Foreword: At no point in my history of supporting Leeds United have I ever discarded a player, manager or owner without first evaluating who they are, what they’re doing, what they want to achieve and how they want to achieve it. This is the exact same with Massimo Cellino, I have been slated left right and centre for merely questioning his characteristics, business prowess and even his criminal past. I do not hate Cellino, I do not love Cellino, I am simply sat looking on from afar (London, Clapham to be precise) trying to get my head around the events of the past three months.

In this article I will detail some of my thoughts and try to allow you to see that it is completely acceptable to question somebody who owns a valuable asset in our lives (LUFC). This should not draw divisions between fans but instead allow us all to understand both sides of the argument and yes, draw conclusions, but not cause internal battles that destabilised the club under the Bates Era. We’re stronger together, marching on TOGETHER. Remember that.

Transfers – Right, first and foremost, Massimo is a difficult man to read on the transfer front, some of his policies are erm, questionable to say the least. Let’s however start with the positives. Ross McCormack’s sale for £10.75m (Leeds received around £9.137m from the transfer after Cardiff’s sell on fee) was simply a masterstroke. He got double the market value price for a player, taking aside captaincy and a very, very good season, who has definitely found his level in the Championship. The savings of around £800k in wages per annum will have been a nice touch too. This alongside with the release of much of Colin’s deadwood has been a ginormous relieving of pressure on Leeds United’s precarious financial predicament as it was pre MC. Happy days for Leeds and for Massimo, a much needed clear out of players happened and to be honest, no one can seriously complain about the efficiency of such.

Now, the negatives. Massimo has put ALL trust in a certain Nicola Salerno. This is okay, we’ve seen scouts and directors of football come and go, like I say, I will not disregard him. It is however laughable that many Leeds United fans (as unknowing as I) have taken it upon themselves to suggest this man is the oracle of all footballing knowledge in Italy and is the scout behind many of the greats in the game, this is a lie. He is not.

Salerno has a reasonable reputation of bringing in some average to good young players, this all seems great, but when you actually begin to look at the finite details you realise we have major issues. Berardi for example, why make a right back a priority signing when Byram has and still is our first choice RB? Silvestri seems a sensible buy, but then there is Bianchi and Doukara, seemingly fitting the bill but both Serie B players (as are Silvestri and Bianchi in fairness) and the latter on a loan deal. These signings will not go down in Leeds’ history as heroes, they’re squad players at best (I would love to be proven wrong).

Cellino promises “5 or 6 new players” yet we snail our way to getting the signatures of the likes of Viviani and Benedicic. Why? Cellino is too busy sunning himself up in Miami, that’s why. Now understandably his life is in the process of change, he is moving home and setting up camp in England, but let’s be brutally honest here. We are 8 days away from the first game of the campaign and we stand undoubtedly weaker as a team that were nearly relegated last season, we have lost our top scorer, we have only two recognised centre backs after losing the long standing Lees and seem incapable of being able to get any players signatures on a Leeds United contract. Cellino should be 110% committed to working hard to get the players in now. Right now.

Cellino suggests we have a kitty of “£15 million” to play with this summer. Again, fabricated figures to excite the fans, would a club with £15m be balking at £475k for Liam Cooper or targeting unproven Serie B players? Or how about even trying to get any kind of proven or experienced striker in? We haven’t got £15m to spend and if we spend more than £5m I will post a viral video of me wearing a scum shirt for a week at work.

Cellino is, in a nutshell, lying to fans about the money we have available and the money we will spend. In a game of poker, he’d be out at the first hand. You don’t reveal amounts received or budgets to play with unless you really want to play into the sellers hands… Questionable business tactics.

Stadium – “I will go to the bank and buy back the stadium tomorrow”

Cellino lied. Simple as that. Massimo promised something he could not deliver, even worse, he promised something none of us expected him to promise? “You cannot be a guest in your own house” good thesis, now sort it out. Cellino has given November as a date on the stadium buy back… we will wait, we will see, but please don’t hold your breath because I fear MC is again promising things he will not deliver. If he does use the McCormack money then that is brilliant and I will be a very happy gentleman, but on the basis of his previous ER promises I cannot see a buyout materialising until we return (if ever) to the Premier League.

Cost cutting – This is a tough one. I agree wholeheartedly with Massimo that the club was way too unhealthy, employed too many staff and was running at way too much of an unsustainable loss. This does not however constitute the severity of the cuts that Leeds and the staff have been subject to. Just as research, I rang the club a couple of days ago to mock a quote for a wedding. I was passed to three different departments and on the phone for over 90 minutes, this may appear sad (it really is) but there are no chiefs left, only people with no real business know how. I rang the ticket office, 25 minutes I waited until lunch was over, this is too long, and this IS costing Leeds business.

The website is now also seemingly faulting all the time, the ticket site and areas as you will notice are extremely unresponsive. All this is very worrying, it’s like we’re running buses on Boxing Day, we exist, but the service is skeletal.

Thorp Arch is another tricky subject, it’s costly and too far away, point well taken. Where though and when though will we move? Let’s concentrate on buying back ER, getting a team together, then sort out the training ground. Too much too soon, Massimo. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. There is a reason we take new signings to TA to sign… it is world class. Leeds are like a fat pub man with a page 3 model, (TA) we’re punching.

Cost cutting is never bad, but where, how much and how quickly is imperative in ensuring that business can continue and Leeds as a business can still function. At the minute we’re struggling.

If Massimo stops shouting his mouth off and starts to realise that a cult of personality means he is only out to be shot down we’d be better off. I haven’t mentioned his appointment of Hockaday because, as I mention, I will reserve my judgement until the games are underway and real, competitive results are in. Here is the summary though…

• Leeds have a weaker squad than last season.
• The manager needs to prove himself at this level
• We need to see Elland Road bought back or shut up about.
• We need a striker, defender and winger immediately.
• We need experience in the squad.
• We need to ensure we have a functioning business.
• Massimo needs to stop promising what he cannot deliver (or deliver it).

Marching on together, lads.

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  1. matt86

    At last…journalism and a genuine opinion of REALISM well written and well said…actions are needed I agree with everything said…taken the words out of my mouth

  2. matt86

    Wingers..replacement striker…playmaker and commanding centre back should have been top of the list from day one even with ross and tom going…..glad a lot of dross has gone but not enough just feeling anxious that adequate replacements have not been made and emphasis has been put in the wrong areas…

    • Adam Persson

      He had it before as well…it was given to him by the last coach…

    • Matthew

      He deserves a chance, Hock may work a miracle and get him scoring. McDermott couldn’t, but Hocks old school so perhaps, you know, it could happen.

      • lufcboy

        Maybe it’s a confidence thing with KHunt but, yesterday against Dundee I thought he was our worst player. Even Morrison whom, I not a huge fan of, put in a good shift.

      • Matthew

        Things just haven’t fall into place for him, I hope they do. Anyway, speaking of which. I’m all for people being critical if someone plays bad, but how can anyone call themselves a Leeds fan and then go on Twitter and aim all sorts of vile abuse at Hunt? I genuinely don’t get that, he doesn’t deserve some of the stuff he gets. Some of it is pretty shocking.

      • henrymouni

        I totally agree Matthew.
        This is The Hock’s chance of a lifetime, and he does seem to be trying to introduce a passing game.
        Previous managers have said the same but in reality we just booted the ball into no-man’s land.
        Admittedly these friendlies are not proper games, with just a few tackles thrown in.
        I cannot wait for Millwall to see if we can play the passing game – with an end product!
        The Italian lad Bianchi is so comfortable on the ball, and will look to keep possession. He is strong too.
        Let’s hope it inspires the others to do the same.
        My admiration for Steve Morison has grown.
        Even though he has had plenty of stick from the fans, he seems to have a strong character, and is prepared to defend when required.
        Good luck to Mr Hockaday!!!
        Doukara had a fine game, but he is not a goalscorer.
        Strong, fast, and tough.
        Once we get out central defender and our goalscorer, things will be looking good for us.

        The Viviani & Benedicic situation rumbles on.

        I suspect that if Benedicic comes, Mr C will not want Viviani?
        May explain why the paperwork has gone missing?

  3. Tare

    Well Adam, there seems to be a huge problem but what is the medicine? Discovering the ache is not enough you have to give us some relief from the disaster.


  4. Adam Persson

    I agree on many topics but the things is that we don’t have a clue on how good these players actually are. Maybe he brought in players which will be perfect for leeds (ofc maybe he didn’t…) Hockaday was probably bought in as a guy Cellino could have as his right hand. And he has the money to buy the stadium back so, so far he hasn’t lied and he hasn’t made any promises he hasn’t kept. We will have to see how this turns out far..Noone knows..and you can’t judge anyone on these friendlies..maybe doukara will do excellently…We’ll have to see if Cellino is our savior or simply a goof..let’s just hope he helps with the economy so if he fails someone else will have it easier..

  5. Gerry C

    Excellent article. Well balanced and I fear accurate. All I hear is he needs two years. Why waste the first year ? So far 16/17 first team players have gone: (G) Ashdown, Kenny (limbo) (D) Pugh, Drury, Zaliukas, Peltier, Lees, Turner twins, (M) Stewart, Ariyibi, Green, Lenighan, Brown (F) McCormack, Diouf, Varney. Replacements In 5 plus 4 others considered from LUFC system (G) Silvestri, Taylor (D) Bernardi, Kilcock (M) Bianchi. Cooke, Dawson (F) Doukara. Morison. This includes the promising but perhaps not ready Cooke, Dawson, Kilcok and Morison who wasn’t good enough as a squad player last season. We lost McCormack for over 9M net . He shouldn’t be cheap to replace. Doukara’s goal scoring rate for Catania (0 in 13 games) and 6 in circa 20 for a Serie B side on loan. We deserve better than that. The season starts next week and we have four new players in plus a travelling salesman goalkeeper. Hockaday complains of a shortage of centre halves and yet we sold Tom Lees before we had a replacement lined up? McDermott wasn’t up to the job, but the treatment melted out to him by Cellino (“Where has Brian gone “?) when he was visiting his mother on her death bed was below contempt. The woman since died. Our club is better than this. I admire Cellino’s astuteness. I don’t like his stubbornness and I certainly don’t like the way he treats people and how it reflects on our club. This bullshit of closing the canteen to teach a lesson is kindergarten stuff. Has he overpaid for the club without doing due diligence and is trying to reclaw every penney since ? Millwall beat Mallorca tonight 1-0 and Leeds lost to Mansfield less than a fortnight ago. At this point in time we look ill equipped to take on Millwall away let alone a Championship campaign without a serious influx of real talent. Players don’t simply get off the bus and gell as a team. It takes time and patience or good leadership and that is without having to learn a foreign language. Our whole pre-season has stuttered and started. We are very quick to sell players…but unbelievably slow to replace them, and Hockaday needs a quick start to the Championship to get everyone on side. If the man fails he will be cast aside like yesterday’s newspaper. This is not negativity but reality from what has happened to date. I genuinely hope he proves me wrong. Adam keep questioning.

    • PAUL W

      Well said Gerry C. Far too many people on here have their heads buried in the sand, if they all think that what has been going on or in Cellino’s case, not going on, is acceptable for a club as big as Leeds.
      All we have heard this week is this player isn’t coming to Leeds and that player isn’t coming and absolutely NO positive progress to sign anybody.
      Why did it take Lee Peltier only half a day to sign for Huddersfield, when it seems to take Leeds over 1 week to sign only 1 average unknown player?
      The current news coming out of Leeds should not be about the players shirt numbers for next season or winning a court case against the Police, it should be about the much needed new signings.

      • lufcboy

        As long as I’ve supported Leeds, all transfer deals seem long and protracted. Nothing ever seems simple except, when a player leaves. Agree we need new signings but, watched the game yesterday (I know it was only a friendly) but I thought we did okay. The weakest link I thought was Noel KHunt.

  6. frizbo

    Just one point, you say you always evaluate players, managers and owners, looking at who they are, what they do etc, so why not first give the new players a chance before passing them off as ‘squad players at best’? Yeah there have been preseason games but they aren’t the best place to judge how good/bad a player is or will be, particularly when they are getting up to fitness and adapting to a new country and style even Noel Hunt was scoring goals last preseason

    • Dr Zen

      Because they are players who have performed moderately at Serie B level. Seriously, that isn’t going to win you the Champo. They aren’t magically going to turn into worldbeaters just because they’ve moved to Leeds. They aren’t even really unknowns. They’ve fairly decent track records as not all that good.

  7. Tare

    Someone else yep this is the core of this issue, the fact is here is that there is nobody else. Like in Apocalypse Now! feature film the classic Francis Ford Coppola’s episode “Shit Saigon, I am still in the Saigon”.


  8. KeighleyWhite

    Not an entirely well rounded article. You claim to discuss from both sides, seems you’re very happy to slate the man before a ball has been kicked. If Bates and GFH get the time of day why not this man?

  9. NottsWhite

    The measures that Cellino had taken were what could and should have been done by previous owners however I would contend that the measures were pretty obvious. In regards to transfers in he is a magician as they use smoke and mirrors as well. Still time to change opinions but the clock is ticking

  10. Ropey Wyla

    Hunt was already the number 10, McDoughnut gave him that former honour, all the anti Cellino talk is ridiculous, naturally given his background the jury is out on Hockaday but he deserves 5 games at least

  11. Chicago White

    I have to say I think you are projecting, while you make some very valid points you also emphasize the negatives. Picking out some specific points. Salerno has been brought in as Dir of Football of course Cellino trusts why else would he bring him in especially after working with him previously, let’s not forget Salerno was also very much in demand and turned down at least one Serie A club to join LUFC. You identified Berani as a RB as not a priority I think you miss a number of key points Byram spent 2/3rds of last season out so good cover in all positions is a plus and a full international shouldn’t be overlooked, also Berani is supposed to be a decent CB and may not play at RB, even if Berani does play at RB would allow Byram to be used as an attacking RM a position IMO he is best suited and also we are desperate to fill. Our squad has holes but so do many championship sides I also assume a number of deals will happen and the window still has a full month before it closes, so I expect us to sign up to 6 more players with probably 2 or 3 next week. Regarding the ER purchase you are calling Cellino a liar which is your prerogative I prefer to think he misspoke or misunderstood the complexity of buying ER, he has now stated ER will be purchased in November if ER isn’t owned by LUFC then he should be rightly vilified but I and I believe many others didn’t take him literally when he stated he would be going to the bank the next day rather than he was starting the complex process of acquiring ER as a matter of priority, I await your piece on Dec 1st either way it pans out. You are conflating in regards to Cooper if LUFC have a valuation for a player they should stick to that valuation buying or selling if they think Chesterfield are asking too much irrespective of what our budget is they are right to pass on the deal, As for the cost cuttings I see it more as restructuring of LUFC as someone who’s living has been made by saving and growing tech companies I have been involved in successfully restructuring many companies all entailed some initial pain and I remember our teams being called mad before our plans started to work as they say no gain without pain, very unfortunate for those affected but LUFC is not a charity it is a business that has been mismanaged for well over a decade and needs to be turned around, whatever anyone thinks of Cellino he deserves a fair chance which many aren’t willing to give him unfortunately. Just to note I’m not pro or negative I’m truly neutral I think he’s made mistakes most notably fiasco Friday and the hiring of Hockaday to name just two, I will call him out for his mistakes & praise him for his successes, I also have nothing against anyone questioning his actions but would advise at least giving him a chance to play out before fully judging him

    • Ev

      We had already paid the rent on ER up to November so buying it before then is the stuff of idiocy….perhaps TSS has forgotten that wee fact

      • Chicago White

        It’s not TSS who wrote the piece I believe as I said acquiring ER isn’t a simple task when it was hard it was made complex deliberately to stop it falling into the wrong hands, though I still have my own concerns as to the real owner of ER even to this day.

    • Matthew

      I agree, the Chesterfield lad only has a year left on his contract. Anything over a million is far too much for a League 1 player, who by all accounts hasn’t hit the headlines with his efforts. They’ve clearly seen the McCormack money and thought they could ask more, and Cellino and co have walked away from the table. No sense over paying.

  12. Chareose

    I don’t agree with this………You say you don’t like to judge without evidence but you have, you have accused him of lieing about our budget based on an offer of 500k……….and at this point id submit that your jumping the gun………you may be proven right in the end but there are still weeks of the transfer window to go and as ive said before hes talked of trying to bring in 10 players + when you take wages and signing on fees it doesn’t leave you much per player does it ? Cellino has a history of being careful with money even stingy……… However on the player front both Bianchi and Doukara both look like good players too me
    Lets assume your correct ? Then the assumption would be Cellino is doing a bates, creaming the club. ??? Then why spend all that money buying it ?? Why pay off the debt ??
    I just don’t see it mate, a club with no assets to sell, hes sold the only player worth more than a few million……….
    Yes hes got a lot of work to do and most of us are concerned about the lack of high profile signings
    Leeds fans gave Ken Bates 7 years before they started to revolt and I think we need to give Cellino a bit more time before accusing him of the same tactics

      • craig

        to be fair Charrose i think we all expect The Hock to fail although i do hope he proves me wrong and after all more well known names have failed. Im looking forward to the new season and hopefully fly home to watch a couple of games this year

  13. PMH

    I’ll give Cellino credit for some business savvy, and operating efficiently is important. However, the plan to become a premiership team will not happen on the cheap. If he is serious then he will have to pony up much more than the !5 million he mentioned, but doesn’t seem likely to deliver on. I think we all have to admit that so far there are no signs of any meaningful investment towards promotion.

    As I’ve said before, Hockaday is irrelevant, unless you are concerned with exactly how far from the bottom of the division we find ourselves. With the current personnel, bottom half is where we belong. Personally, I am not too interested in Leeds as a mediocre championship team struggling to avoid relegation year after year. Where’s the fun in that?

  14. PAUL W

    Over the past 2 weeks, It has gone worryingly quiet on the transfer front, as far as the much needed incoming players are concerned.
    Everybody appears to be either turning Leeds down or clubs feel insulted with Cellino’s valuation of players that Leeds are bidding for.
    I have got a horrible feeling that Cellino has no money to spend on new players and just keeps making the occasional token, under-priced bid, for a player, who’s club will instantly turn down such derogatory bids.
    The players that Leeds have let go, which also include the free transfer players, are in my view better than the unknown players that Cellino has signed this summer.
    The squad is now ridiculously threadbare and absolutely nothing at all has excited me about Hockaday or the five new players that Cellino has signed.
    In my view without 2 new central defenders, a central midfielder, 2 wingers and a striker, Leeds will be rooted to the relegation zone throughout August and Hockaday will be sacked and replaced with another unknown “puppet coach”, who will again take Leeds nowhere.
    Cellino is charging the long suffering fans, Premiership prices to watch League 1 players.

  15. Dr Zen

    Agree with every word you’ve written. We need a whole lot less bullshit, a whole lot more action.

  16. Phil

    This is just a thinly disguised attempt to spread unjustified bad blood. Focus on the positives and you would have more credibility.

    At this stage we have brought in 5 new players, result. Work in progress but rebuilding takes time. There will be ups and downs especially in the early stages. The key is we are rebuilding and rebranding ourselves into a footballing side. Words are cheap, judge the man at the end of the season. That would be fair.

    • PMH

      The article is perfectly reasonable. Judging Cellino by his actions is completely fair, and does not require us to wait until the end of the season. A good football team, and success, does not suddenly appear by magic, You need adequate investment, a compelling vision, and sound managerial judgement. Not much sign of any of these at the moment. If things change, I’ll let you know.

    • PAUL W

      The article is spot on and Cellino has had plenty of time to rebuild the team over the last few weeks, but the chances to sign good players, keep being tossed away and Cellino seems to be obsessed with getting rid of players, rather than instantly replacing the players.
      The main problem at Leeds, is that every club in the Championship will all still raise their game and want to beat Leeds next season, even though this has to be the weakest Leeds team in the history of the club and even weaker with an inexperienced coach, in charge of the team.
      The friendly games should have been used to settle in the major key signings, but the major key signings have not been signed and in my view, all of the friendly games have therefore been a total waste of time.

      • Adam Persson

        Do you know anything at all about those players? Do you have an idea about what cellino is doing with the finances? He has replaced players and is still trying to get more players. Some more youth will most likely also come through, like Cook and Dawson..possibly Walters when he gets back. I think it’s looking brightly and I don’t miss any of the players he got rid of, do you? (Except Lees but I’m sure a new CB will come in.)

      • Wayne Wellwood

        You obviously have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Weakest Leeds team in history? wtf?

  17. henrymouni

    Ross was a good deal for Cellino, but a terrible deal for the team.
    It is obvious, by Cellino’s actions since, that he has no intention of getting a top striker in.
    Our pre-season has been poor, playing too few games against weak teams.
    I won’t be surprised to see Sam depart for another nice fee, in the next few weeks.
    He will use any money he gets in to buy ER, for his companies’ benefit.
    Even if we had, had a good season last year, Brian M would still have been been sacked to save wages!
    This was always his plan.
    We have to hope that things will get better, because we have no choice.
    The new lads look promising against weak opposition, but it will be a shock to their system away to Millwall.
    Our young’s Lads are not ready to start games, and I hope they are not thrown into a struggling team.
    Fingers crossed.

  18. Helen LUFC

    The way forward at LUFC was to build a team, not dismantle one of the important cogs in McCormack. For the past decade LUFC has been a cash cow for lazy owners who’s business model is to buy cheap, sell expensive. All good and well if you did it like Brian Clough’s forest in the 80s. He was a chairmanship dream. He kept getting great gems of players and moving them on. We have good players and sell, but never hold onto a team of players until we are rebuilding a new team. Wouldn’t it be more satisfying for Leeds fans to say ‘let’s get a title wining team together, and then sell…?’ Why are Leeds fans so feeble these days? Is it a new generation of twenty odd year old fans that rely on their dads to know what success meant? Fans need to stop coming out with yawnaramma comments like, ‘this season is about rebuilding…’ for the umpteenth rebuilding season in a row and wake up. Build a team, stop selling good players.

    • henrymouni

      I think it comes from the desperation and helplessness of a fans situation Helen.
      Also fans have to be a little stupid to follow these egomaniacs and call them ‘genius’s’ or men who ‘love the club’ and ‘have the club’s interest at heart’.
      We are tied to the club emotionally, and cannot stop supporting it, no matter how bad things get.
      The ‘leeches’ who have owned our club in recent times know this.
      These ‘dictators’ don’t even take the trouble to tell us the truth, because they know that if they tell us what we want to hear, it will do to keep us on the hook.
      When a lie is exposed, many fans offer excuses/reasons for the lie, so they can carry on ‘believing’.
      These ‘parasites’ just jump from one deception to the next, because they can.
      They own our club, and tell us it is our club.
      They always have a plan!
      One year : two year: five year plan, so that they do not have to do anything NOW!
      Even if we are going backwards, we are told it is so we can go forwards, at a later date.
      It is enough to make you cry!!
      It is not that they lie.
      It is that once they have, you can NEVER believe them again!!

  19. Matthew

    I’m hyped for the upcoming season, I know what we need, but fuck it, bring on Millwall, 3 points next Saturday. I just have a feeling this season will be better and with more surprises than the last. I honestly haven’t had a negative thought related to the club in a while. This upcoming season just feels different. I can’t be the only one who feels like this too.

  20. Mike

    If your intent is not to create divisions/arguements why even bother to write this article? I imagine anyone who visits this site probably follows the team closely enough and is aware of the “non biased” points you’ve made(stadium/transfers/etc).

    Just seems a bit irrelevant unless there’s an attempt to sway it seems to me, especially with your ending bullet points being all negative. Why take the time to highlight all of that if your attempting to leave people with a “balanced view” on things?

  21. Alton Harewood

    “Clapham, London”, to be precise. LOL! JK. You should be allowed to have your opinions mate and if you wrote just what we want to hear everytime it would be boring.

  22. LUFCMidlander88

    Lol At last we have an owner with a love of football and enough callousness to do what needs to be done financially to prosper…

    We’ve got rid of most of the dead wood, Lees was an ace player/prospect before Warnock but not good enough for a side wanting promotion last two seasons and without a change wouldn’t of progressed.

    As for new signings did you see the Dundee game!? Plenty of positives and yes Dundee are equal to most Champion sides. Bianchi and doukara are promising.

    As for transfer budget we offered 475 for Liam cooper but were told they wanted a million… How is that balking? That’s just common sense not to pay over the odds for a league two defender.

    On to signings, I like Salerno’s try for a year before you buy approach. Viviani deal stalled as you can tell even from his mug shot that he’s a greedy little ####.

    Fair play to Cellino and co so far, financially were alot better (Elland road bid in place etc) and I think with a few additions we’ll be a threatening side after a couple of games. MOT.

  23. Wayne Wellwood

    Wow, been a while since I frequented these pages but it looks like nothing has changed. An article claiming to be an unbiased and honest appraisal of the club turns out to be top heavy with points twisted into negatives, the same people commenting with the same negative comments. Only a few days left now until the season starts CB coming in Fredrik Sorensen from Juve more expected to arrive before the Millwall game. The squads stronger than last season already (minus McContract), Doukara and Bianchi look very very good and as for the point someone made about Byram have you forgot he’s been injury prone for the last 2 years? Do you not know Berardi can play either side of defence or midfield? I suggest some of you commenting broaden your football horizons a tad. We are in for a very good season and some of you lot actually seem to be hoping for the worst just so you can say “I told you so”, Not gonna happen.

    • henrymouni

      The articles are written to provoke a response Wayne, but as Leeds fans, we hope for the best and prepare for the worst.
      I am excited about the season ahead, but we have to be patient early on.
      We have not had a good pre-season, in terms of number of games and standard of opposition.
      That is not being negative, that’s the truth.
      We have new players who need time to get fit, and to fit in.
      The new players look really good just now, but we are in a tough league where you get no time on the ball.
      Against Dundee there were a few tackles, but everyone had time to look up and pick a pass.
      We do need a goalscorer, a winger and a centre-half and the season starts in a few days.
      I think it will be an exciting season, and we should get behind the Owner, the Coach & the Team!!
      I am sure we will, but know one knows how we will do.

      My feeling is we will get better as the season progresses, unlike recent seasons when we have got worse!
      Onward and upward.
      NONE of us wants a bad season Wayne.

    • Wayne Wellwood

      Sorensen didnt arrive but our first choice Bellusci has, Cooper in too. Seems all the comments I read on here over the past few months where totally unfounded, Cellino is marking his mark in England and we are going to profit from it.

      • henrymouni

        The Millwall game shocked Massimo into swift action.
        He has just realised that our squad is not very good.
        We knew this already.
        I was surprised that our strict wages policy was not good enough for Agard, who cannot be getting a fortune from Rotherham.
        I wish all clubs stood firm on wages but they won’t.
        Let us see what today brings.
        It is a pity Bellusi cannot play.
        Getting our midfield right, will define the game.

  24. djedjedje

    On a slightly different note…. any TSS / Leeds United fans are welcome to join the TSS fantasy football league that I’ve just registered on the Football League Manager website.

    I think this will be our forth season of entering and, if I remember correctly, the team that topped the TSS mini-league last season came in the top ten or so of the national one (ie. of 90,000+ entrants).

    There’s some different rules and point scoring to last season, especially the new subs bit.

    After you’ve registered for free at: the details you need to find and join the mini-league are:

    League Name: The Scratching Shed
    League password: TSS

    All welcome; spread the word.

  25. Steak

    Not since Harry Reynolds have we had a Chairman who’s been prepared to put his own wealth into us without “conditions” attached…personally i trust the bloke to do the right thing with our (his)club…. i might not agree with every thing he does but i believe him when he says he does it for the soul rather than the caviar..the blokes got ten times more integrity than anyone we’ve had at the helm for the last 18 years..let him crack on..One thing for me is certain…we are coming out of the Malaise we’ve been in for the last 10 + years and are becoming a active club with an ambition again…you can smell Cellino’s hunger…he might get one or two things wrong and some of his appointments might not work out ,but i get the feeling he’ll learn fast from his mistakes until he gets right what he want’s..This might not be the end, it might not even be the beginning of the end…but it is i think the end of the begining…not even thinking about going up i’m just glad we are becoming a club that’s got some energy again


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