Bookies must be loving the ‘will he, won’t he’ status of the decision to be made by Massimo Cellino as to who is going to be given the replacement coach’s job at Leeds United as the post Hock-a-Days continue. Currently, Neil Redfearn is taking over first team duties and of course there is speculation that he might be offered the job if his positive displays continue with a win at Birmingham in the Sky Live TV game this coming Saturday.

When I was a poor kid growing up on a Council estate just outside Bratford, I used to sit with my sister and thumb through the Argos catalogue choosing something from each page that I “wanted”.

“That one. That one. That one.” It drove my poor father mad.

It seems that the UK bookmakers are applying that same ‘thumb-a-page’ mentality as the name changes virtually everyday as to who is going to be offered the top job at Leeds United. I’m pretty sure that there is a sweat-stained bookmaker chugging on a fat Cohiba and looking through an up-to-date version of Football Manager for currently unemployed coaches. Currently it is still Steve Clarke who is favourite at 2/1 according to SkyBet. The thing is though, as Bob Dylan once sang ‘The Times They Are a Changin’ and it seems that the only name not being considered for the coach job is Wallace Arnold.

Enter Robbie Fowler.

According to Sky Sports, the ex-Leeds player, signed for £12 million in 2001, has stuck his ha’porth worth in and declared his interest in the vacancy at Elland Road. Now installed as the 8/1 4th favourite behind Steve Clarke, Neil Redfearn and Paolo di Canio (who has reputedly said no anyway), this talk of Fowler saying he wants to coach Leeds is sure to divide Leeds’ fans on the issue.

It is reported that the ‘news’ of his interest has come from “Sky sources”.

The only sauce I trust is HP Brown – he’s currently listed as a 250/1 outsider by the way.

Oh and your nose-breathing strips were stupid.

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      • Chareose

        bullshit is sky’s middle name mate :o) Don’t honestly know, just repeating what ive read elsewhere
        Id rather not have Fowler…. whilst I think some “high level coaches are over rated” I still think we need someone half decent… personal take would be Sanino as the favourite………as others have said wed have had McAlister already if Cellino fancied him

      • Graham

        Bloody hell – if you can’t trust the bloody media and politicians who can you trust :-)

      • TSS

        Haha, Phil Hay said Fowler’s people have put feelers out, so not an application so much as a ‘is it worth applying?’

  1. NottsWhite

    By all means Cellino should take his time to find the right person (right by his standards may to miles away from what the fans want) but continued procastination will hold team development back especially if Redfearn is not made permanent as the players/coach will have to get to know one another.

  2. All politics are lies

    I think Cellino has already made his mind up on Redfearn, I think this because; Redders is doing the job albeit as caretaker, would more than likely jump at opportunity to prove his worth to an owner who is passionate about his “task” and has the finances to acheive what he wants with Leeds if he is determined enough. Redders will be keen to impress, not come at any great financial cost to employ or dismiss and will not rock the boat too much.

    Cellino will hopefully come to understand if he employs the best person in the first place it will be better for ALL in the longer term, IMO that is either Steve Clark or Gary Mac.

    Hope Massimo does listen to those who know the club, those who know the Championship and what it takes to get promoted. These should be your advisors Mr Cellino, dont waste money on those who just talk the talk and dont walk the walk.


    • TSS

      Symbol of Ridsdale’s stupidity. We signed him at a time when we had an embarrassment of riches up front, paid him a fortune, then when shit hit the fan, no one would match the silly wages we gave him, he wouldn’t take a paycut to move and we ended up paying him for years after.

      • Graham

        That pretty much sums it up. And his nose plasters were stupid too

      • Irving08

        It was a collective stupidity that fans, players and everyone else bought into. And was anyone other than Matteo prepared to take a pay cut ? But I agree that Fowler would be an unwelcome reminder of that time.

  3. spellz

    Forget Fowler, we really do need someone that is experienced, especially at the level we are playing at or more, we are Leeds we should settle for nothing less, Hockaday was a joke appointment we do not want to match that with another.

    I am going tbh out of this list of candidates it would be Redders for the job, like I said before though I would not want to risk him leaving the club through Cellino’s manager eating rep so I would look elsewhere, the next best for me would have to be Mowbray or Houghton if we are being realistic but I would still take Carlos Queiros in a heartbeat even though it is beyond realism.

    M.O.T AA.

  4. Tykemaster

    Neil Redfern has quietly gone about his business coaching the academy while Grayson,Warnock,McDermot and Hockaday have all come and gone. He strikes me as a down to earth genuine bloke who,s nobodies fool. I think he enjoys his current role and the salary he earns and i,m not sure he would risk that for the top job.I think eventually another bigger name will tick all Mr Cellinos boxes and take the poisoned chalice that apparently the Leeds job is.

  5. Dr Zen

    Hasselbaink seems an interesting choice. He’s done decent work at Antwerp, where he would have been working with a lot of young players. Would much prefer him to Fowler, who I don’t think has any coaching experience and is a clown. I’d rather Redfern didn’t get the job permanently because it would suck so much if he got sacked. Better he stays in his current capacity in my view.


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