Sam Byram will miss tomorrow’s trip to Watford after picking up a hamstring injury in Leeds’ 1-0 defeat away to Wigan Athletic on Saturday.

The highly-rated 20-year-old defender pulled up in the dying minute at Wigan and looked to be in clear discomfort. The home side put the ball out of play so Sam could receive treatment, but the youngster managed to get to his feet allowing the game to complete without stoppage.

Byram only made his début at the start of last season but has already recorded 80 appearances for Leeds, despite missing pre-season training and the start of the 2013-14 campaign with a hip injury.

In other news, Brian McDermott was asked whether tomorrow would be his final game as manager of Leeds United in today’s press conference, responding in typically dignified fashion to the gathered media by saying “if it is, let’s hope it’s a win.”

The future of Leeds United’s manager has been a big talking point since Massimo Cellino won his appeal against The Football League. Cellino fired McDermott back in January, but the relationship between the two seems to have improved considerably since then.

“As a manager you know every game could be your last. The only thing for me is we put on a performance and try to win.”

Other comments from McDermott seem to suggest he’s already accepted his fate, telling the Yorkshire Evening Post that he’ll come back and support the club when he’s not a manager “it’s a fantastic club and I’m a Leeds fan now.”

Meanwhile, Massimo Cellino flew into the UK today,but not before sacking his 36th Cagliari manager. The Italian side have struggled for form recently, losing their last five consecutive Serie A games with uncertainty surrounding their own future mirroring the situation Leeds United have been in for months.

McDermott pre-Watford

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  1. Jonathan Davies

    Hope Massimo gives Brian at least to the end of the season. I’be been as frustrated as any by the run of results (and the insistence in playing players who didn’t appear to be firing on all cylinders), but can’t help feel that he hasn’t had an easy ride lately.

  2. MK_81

    The last few months has been so topsy turvy that I genuinely don’t know if I want McDermott to stay or not now- though I suspect his time is moreorless up.

    Whatever the circumstances, it has to be said that the team is very poor, and we should count our lucky stars that we had a decent first half of the season or we’d be right down at the bottom now. Rumours that the squad are furious with Cellino for having a go at them are likely not far off the mark, but with the exception of the youngsters and 3 or 4 others, the whole lot can go anyway- we could hardly bring in much worse if we let Cellino’s daughter pick them.

    Hopefully we can now press the reset button and change the whole mentality around the club- psychology clearly plays a big part with footballers and god forbid they have to wait for a 3rd of their ample salaries a day longer. If we can steady the ship with a couple of draws or scratchy wins, blood a few more of the youngsters and sign asap a composed midfielder with the ability to actually pass the ball, then maybe, just maybe, we can build the foundations of a decent Summer and a genuine effort at the top 6 next season.

  3. Tim S

    A lot may depend on the result tomorrow for Brian but I have a feeling they may find some common ground. Cellino at Leeds will not I think be the same Cellino as at Cagliari.
    Brian will have a wish list of players he would love to sign and Cellino is not daft enough to realise he has been trading in the bargain basement under GFH. However if he stays and gets his chance there will I suspect be a trade off as he will have to accept some of Cellino’s player decisions. Having said that I understand Cellino has an eye for a player he has done a pretty good job keeping Cagliari in Serie A for all these years as a minor club.
    Brian’s temperament could be a good foil for the Italian and it might just work but he will be the coach and not the manager.
    The giant big dipper is edging it’s way to the top of the climb so belt up tight for the ride of our lives after 10+ years of dishonesty and bland mediocrity.

  4. Dfooster

    Loaning peltier out looks like a shrewd move now from Brian. No recognised right sided player at the club. good stuff

  5. Gustavo Alvarez

    play with some youngsters when the championship status are secured

  6. Chris7286

    I am getting worried about this Italian court cases findings in 90 days, his lawyers need to earn their pay and advise him of every way of ending this situation and not risking everything on the hope they will not find his actions ‘dishonest’ in any way. Don’t take the risk, just get it dealt with or the FA and all the little anti-Leeds trolls will be rubbing their hands in anticipation.

  7. Chris7286

    Oh, and Sam having a set back is obviously the least of our worries right now. Lukas the Kop Kat could play right back for all I care. wouldn’t make any difference the way we are playing.


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