‘That fat lad from Sheffield’ as he describes himself on Twitter has been a feature of almost every Leeds United transfer window since his impressive 30 goal season for Scunthorpe United in 2006-07, but now it seems Billy Sharp may finally be Elland Road bound.

According to The Press Association, the 28-year-old striker is expected to be brought in to replace Ross McCormack after successful talks between Leeds United and his current club Southampton earlier today.

This would still leave a medical – expected to take place tomorrow – and personal terms to agree, meaning the deal is by no means a formality, but things seem to be progressing well and at great pace.

Sharp has remained a highly-regarded and sought-after striker since his time at Scunthorpe, moving to Sheffield United for £2m in 2007, Doncaster Rovers in 2010 for £1.15m before joining current club Southampton for £1.8m in 2012. Throughout his career, Sharp has netted 146 goals in 341 appearances, his most successful spells being at Scunthorpe (57 goals in 95 appearances) and Doncaster Rovers (41 goals in 86 appearances).

Since Southampton’s promotion to the Premier League, Sharp has spent the last two seasons on loan with Championship clubs scoring 11 times in 40 appearances for Nottingham Forest in 2012/13 and 6 goals in 22 appearances with spells at Reading and Doncaster last season.

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  1. LUTyke

    Great signing 4 years ago, now not what we need, out of form and injury prone. If he is Ross’ replacement we are going down.

      • Priley

        Let the dark side fade and the white side move on leeds leeds leeds marching all together

    • Peter McGonzie

      Another negative statement and i’m getting pretty sick of it. Isnt it bad enough that the media (who hate Leeds anyway) and the bookmakers predicting Leeds relegation this season?

      If these so-called Leeds fans dont like whats going on at Elland Road despite the fact that we nearly went into administration (again) last season, then go and support someone else.

      True Leeds fans dont need these Doom Merchants around at a time when the team and the club are in transition. Massimo Cellino saved Leeds from administration…remember that!!!

      • LUTyke

        Being Leeds isn’t about cheerleading everything that goes on. When Bates was destroying us we raised our concerns only to be told “get behind the team ffs” “you just want Leeds to fail”. You can disagree with me and call me an idiot all you want but I have kept faithful to Leeds through all of the past 10 years of absolute shit, how dare you call me “not leeds”

      • Matthew

        You’re entitled to your opinion, but to say we’re going down because we’ve signed Billy Sharp(Who you seem to not rate anymore) is beyond ridiculous. This is his level as a player. This move is a positive move and strengthens the side.

      • LUTyke

        Ok maybe saying Sharp will relegate us was abit of a thoughtless statement. I do still believe he is a gamble though, he’s scored 16 goals in 63 games the last 2 seasons. If he settles here and reverts to type then fantastic, if not I do think we could struggle. McCormack kept us in the division last season, and things will be tougher this time with the side needing to gel and a turbulent coaching situation. Unless another striker signs Sharp has big shoes to fill.

    • Matthew

      If we get at least 30 games a season out of him, he’ll be a good buy. He has proven he can stay injury free in recent years with his loan spell at Forest where he played 39 games one season. No need to examine the rest of his loan apps, he had a turbulent time at Southampton clearly with his lack of game time with them. He’s a solid buy, get behind him.

  2. Ropey Wyla

    Excellent signing (if it all goes through), exactly what we need, he’s more than good enuff to replace that fat lad from Glasgow

  3. Colin

    I’ve always liked Billy Sharp, not only for his goals but because he seems like a thoroughly nice person. Rare.
    I think there’s something of the Beckford/Becchio about him. No messing about. Scores goals.
    If you can get £11m for McCormack and pay £1m for Sharp, that’s great business.

    He strikes me as someone who is a hard worker and he would want to be our best striker.

    If it goes through, I’d fully expect him to start against Middlesbrough and if he does, they should be worried.

  4. Wilkn

    The negativity of some Leeds fans never cease to amaze me, some of you like LU tyke wouldn’t be satisfied unless we signed Ronaldo.

    • VikingTor

      They would find something to moan about even if MC sold all his corn and got Ronaldo for us. Too much jellyhair maybe or too gay.

    • Thommohawk

      Or we sign 1 half decent player for half decent money and suddenly we’re goin’ up!! Get real….let’s have some level heads here we’re in a much better position now than we were under Kenneth Bates, Elland Road under him may as well have been called Bates Motel….but it’s going to take a lot more than just the odd decent signing for us to get a even a sniff of promotion!

      What we need is a Leicester City type of overhaul and even that is no guarantee of immediate promotion – speaking of Leicester it took them 3 years after the raft of investment before they pretty much pissed the league and LUFC I believe are in a similar situation. BUT we have MC who has the money….and he’s a character…. he’s trying to make the club self sustainable right now and bed in at the same time which isn’t easy hence all the Italian league signings. But MC strikes me as the type of person who will pump a ton of money at the playing squad in a season or so if we still aren’t anywhere near the play-offs.

      I don’t think we’ll do it this year, but I also don’t think we’ll be relegated either. And I think in the more immediate future we will be back in the Premier League. Cellino has us pegged for Champions League the madhead lol! That’s vision though….

  5. Colin

    Thing is, if you play Billy Sharp, you’d argue that Doukara should play with him, and Matt Smith would be a substitute. Which is fine as one of them will pick up injuries. Hockaday said today that is an impact player, but that he does want to keep him.
    But Sharp & Smith would take the place of Morison, who you could also argue deserves a chance following his performance in pre-season. So I could see Morison & Ajose getting little game time. And surely they are well ahead of Noel Hunt.
    He has to be surplus to requirements now.

    • Thommohawk

      You’d think so wouldn’t you….don’t understand the big infatuation with Hunt and why he keeps getting picked over our other strikers when he’s done nowt in a Leeds shirt and nearly gave a goal away against Dundee in pre season with a dodgy back pass – he’s shit!

      Matt Smith, Dom Poleon, Stevie Morrisons any day over Hunt. Awesome news about Sharp if it doesn’t hit any unforseen road blocks….him and Morrison up front could well be a danger with Smithy height and Poleon pace to bring on later on.

  6. LUTyke

    People shot me down when I warned them about Jimmy Kebe aswell. In the last 2 seasons Sharp has scored 1 goal every 4 games and usually spends half the season injured. To replace a 28 goal striker who kept us up last year that is a huge gamble. I’m not just purposefully trying to be negative either, I’m pleased about the double CB deal and I also think Bianchi looks a great signing.

    • JDC

      If, like other doom merchants, you “warn”us about every player brought in you’re sure to get something right … law of averages.

      Ross McCormack had one, and only one prolific season for Leeds United, and of course you are right, it was last season where he was tremendous … did he also not take all the penalties and all the free kicks within shooting range? If you look at his Leeds career stats over his time at the club, his goals per game ratio is 0.37 making him average. But there again, stats can be made to say anything … Keep your head up Tyke and stick with the medication.

    • john palmer

      Don’t worry about stats SHARP is a quality finisher very similar to McCormack in build and style ,if he stays fit he will get 25 goals.just hope with all these new players weve seen the last of non league standard Austin ,Wooton,Hunt,Morison&Warnock

    • andy

      You must be stoned you idiot … fair enough sharps goal record isn’t great for the last few seasons but he’s been on loan and not settled .. I personally thinks he’ll fit in perfect and once settled will start banging them in

  7. MOT

    worth every penny if it puts Noel Hunt further down the pecking order. We need this sort of out and out goal-scorer. We have pacey, strong, tall and hard working strikers in Poleon, Doukara, Smith & Morison who will create chances but no clinical striker to find the net.

  8. Tyler

    A proven goal scorer at this level, has a touch of class to his finishing. Not gotten all the chances he would of hoped of at Southampton so hopefully we benefit from him wanting to go on with it again.

    It’s no secret we lacked a finisher – just hope we can keep him on the park. We have some differing options up top now, which we couldn’t really say last year.

    • Ron

      Exactly. Southampton were a quality outfit last year. I do hope Max Gradel’s phone number is still in the book somewhere at ER so we can finish up our business until January.

  9. Bluesman

    Very good signing if it comes off. Good for the team, good for the fans snd good for goals! Should be a starter and will add competition. Should help tonraise the standard up front. Doukara, Sharp, Smith, Poleon and Morison. Godd front line, plenty of options there. Thank you Massimo Cellino!

    • JDC

      If MC now managed to ship out Hunt and Morison to pastures new, either as loans or permanently the the striking department would look quite healthy … it would also be good for Lewis Walters’ development if he went out on loan for a couple of months to gain some competitive experience.

      • mrbigwheels

        Just Hunt would do for me. Morrison does offer something and I think should be inclusive to the front men.
        Poor Noel Hunt… I’m sure he has talent but it’s never going to happen for him at Leeds. Hopefully he’ll get his 35 goals elsewhere.

      • Matthew

        Morison would be good against poorer opposition, it doesn’t hurt to rotate your strikers and rest some players for more important games.

  10. henrymouni

    Once we sort our defensive problems, and with the two news lads, things look really good, we are on our way!
    Billy is a top goalscorer, and with our ‘careful’ spending policy, sounds like a good move.
    There are not that many real goal scorers about so it is encouraging.
    If we can sort our midfield out, and again we have some good players choose from, then our forwards should start scoring more goals.
    All the best teams start with a strong defence.
    Once we let in that terrible goal against Millwall we were on the back foot.
    Massimo had to act and he has!

    • mrbigwheels

      Where were You yesterday when we needed You?.
      This site without photos…. tut, tut.

      I know what Billy Sharp looks like but can You please keep up on the imports.

      Thanks Henry.

  11. Bluesman

    So, the fat lad has joined us, well what a relief,
    We now have a striker who plays with belief,
    With good ens around him there will be goals to spare,
    Cos we are good on tge ground and good in the air,

    Give us some goals Billy snd make us do proud,
    We’ve needed you a long time for crying out loud,
    Cellino had done what all the others couldnt do,
    He’s got a fab front-line built around you.

    You will hear your name called in the theatre of dreams,
    You will frighten the poo out of other teams,
    so set your sights high and give us the Leeds,
    we are on our way back to the Premier League!

  12. Markman

    Welcome BIlly
    Can’t help feeling you should have already been here four years

  13. Tyler75

    Delighted. I think we’ve not only got a bonafide goalscorer but also a player with something to prove. My only concern is that to get the best out of him he will need Smith alongside him and I don’t think The Hock fancies 2 up top. Hopefully that’s the last we’ll see of Hunt and Morison.

  14. HPSFC

    Best of luck to him from a Saint. Great lad, knows where the goal is, gives 100%, sorry he never got a proper chance in the PL.

  15. lufcboy

    At last a transfer without hitches or U-turns lets hope he can score the goals we crave


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