Leeds United are set to complete the signing of Giuseppe Bellusci pending a medical and other ‘formalities.’

— Gianluca Di Marzio (@DiMarzio) August 11, 2014

If the name sounds familiar, it’s probably because Bellusci was expected to sign for Leeds earlier in the summer only for the deal to fall through after failing to reach an agreement with Massimo Cellino over his contract. The 24-year-old has made 99 Serie A appearances for Catania since joining them from Ascoli in 2009. He had something of a sketchy discipline record last season that David Hockaday will need to get under control, but he does appear to be of decent pedigree having featured several times for the Italian Under 21s.

Bellusci’s availability comes after his current team Catania were relegated from the Italian top flight last season. Arriving on a season long loan deal, Leeds will have the option to purchase the experienced Serie A defender at the end of the season.

If the deal completes, Bellusci will become Leeds’ eighth signing of the summer and the sixth to come from the Italian divisions as Cellino continues to stick with what he knows for player recruitment.

  • lufcboy

    Looks like Byram is going then. I wish Cellino would stop fucking around in the Italian transfer market and buy some UK/English based players. It seems it’s deal on – deal off – deal on, fed up with the whole thing now. The only headline I want to read is “Leeds sign prolific goal scorer and top defender” or it could be league 1 again.

    • Ron

      Outside of the obvious disappointment of losing Byram, Cellino is blatantly shitting on the fans when spouting off about promotion in 15/16. Byram at age 20 is someone that takes you up and therefore must be held. Prepare for promotion in 18/19 chat after Christmas.

    • JDC

      Personally ‘boy, I don’t give a damn if the whole team is a mixture of players from Serie A/B with a few home grown players from the academy thrown in, providing they all have the technical ability, skill, desire and passion to play for Leeds United. As you know, the last few seasons have been dire … made up of mainly British players, usually long past their best.

      I would be much happier though, if Cellino would accept his mistake and rid us of David “We’re improving” Hockaday and maybe pass the reins to Neil Redfearn, who consistently manages to get great performances out of the academy players … and maybe bring back Beni Carbone as his assistant to continue the development of the Italian youngsters.

      Still it will be sad day if Sam Byram does go … but if he does, I hope he chooses carefully and doesn’t finish up warming a bench somewhere.

      • Matthew

        If given the choice between Redfearn and Gibbs I would pick Gibbs everytime(Never going to happen now, all things considered). However while Hockaday is here he deserves a few more games at the very most.

  • stu

    well with this muppet hockaday as coach,we,ll be lucky to stay in this league,get rid of him for gods sake

  • Tim

    It seems about the only English deals we are doing is when we sell players we should be keeping. Cheerio Sam and thanks for the memories!
    We have been here before. Do you remember Peter Reid doing all those dodgy French deals through Adrian Heath – maybe all of us don’t really want to remember!!! Lets hope and prey this isn’t a Leeds deja vous moment.

  • wjohn228

    Tom Lees was an England U21 International so that doesn’t mean a thing. The strategy seems to be to establish a coaching staff and team that know as little as possible about the Championship. Leeds 2-1 for Relegation.

    • TSS

      Tom Lees was also very good at one point, he just picked up headless chicken syndrome and we never found a cure. Think he needed a more experienced player alongside him personally, someone who would take charge of our defence like Nayls and Kis used to do.

      Also worth noting, Italian’s may play the most boring football in the world but their international sides tend to be strong defensively.

      • JDC

        It could be said they have a fair number of creative midfielders as well as defenders TSS … if Tomasso Bianchi is anywhere near half as good as Andrea Pirlo, Salerno has completed an astute bit of business on that one.

        • Chareose

          Bianchi looks quality….. comparing him to pirlo is probably a step too far though
          However there is no reason that both Bianchi and Bellusci cant go upto a new level in a Leeds shirt

      • Chareose

        I suspect some of our players were caught in the psychology of Last season………serious doubts that started when BM stupidly took his team over to the fans to be abused for 5 minutes (after the cup defeat) From then on it was down hill for both motivation and confidence……..lots of broken players that cant handle playing for Leeds
        Lees will do ok at Sheffeild I Think

  • bd

    Looks like everybody getting fed up of mc antics and bellusci discipline record is a joke.wait till he plays in a more physical league,it will get worse

    • Matthew

      I doubt that. It’s unfair to judge him on one season alone. Yes I’ve seen the figures floating around on twitter.

  • oldschoolbaby

    There is another way of looking at things
    Warnock could have tried to unearth some hidden diamonds but he collected a band of ageing mercenaries in the desperate hope they could fall over the line and deliver the promotion he craved. It was nothing but a vanity project. The miracle of promotion would have necessitated an entirely new team
    McDermott, when the pressure was on and despite his scouting credentials, opted for the old pals act
    Mad or not Cellino has a plan. I might not agree with it but I can understand it. Most of his recruits will never be Premiership standard but one or two will be. We may be pleasantly surprised and it may be a more sizeable minority
    Bellusci, if he comes, will be an interesting addition. Italian cynicism may be what our back 4 needs. Leeds fans will forgive an appalling disciplinary record if he gives 100%. Our very own Sergio Ramos ??? And maybe even a Captain. Pearce has obvious leadership attributes. But there are too many deficiencies in his own game which need his entire focus

  • Helen LUFC

    Selling Byram given his promise and age sums Cellino up – a complete con artist. I am surprised that Leeds fans so far haven’t been more vocal about his activities, and seem to be oblivious to anything he is doing. Just imagine the uproar if Ken Bates had sold McCormack? There’d have been uproar! Now? Just a load of comments on line saying he won’t be missed! Now Byram! Cellino is a total sham and is selling the very foundations that we should be building on. Next it will be Mowatt, and so on. Why did Rochard Naylor get the sack? Is it because he stood up to Cellino and said something about his treatment of the younger players? Neil Warnock was slated for bringing in a load of journey men. Cellino is doing just the same, only this time the Italian version. Cellino is very bad news.

    • Chareose

      Bianchi and Silvestri are far better than what we had and I think Bellusci will prove to be another very good purchase
      I agree about Byram and the RM money but not the rest sorry

    • RContini

      Way way off the mark again Helen, you really need to chill out! I can understand your worries given our recent history but again you have MC down as the total polar opposite to the known reality. I’ll say it again, as someone who has watched him throughout his 22 year stint as Cagliari president, he simply does not operate in that fashion, in any way shape or form, in any of his interests, at all, ever! He is a top class business man, a self made tycoon from virtually nothing who kept a tiny small town club in Serie A for most of 22 years, punching well above thier weight. He has a track record for spotting and signing excellent players from all over the world, that kept him in serie a and made the club big profits when bigger clubs called, which he had to do because he was not the owner of Juventus or Milan!!
      He will look at Byram and think, here is a kid who last had a good game over a year ago (injury not withstanding) and who is asking to leave, so he’s thinking sod him, if someone wants to pay 8m for a 1 season wonder why not? after McCashmack Cellino will think English owners were born yesterday and say I’ll get someone who wants to play for the shirt. He may be from the academy, but he’s an essex lad, so really he wont give a toss about us.

      By the way Bellusci is genuine quality, dont be fooled that Catania were relegated, it was not his fault. If we get him he will be the best player in the team hands down. He will be well educated in the art of defending and that is something we badly lack.

      • mrbigwheels

        Your detail… how enlightening… I can’t wait. Thank you.

      • JDC

        Good post RContini … well said.

      • Ron

        Cellino self made????? He inherited his Father’s agricultural business. No doubt he knows Italian Football, but until he injects funds into this squad, no one in England will give a toss.

      • Stein

        Cagliari a tiny small town club? They first appeared in Serie A in 1964, won the league in 1970 and, after a setback in the 80’s, were back in serie A with an average attendance over 20000 when Cellino bought the club. During his ownership they have mostly stayed in Serie A, but attendances have fallen steadily, and were less than 5000 last season.

        I hope he does better with Leeds.

        • mrbigwheels

          Attendances…. Is that to do with not having a stadium?.
          I personally don’t have a clue what was all the hoo ha was about the clubs stadium ownership at Cagliari..
          It seems to be one of Cellinos priorities to own one within his Leeds ownership.
          I was wondering whether he was that bothered about supporters or the actual business is only about buying, improving and selling players to make some handsome profits with a bit of football to showcase the business.

        • RContini

          Yes they are a small and poor town club (relative to those above them), believe me, Ive been there, rural area and a run down town. an equivalent would be someone like Ipswich and you would agree that they would be doing well to stay in the prem for very long would you not? Ipswich won trophies once because you could in those days, but now where money rules, you wouldn’t expect them to challenge for the premiership. Cagliari won the league once, its true, but then they were fortunate to produce one of the greatest Italian players of all time.They got 20000 in because they were in serie A during the golden years and had a pretty decent team some years and they had essentially all of Sardinia to draw fans from. They can’t now because the stadium is unfit to hold more than 5000 and that is the imposed limit. The councils refusal to let him do anything about the situation was the deciding factor in him wanting to get out of Italy. Beleive me, as a long time follower of Italian football, Cagliari punched above their weight consistently.

    • damian obrien

      Byram asked to leave the club over 3 weeks ago so let’s let cellino do what he does best. !!! Make any club pay big money for a player who had 1 great season to date MOT

    • MOT

      Really, Helen? How can you say Cellino is bringing in ‘journeymen’ when the average age of the players brought in (except Taylor who is our backup Gk) is 22! Doesn’t sound like journeymen to me, but rather decent young prospects he hopes will flourish at Leeds. Would you also rather have kept Ross McComack, a player bought for c£200,000 then sold for c£11M, who clearly no longer wanted to play for us? If it wasn’t for Cellino there may not even be a Leeds United. Think on.

    • ste82

      What the hell are you talking about?! It’s not MCs fault RM wanted to jump ship his head was turned! I’ll admit MC seems a character alright but I believe he has the best intentions for the club and don’t forget he’s sorted a lot of financial shit out since he came in. Bates was a parasite MCs the complete opposite! He’s buying back ER and doing all the stuff we’ve craved for an owner to do in years. I’m as frustrated as the next leeds fan when we hear about our best players possibly leaving but if we get say £10 million for a player who wants out then so be it. I’d rather he stayed but this is a new era at Leeds and I reckon were heading in the right direction under MC even if he is a bit unorthodox. I wouldn’t call his signings journey men given there age and the fact they all come with glowing reputations. MC is the best thing to happen to our great club in years!

  • mrbigwheels

    Until it’s on the Official Site…. then I’ll believe it, etc, etc.
    Having said that notifications seem to bypass it now.

    • Chareose

      true….it might be quicker to wait until hes on the pitch representing leeds rather than wait for the official site to update

    • TSS

      It’s just as well really, it always feels like I’m reading the work of a stroppy teenager whenever they make a statement these days.

      • mrbigwheels

        Haha,,, Exactly. I was wondering. Perhaps an ex ball boy doing the biz between spot picking and answering the ticket line phone. All will be revealed when the kids go back to school. Eh.

        • TSS

          Well Dewsy resigned, didn’t he? There was only him and a younger lad working on it previously, so if Paul resigned, the other lad was probably sacked during the cull (along with our ticket office staff it seems) then it’s probably left to Homeboy Ed.

          • Matthew

            Best to just bypass the Official site entirely and just get the news from someone like Phil Hay or Skysports/BBC if relevant.

  • Fred

    MC is a successful business man. Many supporters are grateful that he addressed the financial rot the club has been left in. However it used to be said that ‘no player is bigger than the club’ and the same should apply to the owner. Using the money from the sale of players to buy back the ground is a good business move (capital assets depreciate less than players) but not necessarily for the success of the team. We desperately need competent players familiar with the demands of the English Championship league. We also need a competent successful manager to manage the football and choose players who can deliver.
    Leeds have passionate supporters, loyal and true when they believe the club they care about is genuinely being cared for by an owner who is prepared to not only put his money where his mouth is – but also prepared to put his ego aside and learn from the success of other clubs …… a good capable team Manager and competent capable players familiar and successful at this or a higher level.
    So MC manage the business side and not the football – please!!

  • Jimmy

    Currently l feel like a mushroom, kept in the dark and fed on sh#t regarding transfer information etc! Sick to the back teeth with pointless speculation, will see who turns up tonight!
    I have heard if you turn up early enough tonight with your own shirt, boots and sandwiches there’s every chance you’ll get a game!!