty in the meantime.

It’s for that reason the outcome of this appeal will likely be the same as before leaving Cellino sidelined until March.

What Cellino does during that time will perhaps be most interesting of all. The Italian has two similar cases due to be heard in Italy which could mean he faces a further 12 months ban from controlling Leeds United. Since we seem destined to repeat the same dramas all over again, perhaps this is the best time to take this matter further and challenge The Football League’s rules in a higher court.

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  1. spellz

    Whatever he does, I hope he does not sell becase (I hope I got this right) he will be given the opportunity to take back over the running as from March, if this is the case he has equity with us still and something tells me he wants to fight for this club, I know hes seen the mighty Leeds United in thier prime years and wants to emulate the success, there is always a dark cloud over Beeston though I hope it does not rain on his parade. Final Result – CELLINO 1 FOOTBALL LEAGUE 0

    M.O.T AA.

  2. David Lockwood

    tye FL are twats. stupid twats at that. Cellino has been so instrumental in keeping Leeds afloat, whilst the FL have consistently breached their duty of care and totally abrogated their responsibility towards us. We hate Harvey, we hate the FL. I hope that Cellino gives them a good knobing!

  3. madman

    Why is Massimo getting all this shit from the FL for trying to clean up the MESS caused by those ARAB CROOKS while they can still hold a 25% stake in the club.Its been proven that Patel and co bled the club dry and broke the so call fair play law and yet its Massimo and Leeds that are getting punished and they call this justice.

  4. George Wood

    Under Italian Law, MC is still deemed to be ‘accused’ and not ‘convicted’. This has been discussed by the English Law Lords previously and whilst they accepted that it is a difficult concept for English lawyers to comprehend, it is the case that a ‘final ruling’ has not been pronounced and that the case is effectively still being processed.

    I fully expect the FL to ‘dig their heels in’ and that MC will be considered to be ‘guilty’ and to have ‘failed’ their test and that the ‘conviction’ will be deemed to be ‘spent’ in March.

    This would open the doors to all sorts of further litigation which could become very costly to the FL if they were to lose in an English court.

  5. LeedsLover

    If Cellino is eventually found not guilty after his third appeal, the FL are going to have egg on their face and look embarrassingly stupid, then, Cellino may dig the knife in by claiming compensation from the FL, I hope he does.

  6. Mike

    Whatever happens here I hope Cellino makes the process long and uncomfortable for those tossers at the FL especially Harvey, screw the lot of em


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