No new arrivals in the past few days for Leeds United, but The Whites did manage to offload one of the club’s highest earning players, parting ways with Paddy Kenny by mutual consent.

That shouldn’t be the end of the ins and outs at Elland Road however with the club looking to bring in up to six additional players according to the Leeds United owner.

Top of Massimo Cellino’s wishlist is Brazilian playmaker Adryan who’s currently on loan to his former club Cagliari.

The 20-year-old attacking midfielder, whose contract is held by Flamengo, wants to come to Elland Road according to Cellino but the deal is a complicated one and discussions may take some time with both the Brazilian club and the player’s agent.

Having progressed from Brazil’s U15 to U20 side so far, there’s big expectations on the shoulders of Adryan who is dubbed by Flamengo fans ‘herdeiro de Zico‘ (heir of Zico). No pressure, then.

Progress is also being made for striker Mirco Antenucci who currently plays for Serie B side Ternana and has agreed personal terms with Leeds United according to the Gazzetta dello Sport. Massimo Cellino still needs to agree a transfer fee for the striker however and with Ternana looking for €1.5m and Leeds already having options up front, I doubt Cellino will be rushing this one through without first negotiating that figure down.

Finally, Matt Smith has agreed a new 3-year-deal, describing it as a “honour and a privilege” to represent Leeds United.

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  1. ZackLUFC

    The headline reads ‘up to six new arrivals’, you go on to mention 2, great piece of journalism…

    • TSS

      The six part is in the second paragraph! Who the other four are is anyone’s guess, would you prefer I just make names up randomly?

      • Andy Cockayne

        I reckon we will go back in for Agard just like we did Bellusci and Cooper – let the dust settle and let him think about the opportunity for a week, then go back in with original terms and watch him sign! :-)

      • Reginald Glovebox

        If the lad’s attitude really annoyed MC then I’m not sure he will go back for him at all. The 2 deals you mention that were re-visited were purely financial issues according to reports.

      • Jas Mine

        The shopping in Italy seems to be going ok for us right now, Silvestri looks a decent keeper, Bianchi has added some quality to midfield, Doukara looks a handful at times, Not sure about the karate kid at RB and Benedicic we’ve just not seen enough of to get any real idea about yet, Looking forward to seeing Bellusci in the team too so signing players from the italian leagues is fine its what MC knows and until he gets to know the British game and players you cant blame him for sticking largely to those league.

        5-6 players is fair few to settle into the team that still has to gel as it is now but another striker coming in is great aslong as we can offload Hunt and maybe Morison and it does seem atleast for now Antenucci is the one MC wants in.

        Adryan would be a welcome signing “Playmaker” is a word we’ve not heard as Leeds fans for a long time and if he can deliver of his potential he could be a great signing if ofcourse it happens.

        Still think we’re lacking depth at the back, I have no faith at all in Wootton and would gladly see him offloaded if another CB is signed before the window closes.

        Another CM wouldnt be a bad thing neither despite the depth we have in that position Bianchi is going to be key to that midfield and if hes injured or suspended we’re pretty much left with the same midfielders we had last season and none of them are the best passers of a ball.

        Then ofcourse theres the big elephant in the room, We have no natural wingers in the side, The left wing doesnt even have any real options atleast on the right we could deploy Byram, Doukara or Ajose but on the left we’ve got noone and that leaves Warnock exposed against a team with quality wingers we will be punished, Warnock cant always have a game like he did against Boro afterall, I still have hope that White will come good for us on the left but thats more hope than expectations.

        All in all if we are looking for 6 signings, Adryan and Antenucci being two of them, I would hope the next order of business is a winger or two, Followed by another CM or ball playing holding midfielder since Austin cant pass to save his life, After that cover at CB or LB and we have the makings of a decent side.

      • Reginald Glovebox

        He’s 90% sound switched on business man and 10% nutcase.

      • ZackLUFC

        My bad, didn’t notice you had a link to the twitter post. I take it all back!

      • TSS

        Have edited to save further confusion since you’re not the only person who seemed to miss that it was Cellino’s comment I was referring to.

  2. Andy Cockayne

    Surely we have got to start thinking about offloading some of the current squad – I honestly cannot see the likes of Hunt, Norris, Thompson, Cairns and Killock getting a ‘sniff’ this season and even the likes of Dawson, Walters, Morrison and Mowatt are going to struggle – maybe some of the younger ones need to go out on loan and and some of the older ones need ‘settling off’

    • TSS

      Hunt and Norris both need to be offloaded, but it costs money to terminate a contract so I doubt the club will do that until the transfer window closes and other options have been exhausted. Can’t remember which club it was, but one has already revealed Hunt was offered to them. Morison should be shipped out too, but he’s injured so that’s going to be tough and for whatever reason, The Hock sees him as an asset.

      As for the rest, Cairns is a back-up youth keeper, he’s not an issue. Killock is young too and only just starting to make in-roads into the first team. Mowatt has a bright future, don’t know why you’d want to get rid of him and Chris Dawson has potential too. Not worried about any of the younger players, they’re all still developing and should be given every chance, but the likes of Hunt, Morison and Norris are surplus to requirements IMO.

      • Andy Cockayne

        I wouldn’t ‘get rid’ of any of the younger players but I think that they certainly need to go out on loan, Mowatt included – game time is going to be at a serious premium…

    • TSS

      How? It’s Cellino’s own words! And I linked to where it was reported. The headline doesn’t read ‘here’s a list of six players we’re going to sign’ it quite specifically states ‘UP TO’ and ‘POSSIBLE’ so how you’ve been misled by that I have absolutely no idea, but if genuinely feel you have, you should take it up with our owner as he’s the one who said it!

  3. markman

    I like the fact that despite MC and Salerno doing the recruitment,they also back the manager,apparantly
    sharp and Ajose were bought on his recommendation.

    • TSS

      There was a change of heart with Billy Sharp following Millwall. The Hock had brought his name up previous to that according to reports but Cellino wasn’t interested, so The Hock deliberately lost to get his man… Probably…

  4. markman

    Anyone else think the clubs website is in dire need of a drastic overhaul.?

    The only players listed are the first team squad,some dont have photos and there are no bio’s on any players.

    and,unless i am being stupid,i cant find any links to the under 21’s or under 18’s

    the whole website looks to ameturish.

    • mrbigwheels

      Homeboy is running the site…. Remember quite a few got the push.
      I’ll make do with what is ‘up’ at the moment but it would be really good to sort the info’ you are looking for…. in the next few weeks.

    • PMH

      Agreed. And they are having a hard time keeping up with match reports. An attractive and functional website is is essential for promoting the club and connecting with the fan base.

      • Conceived-a-White

        Indeed! The Boro’ match report still shows the score as 0-0 even with the headline ‘Debutant Sharp Blunts Boro’!

  5. henrymouni

    Massimo does nothing by halves TSS!
    I wonder if there will be any British players among them?
    Not that it matters as long as we end up with a team that can challenge for promotion.
    I am sure more lads will depart, but with Paddy we have shed about 17 players so far, so we are still in credit.
    Assuming we get the two lads you refer to, I would bet we will be looking for a real winger or two.
    Midfield is interesting as we have so many to pick from!

      • TSS

        If you include youngsters who’ve been released, it’s close. In terms of senior players, I have 12 out and 10 in –

        OUT – McCormack, Green, Varney, Peltier, Drury, Ashdown, Diouf, Brown, Pugh, Zaliukas, Lees and Kenny.
        IN – Taylor, Bellusci, Bianchi, Silverstri, Sharp, Doukara, Berardi, Cooper, Benedicic, Ajose

      • henrymouni

        Simon Lenighan, twins Nathan and Lewis Turner, Richard Bryan, Smith Tiesse and Gboly Ariyibi.

        Remember that winger who we agreed to buy then Massimo managed to wriggle out of it? My mind is blank!

      • henrymouni

        He was permanent as we had agreed to buy him, but Massimo ‘did his thing’ and shimmied out of it.
        Same with Kebe, although we only had the option to buy.

      • TSS

        Suppose it’s how you look at it, but for me, he was never permanent because the contract he’d expected to sign was never handed to him so he was only really here on loan.

      • TSS

        I suppose you can count him if you like, but it was an odd situation because he was technically only ever here on loan. There was some agreement for it to become permanent when window opened but Cellino got out of it, so he was never our player.

      • Chareose

        Its actually closer to 19
        McCormack, Pugh, Turner 1, Turner 2, Brown, Ashdown, Ariyobi, Green, Varney, Djouf, Stewart, Peltier, Drury, Lees, Zaliukas, Lenighan, Kenny, Richard Bryan, Tiesse,

      • TSS

        You can’t count youngsters, we release a dozen of those every year. It’s the senior players that matter.

      • Chareose

        irrelevant, that’s where the “17” comes from, that’s what was reported by the media and that’s the answer to this conversation, ill leave you guys to argue about technicalities

      • TSS

        I said in original comment it was close to 17 if you included youngsters, not sure why you brought it up…? There was no argument lol. But still, youngsters are trivial.

      • Chareose

        McCormack, Pugh, Barney Mgrew, Cuthbert, Dibble………….and….

    • mrbigwheels

      Midfield needs packing out Henry… 2-6-2—–1 Henry.
      Just love that photo.
      ‘I don’t give a s–t… I’ll buy what I want to’
      or does it say…. ‘You can all f–k off, because I don’t care what anyone thinks’.

  6. Rusty Leeds

    Yes, we can’t wait for players to be offloaded as this will detract from those that sign. Plus (I feel) contracts will be terminated at an appropriate juncture. While there is the possibility of a sale/deal to get them out then they will remain. MC will have much more faith in The Hock with Sharpy doing so well. I like the article and I believe this rebuilding process should have been done over the last 3 years, MC knows that and he’s redressing the balance.

    He will make it a small squad of quality rather than a large squad of dross. It will have many ups and downs this season. We will fail where we weren’t supposed to but we will also triumph when the odds are against us. Fortunately the team is starting to take shape with the kind of characters that will not be phased by either a run of 10 games undefeated or a run of 5 games without a win. We are learning to walk from the crawl. Maybe soon we can run. When we can wlak steadily then I feel the young ones will get a chance.

    Killock needs another year but was utterly awesome at Alfreton and Nicky Law said many good things about him. (Law is a brilliant underrated English manager/coach). Same with Skelly and Dawson. Dawson needs to play in a settled(ish) team so there is less pressure on him at a young age (IMO).

    Poleon will come on this season. Look at that lovely touch that set Tongey up for a shot (that Sharpy banged in). Nice.

    There are those that need to leave in order to carry on with their careers, they are not bad people or very bad players. We know who they are. They just need a fresh start,

    Ajose looks like he could be a good player too. Right ideas on Saturday and he looked to take it past players….awesome!

    We’re doing ok. Let’s hope tonight is also “up-tempo”. We chased the ball down. We hunted in packs and the hard work unsettled Middlesboro. With that kind of work rate we can unsettle any team. That is what hard working does to opponents. #SmashTag #Awesome.

  7. oldschoolbaby

    Big thank you to Kenny. At his age it would have been very easy to toss it off for a year and take his wages. Instead he`s bitten the bullet and done the decent thing. The club should be grateful as he`s given decent service. Fans should be grateful as his remuneration can now be invested elsewhere.
    The dismissive 2 lines on the club`s website were devoid of grace and class. Fair play to the Hock for having the decency to say something appropriate

    • TSS

      You realise mutual termination means the club and player have agreed a fee to settle the rest of his contract, thus awarding Kenny a lump sum while also allowing him to sign a new deal elsewhere, right?

      There’s no generosity here, he hasn’t torn the contract up and left with nothing, it’s just a situation that suits both parties more than the other remaining options (they’d have both preferred a transfer, especially Leeds since it would have cost us nothing instead of having to pay Kenny off). Leeds pay less than they would have done in wages by keeping him in reserve or by forcefully terminating his contract (usually about half) while Kenny still receives a sizeable lump sum and can continue to earn and play elsewhere. But it still cost the club money and since Kenny’s received a decent decent pay-off, it’s win-win for him if he can find another club willing to pay just half of what we did.

      • oldschoolbaby

        No expert in these things but I`m not that naïve as to believe he didn`t get some sweetener. I`m struggling to believe that Cellino would have offered 50% of his contract. And I`m really struggling to believe he will get another contract on 50% of what we paid him.
        He was targeted by management ( unpleasant in any workplace ) and singled out from the herd. I cannot imagine he currently feels he has emerged from a “win-win” situation.
        Regardless, manners cost nothing. It was churlish of the club`s official voice / website not to say thanks and best wishes

  8. Ron

    We appear to be going from having very few strikers to loads. I certainly hope at least 2 of the 6 rumoured signings are wingers. I was perplexed as to why Antenucci was being followed until I saw this on Youtube and thought “F&ck it – bring him along”

  9. RContini

    If we manage to get Adryan and Antenucci we’ll have the best man for man line up we’ve had for many years probably only short of a bit of width. I was very fond of our lg1 promotion team, but we have some real genuine quality now. Adryan is very well thought of indeed and a quick look at his highlights from Brazil will tell you we are dealiing with a skill level above anyone he’ll come across in the Cship and players of Football Manager will be pleased as well with his 5 star potential! (its been a hard slog playing as Leeds in recent years!)
    Antenucci has been around the block many times and has been a pain in the ass for many Italian sides despite him never making the big time really injuries and bad luck have hampered him. Can score in many different ways, hard working, good in the air and even scored a few overheads, fair few assists as well. He might be 30 but i’d say we could do with some experience to balance out the youngsters we have.

    • RContini

      I’m still optomistic, despite tonights shambles. Too many of the old players! the tuesday curse continues…

  10. PMH

    Win against the strong teams and lose against the weaker teams. This is exactly how this season will continue. It will be several weeks before we see get a sense of how this team will fare. Longer if new arrivals keep appearing. Putting a team together takes time. How long did it take Leicester to achieve promotion? Around three seasons of consistent effort: lots of time and lots of money.

    • henrymouni

      Massimo realises how bad the team is.
      We beat ‘boro because we put in 100% from the off, and we were lucky to win.
      They outplayed us but we were up for the battle.
      Also we were on TV.
      I don’t see the likes of Austin, Tonge or Murphy to be in the team long term.
      The Hock did not set the team up right, but that happens.
      Already we are sliding down the league.
      I hope the players Massimo has brought in can play in our league.
      The more things change, the more they stay the same.
      What do you think of it so far Massimo?

      • Helen LUFC

        I think you’ll find we beat Boro because of dodgy ref and lucky late rebound.

      • henrymouni

        From the refs view it looked dangerous, but the lads performed for Sky TV with plenty of effort, and a lot of huff & puff.
        Lucky on the day Helen.
        Brighton sold some good players but they used the money to bring two very good players in, and it showed.

  11. spellz

    Poor result last night, on the other hand wow to all the transfers so far this is a real breath of fresh air having someone who is finally as excited to buy players as us fans and with his money it has been years since I have felt that rush of wandering how numerous players are going to turn out for us (well done to Cellino) on all accounts especially for saving our club at a time that we was in dire straits, people please do not forget that with bad results as things will take time, good on Smith signing a 3 year deal let the goals follow, I really like the look of Antenucci from what I have seen he is a very smart finisher there is actually a video of him being compared to Messi, a championship version of Messi really wouldn’t go a miss :)

    now he just needs a system to get the strikers more involved, I still think were missing width and need at least one solid winger addition, I kinda miss the attacking way we used to play under Grayson and with wingers like Snoddy and Gradel goals followed easily, lets hope the Hock can see we need to be more Direct as Brighton we played poor and lost out in every department he said he wanted ER to be a fortrest but yesterday it looked like a forest and we could not see anyone on the pitch, we was out possesed and out striked , I know it will take a little time for the boys to find their feet so we do have to be a little patient and tolerate the fact that a system and the squad will need to gel but I do have confidence we have brought in some good talent and Bianchi one of the stand outs for me so far very hard worker.

    Honestly though I have no doubts with the crazy Italian at the helm of Leeds United success can follow,

    M.O.T as always.

    • henrymouni

      It was desperate and embarrassing last night.
      The players Massimo has brought in are unproven in our league.
      We need quality not quantity.
      Let us pray that there will be a good un’ or two in the new batch.

      • spellz

        I do hope so too and that we have not bought worst than the Warnock rejects, only time will tell but I do think regardless these aquisitions will take time to gel so I will not judge them at first glance as for any one player to perform the team has too.

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