In what must easily be the most positive news to come out of Elland Road in months, Mike Farnan’s consortium and Massimo Cellino have joined forces in an attempt to end the ongoing takeover crisis at Leeds United.

Cellino broke the news in a live interview on Sky Sports News, during which he also described talk of admin as “madness” adding that he couldn’t understand why anyone would consider that option and feels bad for the fans.

Farnan described the ongoing talks as “very constructive” in a statement tweeted by the Yorkshire Evening Post’s Phil Hay

“Everyone should be excited by these discussions as they are in the best interests of all parties including the Football League, Leeds United, its players and staff and, most importantly, its loyal and enduring fans.”

These are early days so there are many questions still to be asked and answered. Will The Football League be satisfied by a compromise which removes Massimo Cellino from overall control? How will the share percentages be divided? And will GFH remain part-owner if this deal does come to fruition?

But for now, the two sides appear to have put aside their personal differences (Farnan et al were heavily critical of Cellino in the early days of this saga) to try and find an outcome which rescues Leeds United from this state of limbo and allows the football club to move forward.

It’s a compromise which not only gives the two parties involved what they want, but is also being well-received by fans.

I’ve been on the fence with regards to both options because there has always appeared to be pros and cons to each bid. However, if both of these parties join forces, combining the wealth and passion of Massimo Cellino with what I hope are sensible and reasonable businessmen from Together Leeds, maybe each party can mitigate the others’ faults.

  • Ron

    I have abandoned religion for many years, but tonight I may swing pass the local church and pray. A little worried Cellino’s money will be considered dirty unless he wins this appeal however. Fingers crossed.

  • Donal

    Who needs Breaking Bad when you have Leeds United??

    • Oswestry whites

      Who needs breaking bad when you have Leeds United. …love it going to get the tshirt now

      • Donal

        Dont forget to credit me lol

    • stelufc

      lets hope we can tell GFH to “f**k you and your eyebrows”

  • frizbo

    This could be the perfect outcome for Leeds

  • Wook

    Best decision yet, at long last some good news hope this works out : )

  • Bluesman

    Do you believe in happy endings because this could be it! We need Cellino for his spirit, his honesty snd his no bull snd no Haigh! Bring it on!

  • John Brown

    I hope these two guys can get on and work together. The gloom is lifting.

  • Lufc forever

    I believe this could be a good solution, although how long will this take to go through, usually takes Leeds around 3 months to get anywhere near. Wouldn’t Together Leeds need to undertake due diligence etc? Could be good for the club though with Cellinos cash and ruthlessness plus Together Leeds’ businessmen and experience of running English clubs. Also the fact that they both want to sack McDermott is a positive in my eyes. Hope this happens but needs to happen now. Although slightly on the downside, I bet Cellino is not the best person to get on with in a partnership.

  • Helen LUFC

    Sounds like Cellino is desperate to still get involved, anyway he can. I still can’t understand why he’s so desperate to own a football club that’s losing a million a month. The club clearly attracts the wrong type of owner these days when you look back at all the crooks that have been in charge, or in key roles as directors, even back to the 90s. Whatever happened to Leslie Silver?! Make no wonder the football league have had enough of Leeds, they must be sitting in these meetings wondering if their auditioning for a part in a new Godfather movie whenever talk of Leeds Utd ownership comes around. I am backing McDermott, hope he stays and gets a chance to rebuild our team, regardless of if the money comes from robbing old ladies in Tesco’s, which I wouldn’t put past Cellino.

    • bruce

      Come on Helen, Cellino will be a target for every anti Leeds tabloid if he so much as put a foot wrong. He is just the person we need. Money, passion, love of football, something the last few owners new very little about. I like McDermott, he’s a good manager, and a good bloke who was just unlucky getting stuck in this hellhole. I hope he does well wherever he goes.

      • Chareose

        BM sowed some of the seeds of his own downful with his comments about the team in December and I have my doubts over his coaching and motivational skills considering the new depths plumbed by his team !

        • Irving08

          The most damning thing about McDermott is his inability to decide on a style of play or on his best team. He seems to treat matches like training sessions, trying one thing one week, and another the next. He just expects too much of his players. The best managers keep it simple. The result of McDermott’s fussy approach to management is that he is now completely lost. He was losing his way before Celino came on the scene too.

    • John Brown

      Easy to lose a million a month when you pay for a club with debt.

    • stelufc

      i think Cellinos original plan was to let Haigh keep 25% and handle the day to day running of the club. He has to commute to Florida and Sardina after all. Then he realised he was “the devil”.

      Makes sense to have competent people like Farnam and Verity do that rather than an imbecile like Haigh. My only concern is Adam Pearson, how much was he complicit with Ridsdale when he was doing his best Viv Nicholson impersonation? That said he did a reasonable job at Hull.

      also THE CHIEF is part of the Together Leeds group!!

    • PMH

      McD is doomed. He had his chance and he blew it.

  • Drogheda White

    I understand why people would be worried about this, but surely its a good thing?? with TL and Cellino together, they should be able to force GFH out the door?

    • Thommohawk

      Isn’t this grounds for a brand new contract and thus a new round of negotiations with current owners GFH? I hope not. It’s definitely a new deal though….hopefully just a case of Cellino giving up some of his shares after the fact to allow TL to come on board and keep it above….fingers crossed any way.

  • bitesyerlegs

    But isn’t this still dependent on a positive appeal? There is a FL rule about “shadow directors” or something similar which prevents moneyed people pulling the strings from afar. If Cellino fails in the appeal, his money can’t come close to Leeds.

    The only alternative from what I can see is the outright purchase of GFH-C but that will be a very lengthy and complex route and one I can’t see being acceptable to the buyers.

    BUT .. if there is a way, it’s an intersting mix! No idea how you’d pull together a management team though. Cellino and Farnan co-directing? Stand well back…

    • TSS

      Cellino and Farnan confirmed they’ll be working together no matter what the outcome of appeal is.

      • bitesyerlegs

        Can’t wait to find out. But I don’t know why Cellino would be interested if he isn’t the “patriarch”. Why does he even need Farnan if he’s successful? Farnan doesn’t strilke me as anyone’s lackey.
        Anyway, this time tomorrow we should be a lot clearer!

  • garbageman

    So long as Haigh fucks off too…

  • Lufc forever

    Wonder if Together Leeds want to team up with Cellino because they know his appeal is going to be successful and they will miss out otherwise?

    • bitesyerlegs

      Don’t think anyone but the judge knows that. But what I can’t understand is why Cellino wants to get into bed with Farnan if the appeal is successful. Surely he doesn’t need their money, and an annual income of $200m can buy you a sh*t hot management team. The timing is bizarre is it not.

      • Lufc forever

        Exactly what I was thinking. If the only way Cellino can be involved is by having a successful appeal, what’s the point? When he can just purchase the club himself. I could understand if it was a way around the directors test.

        • bitesyerlegs

          Well, we’ll see. Haigh’s fucked either way … which is nice : )

          Remember him and Salem Patel posing around the ground with their personalised Leeds shirts KNOWING they didn’t have a pot to piss in. And Haigh cosying up to the next power broker. Can you believe he had a dinner date with Bates??

          Christ knows, we all need a good break for once.

          • Chareose

            They (GFH) do seem to have a pot to piss in otherwise how can they afford to bid for Valencia. Unfortunately it seems they don’t want to spend their POT on Leeds United

          • lojosang

            It may bring Cellino’s holding share down below the 30% limit, thus rendering his unfitness and improperness moot?

  • Matthew

    I love that the outcome of this will result in a certain Manchester United supporting Tory who has resorted to scare tactics against his critics being fired. I love that if Cellino gets the club, that same Tory won’t have a job anymore. He shall remain nameless but we all know him as a massive cunt.

  • SteveLeeds

    Probably is a good thing but didnt see that coming. If he wins his appeal does this still happen or is this cellinos ‘plan b’ if he fails??

  • Frostbittensock

    What ever it takes to get these donkeys out of Leeds United.

  • pete58

    Something positive, about time, we deserve it.

  • SteveLeeds

    That is true. Suppose anythings better than gfh’s bullshit

  • SteveLeeds

    I know. Everytime theres a glimmer of hope its turns to shit. Hopefully thats about to change.

  • john

    In order too save our club they all need to get there heads together and move fast as we are in real need of stability we have only got three points in 7 games i will say it is good news when and if the bid go’s in and has been accepted coz for god knows how long all we have heard is takeover this and takeover that and we are still waiting

  • Chareose

    to be honest it could be the football league that’s pushed this to have Farnan act as a policeman in the ownership of Leeds………if it means more money and the stadium bought and a manager properly backed then great …..

  • Pudsy

    Hope this works, sounds like the best option we have . Needs to get sorted ASAP if cellino does`nt win appeal.

    Just wanted to say think it`s disgraceful comments on twitter abot McCormack after his penalty miss last night, if it was not for his goals we`d be down already.
    Get real some Leeds fans.

  • Drogheda White

    Farnan going to be on SS news now soon apparently

    • TSS

      Wasn’t really worth listening to, the only new info was Gary Verity is their choice as chairman.

      • Matthew

        But it’s some much needed positivity for once. The wheels have been set in motion.

      • stelufc

        thats good news though, push the profile of the club with the whole Tour de France / Welcome to Yorkshire thing

  • Ten10


    If you haven’t heard the phone call yet, then get to hear it. This guy is just what we need, so passionate, so clear and brutaly honest. He will win the appeal against the tax evasion ( if there is any sense left in italy ). We are talking about a guy thats put £14m in leeds but cant afford to pay 600k tax on a boat. Dont need farnans group in my eyes THEY ARE A CONSORTIUM OF BUISNESS MEN!! Just what we DONT need, we need 1 owner that knows what he wants and thats CELLINO…

    • stelufc

      well I can’t speak for all of them, but im sure Gary Verity & Lucas Radebe have the best intentions towards Leeds.

      • m kuryk

        no mention of our lucas, ?

    • PMH

      You sound like someone who has never ran anything. When you rant at employees and colleagues, justified or not, you lose their cooperation and loyalty. Plus, you end up firing people every second week, as Cellino has done, and that is piss poor management. If you need more evidence just try this experiment. Tell your mother in law what you think of her in a brutally honest fashion, and then see if you ever have sex with your wife again.

      • Arne

        Well, I agree mostly with Ten10. I think Cellino would be a very good thing for Leeds. I don`t think that Cellino will fire people every second week either. Your comment above about getting Cellino`s money without him in control say`s to me that you have never run a business of your own either.

        • PMH

          When you buy shares in a company you still have to leave it to the management to run the business. You can pipe in on hiring the CEO and overall strategy and that is all. Investors who want to run the day to day operations are notorious for wrecking organizations. It is called micromanagement: it is bad.

  • PMH

    It does sound like good news. Is it possible we can get Cellino’s cash without him at the controls?

  • Jonny edwards

    the partnership is bad news. Too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the broth… For cellinio to execute his clearly passionate and concise aims hes going to have to get his way. Some of the time he will be wrong but he must be allowed to make his own mistakes, together Leeds will never be able to rationalise a man like cellinio, it will all end in tears. Together Leeds on their own simply dont have enough funds or the blind passion (non sensical spending seen at other clubs where their owned by a power hungry entrepreneur) to put us where we need to be anytime soon. We need someone to take leeds by the balls slap some people in the face sack a whole heap of crap and start from the bottom.

    • J

      also can i just say i fucking hate Jimmy Kebe

      • Matthew

        It actually isn’t. People will simply be assigned positions in the club and that will be that. Certainly we’ll have a new Chairman, and MD etc.

    • John Stack

      Spoil the broth? I think its about a spoiled as it can be now.

  • Robert Darlington

    Leeds United is a failed business. Together Leeds are established business men and the club needs people that know how to run a business in the long term. Cellino is passionate if unhinged and has owned a large business in Italy. His wealth can keep Leeds afloat in the short term whilst the books are balanced and a clear business model is established. A club run by successful business people with passion can only be a good thing. They can temper each other’s behaviour and lead the club back to its position as a force in English and hopefully European football. Or they could all fall out and it could collapse as Leeds United is known to do.

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