Odds on Simon Grayson returning as Leeds United manager have fallen sharply in the last 24 hours.

Grayson was considered to be a rank outsider by bookies who were offering odds as high as 50/1 when betting on Hockaday’s successor began, but those odds have now been slashed to 4/1.

Neil Redfearn is also considered a serious contender after guiding The Whites to victory against Bolton Wanderers yesterday with his odds now hovering around the 5/1 mark.

Favourite for the job is former West Brom boss Steve Clarke, while early favourite Rolando Maran is still commanding odds of 3/1 and Oscar Garcia makes up the top five contenders at 4/1.

As ever, there’s a few random names being touted by the bookies too, none more so than Alan Parkes who’s a 16/1 contender according to Sky Bet (I’d never heard of him, but apparently he’s a youth coach…?)

UPDATE (16:46). Odds continue to fall on Simon Grayson with BetVictor (Evens), Sky Bet (6/4) and William Hill (9/4) all listing him as their new favourite. 

  • loomy

    Clarke or Garlica, Please

    • Si

      Clarke or Garcia seconded

      • rich

        Megson is on the shortlist. I was told he’d been interviewed.

  • Matthew

    He would be 100x better than Hock. But would want better wages(Not that much more I’d imagine). I would support his appointment 100 percent.

  • pete58

    So would I Matthew.

  • Chareose

    Grayson would be excellent, knows how to get players playing good attacking football and he understands the club and the fans inside out. He’s also a great motivator.
    His sacking last time was a tragedy because the talented team he assembled got asset stripped by Ken Bates

    • Matthew

      If he was able to retain Beckford, Gradel, Snoddy, Howson, Delph and others we’d be a Premier League side by now. He was sabotaged by Bates ultimately.

      • Chareose

        Phill Hay says Grayson made a play for the job but Cellino doesn’t want him.

        • Matthew

          Perhaps he’s keeping all of his options open? We all know Cellino is prone to changing his mind at a whim.

        • TSS

          Firstly, Phil Hay said Grayson made it known he’d be open to a return but Cellino had another name in mind (not total rejection, he just preferred someone else), which is a small but important distinction because Cellino changes his mind every 40 seconds.

        • Irving08

          Thank goodness for that. We need fresh eyes, not used ones.

  • TSS

    Grayson is now favourite with Sky Bet at 6/4. Joint favourite at William Hill too.

  • henrymouni

    I DON’T believe it!

  • Daryl Gagg

    I would welcome Larry back. Fans MUST remember he was sacked whilst we were just off the playoff positions. before that he guided us to our best season in the championship narrowly missing out on the playoffs finishing 7th. All this whilst Bates was scoffing his face with the few millions he made selling his best players. So his work as manager was not just good but amazing!

    • theseagullbus

      Sorry but we were miles away from the play off spots when they mattered, and even without whatever money was/wasnt being spirited away by KB I’m afraid SG wasnt good enough to get us up.Same at his previous club where he was upstaged by the more experienced Tony Parkes after he left,although I’m sure he’ll have improved as a manager since.Its got to be someone with greater experience of management in the higher divisions for me,so Steve Clarke would be an excellent choice.I just wonder though how long it would be before the ‘Chelsea’ jibes started?

      • msec

        What???? Miles away? Under Grayson we finished 2 points off the playoffs with technically a WORSE squad than in League 1. Then he was sacked in November the following season while again 2 points off the playoffs having Johnson, Gradel and Schemichel and being given nothing to spend.

        Clarke has 60 whole league games experience as a manager, none of them in this division and lost 27 of them, winning only 19. Grayson, has almost 500 games, 3 promotions on shoestring budgets and know the club inside out, The choice is obvious for anyone with half a brain cell.

        • theseagullbus

          Think you’ve missed the point in that when Grayson was sacked it was January and we were sliding. The play offs werent sorted until May and we’r already spent plenty at that point,and there was no way we were going to challenge. Grayson has failed to make a real mark at 3 clubs in the CS now where he’s been reasonably backed,so sorry its not the time to go back .Clarke has huge experience in where we want to go and seems like a safe pair of hands. Well at least to this half brained moron (smiles)

  • chrislufc

    Grayson never sorted the defence out. Move on to someone who can. Like yesterday.

    • Matthew

      Name me one manager who could with no money. And his best players constantly sold.

  • Taking into account the fact that he had little or no backing from our owner at the time he didn’t do that badly. No doubt he’d have the backing now. MOT.

  • Floripa

    Better players = better grayson?

    • Matthew

      That and a chairman who shares the same vision of success, and will get the players needed for it.

  • mrbigwheels

    Now we’re talking some sense.

  • Bluesman

    Over recent years our best players have been sold off whenever we were starting to make progress. Grayson did very well and he was undermined at every turn. If grayson had been supported he would have got us promoted, no question. Would welcome him back with open arms, but Clark is more experienced and perhaps more solid!,

  • tyr

    Grayson wants the job but Cellino has already had a meeting with Clarke.

    • mrbigwheels

      Oh…. not seen that reported… did you take the minutes then?.

      • tyr


  • JP

    I’d welcome Larry back. He stuck out 3 years at a selling club under Bates and did a great job in the circumstances. Defensively diabolical at times, but hard to ignore what was going on with the squad. I’m sure he’ll have developed as a coach since he left us.

    Whoever it is, we need someone who is going to see the season out. Steady away for once. Sick of the drama.

  • stelufc

    Best manager we had since Wilkinson / graham. should have never got rid, nearly got us promoted despite the machinations of the evil smurf

  • spellz

    Simply put, best manager we have had over the past decade and I hink he would have got us back in the premiership if it was not for Bates at the time not looking at the bigger picture of a 40+ million promotion but wanted small change to fill up his pockets from stripping our best assets for pennys sad story but Grayson was superb.

  • spellz

    The odds are not 4 to 1 anymore people, try 1/2 looks like he is on his way.


  • Chareose

    Please not Mike Appleton…… would be an absolute disaster, ask anyone on the south coast….

  • TexasBob

    Who is Dermot Drummy ? Brian McDermott in drag ?

    • Chareose

      Im iffy about anyone with Dermott in their name…..

  • leeds oldie

    Grayson would be welcomed back but would he accept the rule that he has no say in the signing of players i doubt it the same goes for clarke
    my choice of those 2 would be clarke we have to stop the merry go round of coaches clarke is the better defensive coach and at this moment with the exclusion of sharpe ime not convinced we have another proven goalscorer at this level the new signings will need time to gel and understand this league .

    • Chareose

      That’s not entirely correct……Hockaday stated repeatedly that Cellino involved him in transfer discussions especially with targeting English players, that’s how we almost ended up with blackman and nile ranger

  • oldschoolbaby

    If MC has made the typing pool redundant are we sure SG would come back ?
    Professional gamblers would, routinely, run a mile from guessing what the impulsive Italian would do next. As Spellz says, with odds like that, it looks like he`s on his way.
    However, I do sometimes think that our preoccupation with former managers and players is a little unhealthy. Given a choice I would opt for Clarke. Good coach and always gave the impression of being a measured, thoughtful manager.

    • Irving08

      I share your sentiments on Grayson, particularly as he will likely want the distinctly uninspiring Snodin with him. I recall too many occasions during matches when he seemed not to know what to do when things weren’t working. In my view, we need a clever coach, who has worked with players that are a bit better than the ones we have on our books. I do not see Grayson-Snodin turning our decent players into good ones, nor teaching them how to play a match.

      • oldschoolbaby

        Nice to see you back 08. Have you been scouting for Cellino in deepest Paraguay ?

        • mrbigwheels

          I think Irving is actually… 008

          Good to see your thoughts Irving.

          • oldschoolbaby

            I thought so too but you will have incurred the wrath of Her Majesty and Ms Dench by making it public

          • Irving08

            Greetings Comrades ! Good to see you both again; I hope you both had good summers. Mine was a hot one. Anyway I thought you’d like to know that he has not invaded; what what solders get up to on their holidays is their business. Overall we are cautiously optimistic but then we always are. See you when we’ve won the Championship – cricket, that is.

  • Ropey Wyla

    The mere mention of Larry and out come the Grayson tinted glasses wearing nutters. Anyone with a smattering of managerial talent would have won league one with the team we had and gone on to be promoted, he just about manages promotion, falls short in the championship and then spent the rest of his time lying to us about how Gradel wouldn’t be sold, Howson wouldn’t be sold etc etc, couldn’t organise a defence, singled out players and blamed them for his ineptitude, shamelessly toed the official line on the behalf of Bates, in fact I would rather have the Hock back than this donkey.

    • Chareose

      Lieing ?? it had nothing to do with Grayson.
      Ken bates sold them and it was Ken bates that stitched his manager up…. you have a warped grasp of history

      • Paul

        Spot on…Grayson did a good job with his hands tied, players sold that he would have wanted to keep and given crumbs to replace them with…

    • msec

      What kind of warped reality do you live in?

  • leeds oldie

    Have just spoke to a friend in preston there are rumours flying round about grayson going ,BUT according to “sources” in there local rag he has denied any knowledge of any approach
    but ive always said in matters like these there is no smoke without fire and also you will never beat a bookie

  • leeds oldie

    Chareose my thoughts exactly

  • Tyler75

    I like Larry but seriously does anybody believe that he would be able to gel all the foreign and young players we’ve got into a promotion winning team and keep us in the Prem, better than Steve Clarke could ? Seriously ? Couldn’t organise anything resembling a resilient defensive unit before and nothing he has done since has suggested that anything has changed. I’d take Redders before Grayson.

    • Paul

      Preston have become very hard to score against under SG…He was definately our best manager since the PL days, I felt sorry for him when he got sacked, totally undermined by Bates who got rid of a decent player in every transfer window and gave SG buttons to replace them with…

      • preddo

        I hope Grayson comes back, he only had what Bates gave him and he still got us up, He was made to look a prat by Bates, he must have been sick when Bates got rid, and it was all Bates’s fault, No I say give him the tools, and we have them now, he will get us up.

  • belfast whites

    we need vinnie jones

    • Don

      Yep an Pele and Di maggio etc

  • Fred

    Grayson has good credentials – He knows Leeds Utd. He worked under a difficult owner in Bates and had to work on a budget. He achieved quite a bit with Blackpool, and is presently managing a club. Maybe he has unfinished business he might want to complete back at Leeds especially with greater resources than Bates would allow. There is quite a pool of talent here and he knows his way about. Other candidates might do well, on the other hand how well do they understand the club? it has a unique set of demands that can challenge anyone. Whoever comes in good luck and lets hope the long suffering fans start to see the success that is long overdue.

  • Lufc79

    Clarke all day long for me as good as Grayson was and we scored a lot of goals under him we also let in shed loads……I just hope Clarke gets it as he has been a coach at the top and knows what he is doing.

  • Bri Anthony

    Please no. It was time for Grayson to go. His kamikaze defence will throw away as many points as the Hocks. People have short memory. It’s time to move forward and leave the past where it belongs, in the Past!!

    • msec

      Short memories of what? Entertaining football, promotion and building a team on peanuts while working under a tyrant who made him a scapegoat and sold his team from under him? Yeah, why would we want a manager like that?

      • TSS

        We also had the best defence in L1, injuries cost us. Then we were promoted and Bates invested nothing, just sold all key players. People seem to totally forget that though.

    • henrymouni

      Simon did well to start with and had the full backing of the fans.
      His first mistake was quoting Bates’ party lines.
      “You don’t need to spend millions to get promotion”.
      True, but you do need to keep your best players and build around them.
      He should have stood his ground, but not many can with Bates.
      He seemed to lose the dressing room, and his confidence disappeared.
      In the end he was relieved and grateful to get the push!!!
      Bates ruined him and us!

  • jim


  • Tom

    Thought they were referring to larry grayson when i first saw the headlines. Nothing would surprise me now!

  • henrymouni

    Giuseppe Sannino – got to be?

  • lufcboy

    No thanks to Grayson – did he not lose the dressing room – and there was a rumour that he was shagging one of the players wives. Sannino for me as I have just had a little punt @8/1

  • Snowjoke

    Grayson, for me. As I recall, he finally got the push on the back of a loss to Birmingham in a mid-season match of no special significance.. But that was only after Becchio missed three first-half sitters that even my old Mam could’ve knocked in. And if they’d gone in, if KB had just stuck it out a bit longer, and if Grayson had signed a raw-boned CB to sort out his flaky defence, then who knows where we might be now? Not where we are, that’s for sure. Most supporters, I sense, share Grayson’s preference for an attacking game. He’s Leeds through and through and would therefore be good for Cellino. So let’s sign him up and get the party started.

    • henrymouni

      We all loved Simon, but he lost his way.
      Once on the downhill spiral there is no turing back.
      He was suckered by Bates, and let players go without a fight, and he paid the price.

  • mrbigwheels

    Yeah… Who is Dermot Drummy?…. being interviewed?.

  • Thommohawk

    I don’t usually advocate ‘going backwards’ for any football club, but just sometimes it works – Look at Chelsea under Mourinho….Grayson if he comes back would do wonders for us and morale I think.

    The fact is he is the only manager we have had since David O’Leary that brought us any sort of tangible success. All of the other managers since we got relegated did nowt and Blackwell doesn’t count because he had mostly a Prem side to begin with and some sort of financial backing – though how any team can get to a playoff final at the first time of asking and be relegated the following season still mystifies me.

    Is that gypsie woman still alive ? Maybe we could get Cellino to bung her a few quid to come give ER another going over lol.

  • tyr

    Redfearn (6/4) is the cheaper option for Cellino, Grayson is at 16/1 from 5/1.