Massimo Cellino took charge of the Leeds United board yesterday before arriving in Watford to witness the team he now owns put on the most pathetic display of football he’s ever likely to see.

Watford were the epitome of an end-of-season, mid-table side with nothing left to play for. A remarkably average team which possesses no serious amount of quality, simply going through the motions – which is more than enough to make them far superior to the hopeless Leeds United.

If this was an advert for English football, English football would immediately cease to exist. Ofcom would have to pull the advert from the airwaves for causing a nationwide pandemic of clinical depression while The FA would burn Wembley to the ground and flee to a country with favourable extradition laws fearing an angry backlash would see them imprisoned for crimes against humanity.

Fans meanwhile would quickly reason that Tuesday nights are better spent cosily sprawled out on their sofa at home watching reruns of ‘Britain’s Fattest Teens Cry About Their Dead Grandfathers For A Record Contract’.

A classic this was not.

You're going to concede how many?

“We’re going to concede how many?”

No enthusiasm. No fight. No quality. No nothing. I’d naïvely expected a bit of a performance with this being Massimo Cellino’s first game as the club’s new owner, especially since we’d managed to put up a bit of fight against Wigan at the weekend, but really, I should know better by now.

Our defence remains hopeless, our midfield didn’t bother to turn up and Brian McDermott started with Noel Hunt up front, so clearly he didn’t expect us to bother scoring.

I’ve said it before and nothing has changed, in more than two decades of attending Leeds United fixtures this is – by some distance – the worst side I have ever seen. It’s not that they’re bad players individually (no worse than some of our previous players at least), they’re just weak characters who combine to create the most pathetic team to have ever worn our club’s colours.

Perhaps the most damning thing is, when you consider the amount of embarrassing displays we’ve witnessed this season, a 3-0 defeat to a distinctly average mid-table Championship side doesn’t rank among the worst of them. And that fact alone, is truly f***ing tragic.

Can McDermott survive?

I like McDermott as much as the next fan, but only the money it’d cost to fire him and the total vacuüm of power above him has kept him in a job for this long.

You can blame the players – and you should, their performances have been pathetic – but we were in the play-off spots at Christmas and since that time, McDermott has only added to the squad and somehow managed to make it worse.

Of course the chaos McDermott has worked under is a factor in his failure, but it doesn’t mitigate his performance in the slightest, it merely demonstrates how unsuitable he is for the Leeds United manager’s job. The best managers get their teams fighting when all the world is falling down around them and nowhere is that more important than at Leeds United, a club with a propensity for the chaotic. Crisis is our default setting.

It feels as if the club is just too big for McDermott. The pressures of managing a relatively small and stable side like Reading don’t compare to what a Leeds United manager has to be able to cope with. I’m always a little concerned when the manager talks about how Leeds United is a bigger club than anything else they’ve experienced, that they’re delighted for the honour of managing us and just “feel lucky to have the chance” because it instils no confidence whatsoever in those he’s managing – and when the people you’re managing are as weak-minded as this Leeds United squad, strong leadership is imperative.

Above all else, McDermott’s biggest crime is that he’s failed to impress upon these players any kind of footballing philosophy. I’m no wiser 12 months on as to what system he thinks best suits these players, what kind of football he wants them to play or who his strongest line-up is than I was when he first arrived. And nor is McDermott.

McDermott is out of his depth at Elland Road, drowning like so many perfectly good managers (and players) before him. At this point, I think he’ll be relieved when (there is no ‘if’)  Cellino cuts him loose.

McDermott post-Watford

Final thoughts

– At 37-years-old, I was surprised Michael Brown finished the match on Saturday, but do I really need to point out how unlikely it was that he’d be able to repeat that performance little more than 72 hours later?

– “You don’t deserve the wages…” is a chant which should have kept Leeds United players from sleeping last night, but I honestly don’t think they care any more.

– Apologies to Watford fans if the above seemed harsh on your own team, the Championship as a whole is a very average league with few quality teams and you’re no better or worse than the majority of them.

– No Massimo, you can’t have a refund.

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  1. Wakey Chris

    On top of all the other debt that Leeds United have acquired in the past eight years with Bates and GFH I am afraid Mr Cellino has no choice but to bite the bullet, reach for his cheque book, and offload the vast majority of our players and the Manager. I don’t mind that that most are past their sell-by date but some effort is surely part of their job description. And whilst McDermott seems like a good bloke, and has worked under appalling conditions, he’s had his chance and f**ked up so it’s time for him to go as well. I feel sorry for Mr Cellino because he has to throw a lot of dosh at the club before he can even start improving things. The only glimmer of hope for the new owner is that if we start to play like a Leeds team again, and even without promotion, then the fans will return and Elland Road will stop feeling like a cemetery.

    • PMH

      Lots of wisdom here but I wouldn’t waste any sympathy on Cellino. He is an adult and he spent his money where he chose. Good news for him is that there is nowhere to go but up, footballing wise, because Leeds may be the worst team in the entire football league right now.

  2. Strandli

    Pound for pound £25k a week Noel Hunt must be among the worst signings Leeds have ever made. He adds absolutely nothing. It’s an insult to the fans to keep on picking him.

    • maxwatson

      Don’t think anyone believes he’s on 25k a week. I saw 6k a week a while back. General view is that that comment was referring to Kebe.

      One other thought, however, on those numbers – in the books as published yesterday signing on fees are rolled into the wages (for accounting terms they are amortised over the course of the player contract). Given Hunt was a free transfer he probably got a tidy signing on fee (and this applies to most of the others) and this would have inflated the wages seen by Cellino.

    • Matthew

      I’m still wondering where his first goal will come from, there seems to be more chance of Betelguese going supernova before he scores again.

  3. maxwatson

    I wasn’t there, listened to it on LUTV feeling a) guilty and b) a bit frustrated as the commentators also lost heart.

    A bit disheartening that Watford, having seen them last season, can now look so average. Italian bounce seems to wear off quickly.

    And I’m always surprised when Brown finishes a game, it generally means the referee has been a bit distracted.

    • Fred

      LOL you didn’t watch the game but thought Watford looked so average … Priceless!

      • maxwatson

        When/if you get round to reading the article (it’s the bit at the top with the long paragraphs), it calls Watford an average team. Twice. Hence my comment.

      • Matthew

        Watford aren’t an average team, respect where respect is due, they’ve underperformed this season, not as much as we have though.

      • TSS

        Maybe they do have some quality, but it’s hard to see when it isn’t working for them as a team – as such, they are an average team. And they were up against us, a team routinely making relegation sides look special.

      • Matthew

        This is why I think they’re under performing, they have the talent in the side to be genuine playoff contenders but it just hasn’t worked for them this season, they’re not a train wreck like us though.

      • Fred

        Their best player Abdi got injured in August, this was his first start since and I also read they lost a humongous amount of points very late on to dodgy penalties and worldies. They certainly looked good against Man City in the cup so underperforming sounds about right to me.

      • simmos

        As a Watford fan I have to agree we were no better than average/poor last night. However as you also rightly point out we didn’t have to be to win 3-0. That being said Leeds are far better than at least three others to have visited and at the end of the season that is all you need to be. Blackpool were by far the worst side to visit so give them hell on Saturday. As for Watford being mid table we have conceded so many goals in the last 10 minutes of matches that if a match was only 80 mins we would have around 16 more points and challenging for automatic. However it is 90 minutes and as you say we are no more than a mid table team. The table doesn’t lie and any fellow Watford fan saying otherwise is deluded.

      • Matthew

        You’ve had a bad season, like us. You don’t get to third, almost second with a poor side, you were unlucky last season. We pretty much blocked your best chance at promotion. I’m sure if you get your shit together you’ll be up there with the best of them next season. Meanwhile we’re stuck wondering why the fuck Cellino hasn’t sacked McDermott yet lol.

  4. MK_81

    Brian is a dead man walking- it may or may not be his ‘fault’ that, despite every opportunity, the players have once again shown zero effort or desire, but there comes a point when it doesn’t matter- I can’t see a substantial change until Brian is gone and someone like Naylor comes in for a few games at least and shakes things up. This team needs a proper slap in the face, psychologically and physically, to reset their brains and snap them out of this not-a-footballer-anymore phase. Since Christmas they have played like a team dead and buried at the foot of the table, barring Huddersfield.

    Although for some I think they’ve had their chance- Lees is not good enough for a promotion team, Wootton is clearly only playable at CB and even then has a long way to go. Zal seems to have flattered to deceive.

    Murphy and Mowatt both get a pass (for now) for various reasons but all other central midfielders including Austin can go. Stewart needs time to develop I suppose and I’d like to see more of Ariyibi. Play Dawson or even Lenighan- he can hardly be any worse and all we need is a couple more points from our remaining games unless Millwall go on a crazy streak.

    Hunt can go with Brian, Poleon needs to start showing some end product but I’m not sure he has it. Smith remains a good impact sub but if you take Ross out of the equation we are woefully short of quality.

    Massimo is going to have to spend an absolute fortune on this club so I hope for all our sakes we go up in the next 2 or 3 years. If he buys back Elland Rd though, the following home game after that will be bouncing- this alone might be enough to win us a game and get us heading in the right direction again.

  5. Myleftfoot

    Never ever forget
    Thomas Brolin. Epitomised this current debacle of a team promised so much
    delivered nothing. I truly feel for our magnificent fans that were able to
    attend at Watford. I listened last night – this performance should be a watershed.
    I am sick of those who say we cannot expose the academy players to this. Why not?
    We keep losing 3 points game after game. We are exposing our fans that spend a small
    fortune following our beloved team to this; they deserve a team that will keep fighting
    – always. Play those other squad members Zac Thompson, Chris Dawson et al. This
    of course will never ever happen. I will be attending on Saturday for the latest
    performance of The Wizard of Oz – no courage, no heart and no brain. Pick your own
    cast members MOT.

  6. markman

    There must be an appalling atmosphere amongst the players.over
    two thirds of them will be aware that they have no future at Leeds.
    Roll on the summer clear out

    • stelufc

      yeah so you’d think they’d be putting themselves in the shop window

      • markman

        a bit late for that
        the shop window at leeds is dirty

      • henrymouni

        Like tailors dummies?
        They would be good at that!

  7. Lufc panther


    A remarkably average team which possesses no serious amount of quality

    …haha are you high or just warped by your love of our team? They’ve quality through their team, didn’t even need to break stride 2nd half. Howabout fair reviews. Tame.

    • TSS

      They’re mid-table in the Champ for a reason – because they’re as average as most other teams we’ve made look good this season.

      • Chareose

        Its their attitude that makes them average (Watford)……..lots of skill but no application………….. where as leeds have neither.
        Any players to be brought into Leeds United not only have to have skill but also the right mental strength……………Joey Barton you were made for us………..(doh)

      • Pompey White

        TBH- we’ve made some shit teams look better than average this year-

      • stelufc

        wouldn’t want barton anywhere near Leeds. Got a couple of mates that support Man City, who had some alarming stories about barton.

      • Matthew

        He’s easily one of the best and overpaid midfield players in the division.

      • Chareose

        Similar stories to that told about Vinnie Jones in his time I don’t doubt……..the fact is Barton is bad loser on the pitch as well as off it and we need some players with attitude rather than meek little boys. Its a shame that Brown isn’t 10 years younger

      • ginger ninger

        agree brown giv it all unlike sum ov the lazy shit wot we hav now

  8. Irving08

    Brian says that he knows how to get out of this Division.
    Do you really Brian ? One promotion with a side, just out of the Premiership, that largely picked itself, is far from conclusive evidence on that score.
    Even when due allowance is made for the unusual circumstances under which you have been working, your constant changes of formation and personnel have befuddled your players, bewildered the fans and appear to have confused you too.
    The result is that we are now in free fall and and are faced with the possibility of going down. It is difficult to see how Mr Cellino will feel able to keep you on if we lose on Saturday. He will simply be unable to ignore the sight of droves of fans leaving ten minutes before the end.
    So, Brian, put your bag of coaching tricks away, play people in their right positions and under no circumstances play Hunt ever again.

    • Matthew

      Under his leadership, he may have us out of this division via the backdoor.

      • Irving08

        Or lack of leadership. He’s Sergeant, not Officer material.

    • henrymouni

      I know how to get out of this league.
      A. Win most of your games, and draw the rest!
      B. Lose most of your games and draw the rest!

  9. Alex turner

    Spoke to Watford friend of mine, said only Byram & Ross only players that they’d want, rest of them wouldn’t even make their bench. Quite telling outside impression of us.

    Also bit unfair labeling them as average, they’ve struggled purely by not replacing quality like for like aka Vydra ect. They’ve quality even down to their bench, we play Tonge & Brown from start…even hunt. Now that’s dire.

    They didn’t need to do much 2nd half as they spanked us 1st half, just shocking tbh.

    Whilst interesting we’ve got Cellino (ATM)…giving a 2year prem target is crazy. We know how tough champ is, passion great but needs to be realistic. Especially after those accounts published yesterday, worse than even Cellino probs knew about.

    Watford turned a profit with their Pozzo owner, in my mind the right model…slated originally but not getting in debt.


  10. Chareose

    I understand Cellinos position with McDermott, its understandable and strangely I also have some sympathy for the manager because his players are simply just going through the motions……. However its partly his fault that’s happened (his comments in December during the Warnock Spat) made it clear to the squad that they had no future at Elland Road.
    Social media sites like this have underlined that aswell. All the players will have know for some time what the fans thought of their abilities. A fanbase (me included) driven by cynical frustration are only too quick to publicly judge players and as you say TSS they cant handle the pressure.
    His (BMs) handling of Diouf for me beyond belief………..A player who was probably our best player last year by some distances is just AWOL / non existent and un fit this year,.
    BM not being able to understand that Diouf no longer had the legs to be considered a striker but could do a job in midfield was again beyond belief, did he not research the squad he inherited ?
    Why didn’t BM see that Peltier was far more suited to centre back than Full back ???
    Because it seems that BM has to be hit in the head by something before he notices the glaring truth…….and in many cases (Hunt) still cant see it. Hes a reactionary rather than a planner……a plodder seemingly reliant on the fans screaming the truth before its realized……….. “yeah maybe id better rest Kebe and concoct various injuries and problems like I did with Diouf, all that matters is that my players are pampered and happy because im Mr nice guy”
    Regardless of blame or sympathy there has been too much water under the bridge to keep BM now and I doubt very much that his anxious, bitter and nervous presence will be helping the team.
    I just hope we don’t have to wait another year before Cellino realizes these truths for himself, blinded by Brians infectious charisma as opposed to his managerial ability

  11. King Billy

    Can someone tell me how long McDermott has left on his contract, sacking him now means a big compo payout and to be fair he doesn’t deserve the 700k a year he’s on. Warnock couldn’t do it and he had far more experience than this egg head. I say get in Di Matteo or malky Mackay and let’s start again.

  12. Harrowhorn

    Watford here. I don’t think the ‘average’ tag is fair or accurate – we had an appalling run under Zola – no win in 12, 5 consecutive home defeats – which put a massive dent in our season. Under Sannino our form is play-off at the least. And our GD is 4th in the league, goals scored 3rd, even after that slump.
    On the other hand, I’m sorry to say, but as you probably already know, that last night Leeds were vying with Blackpool and Barnsley for the ‘worst team we’ve played’ award. Devoid of any idea how to break us down, we really didn’t have to play at more than 40% which is perhaps why we looked ‘average’.
    Your fans are quality and deserve better. (And certainly better than Noel C*** who was very lucky to be on the pitch after taking out our winger a second after Faraoni had knocked the ball into touch so a LEEDS player could get treatment)

    • TSS

      “we really didn’t have to play at more than 40% which is perhaps why we looked ‘average’.”

      That could be it. You just looked like a team worthy of your position last night, but Leeds are a side being routinely outclassed by relegation fodder so it’s no surprise you didn’t need to put much of a performance in.

      Funny you should mention Zola, a lot of our fans have been touting him as a potential replacement for McDermott. He wouldn’t be anywhere near the top of my list though.

      • Harrowhorn

        Zola is fantastic if the camp is happy – but he is too nice to arse-kick when needed.

      • TSS

        Same problem with McDermott I feel. Better coach than he is a manager.

      • Irving08

        Nor mine.
        McDermott’s, pointing to Burnley and Leicester as the ‘blueprint’, does not work in his favour. Both Dyche and Pearson look like you wouldn’t mess with them. That is the kind of Manager we need at Leeds.

    • Matthew

      No one but McDermott can understand why Noel Hunt was selected. If he wanted goals in this game he certainly wasn’t going to get any from Hunt. A red card would have done the team a massive favour.

      • Pompey White

        only good moment for me was Leeds fans singing “off off Off” to ref when he booked Hunt- wont be going away again until the players have the passion of the fans

    • henrymouni

      Leeds are the worst team in an average league.
      The gap between the Championship and the Premier is enormous.
      We have been poor for most of the last ten years, but this is the worst team of all time.

  13. LUFC-Srbski

    We can only pray that in the summer – we see a complete and ‘sensible’ overhaul to the squad. We need to invest in hungry players – desperate to play for the shirt and sort out the wages correctly this time round. The journey men we’ve collected over the years should be ‘booted’ out of Leeds as soon as the season is over. Yes, most of the squad aren’t fit to play for their wages. I completely agree with the comments on here and I’d love to see McDermott play some of the youth team – Poleon might be raw but he’s put a shift in recently and he’s a damn sight better than the woeful Hunt. The final sign for me that McDermott is more clueless than Warnock will be when he sticks Austin back into the team after his injury layoff, confirming to me he can’t see what 25,000 other Leeds fan can, that Austin is one of worse performers we’ve had all season.

    • Matthew

      Well said, we’ve already hit rock bottom this season, the only way forward can only be up. The right decisions just need to be made by Cellino for this to happen.

      • LUFC-Srbski

        Exactly Matthew. Cellino seems to be a shrewd character I very much doubt he took this club on without understand what is required for success + the GHF bad debt and management included.

  14. lufcboy

    Shit Manager – Shit Players – Shit Team. It must be because the takeover saga has now ended and they have been paid and no longer have to worry about anything, least alone playing football

  15. PMH

    Do we need a new nickname? We can call this team the Leeds Zombies. They are dead but won’t go away and stop bothering us. No point in discussing current performances. we just need an obituary. Explaining why a bunch of average Championship players can perform worse than many non-league teams is an interesting challenge. Clearly their confidence is completely shot to pieces, and my guess is they are cursing the manager on a daily basis. No doubt they just want the season over and a transfer to some quiet little league two town. My guess is that the crux of the problem is that BMcD wanted a slick passing team but had players who panic if they have the ball for more than three seconds. Us fans who derided “hoofball” have to take some blame for that. If your players are hoofballers then that is what you have to play. He has asked the players to do something they know they cannot do. Second mistake was Rodolph Austin, who was meant to be the lynchpin, but Good Lord! The man is fit but he has no skills. And the guy with all the skills: Diouf, is apparently not fit, but I would put him out there every day until he got fit or died in the process. Maybe have Austin there to hold him up and give him CPR. Third big mistake was bringing in wingers when the central defence was clearly disintegrating. I love wingers, but that is like paying for a new paint job when your main bearing has gone.

    Bottom line, a total team disaster like this one is down to the manager. Don’t blame anyone else, not even the players.

    • TSS

      “No point in discussing current performances. we just need an obituary.”

      Amen to that.

  16. Miles

    I was at Vicarage Road last night and it looked like we were the home team for large periods of the game – had most of the possession and were probing for an opening. It’s all well and good to play this way, but we don’t have the players to make the openings. And we have a defence that is so dysfunctional as to look under serious threat from a simple, diagonal long ball over the top. We gifted them the first two goals via very basic defensive errors. And to have one passenger in the XI is bad enough, but we had three in Mowatt, Brown and Tonge. They offered us no control. The only time we looked threatening, in the first 5mins of the 2nd half, those three moved up and Byram and Warnock went on the overlap with McCormack and Poleon. You can criticise Austin all you like (as many have on here), but at least he attempts to drive the ball forward. I feel for Brian, but that side is shot to pieces. They looked clueless and bereft of ideas and confidence. A likeable man, but his time is up. Time to get back to being ‘Dirty Leeds’, as we did for 20mins last night. Give the opposition a kick and play long to Smith. At least that way we got one or touches in their penalty area. It ain’t pretty, but it’s no worse than the sh*tfest being served up at the moment.

  17. Craig

    Well I think its confirmed by us all we are Poo and have been since Christmas. I want to say since Blackpool Incey took so much stick he was nearly crying as I remember. So now moving forward 5 matches left. Bench the lot apart from maybe 4/5 play our hungry kids looking for a contract and fill the bench with kids.
    The rest can just stay away and never put on our famous shirt again!!!!! That might send a clear message.

  18. PAUL W

    Leeds still need 4 or 5 points to be safe, but unless those cowardly Leeds players suddenly grow a pair of balls, it is difficult to see just where the next win is going to come from.
    Just what is McDermott doing when he plays the misfiring Hunt as a striker?, which means that McCormack has to then play in midfield.
    McDermott is certainly leading a charmed life, with defeat after defeat and excuse after excuse, but he now looks like a beaten man, who is terrified of raising his voice, to get his point across to that bunch of overpaid wasters, who have the nerve to call themselves Leeds players.
    McDermott has to be sacked now and a new positive manager has to be brought in like Zola, Di Matteo or even Billy Davies, who would certainly kick them lazy Leeds players up the arse.

  19. Nigel Evans

    from the press reports it looks like Cellino wont bump BM and I am a little disappointed in that as we may end up regretting it

  20. Chareose

    well regardless of the team or Brianm, Cellino is starting to pay the debts off so we as fans need to do our bit to help him by filling ER

    • Andy Lunn

      Too right chareose . All the fans who said I’ll never watch them again until bates goes and then gfh go. Well now we have massimo . Already he has shown us how much he cares , why else would he takeover a club hemorrhaging money like we are. With his money he doesnt need us like we need him . He could have walked after the bastards at the fl turned him down but he didnt , he fought them and won . He has the same mentality as us . Stuff the fl , WE ARE LEEDS . Now is the time to fill er . So what if the teams shit . Show him that if he supports the supporters and what we want we will support him. He’s no mug he can see we need rid of three quarters of the team but why should he have to sort this mess out with no help financially from the fans. After all it is our club and we want the best for it. So come on all the stay aways show your loyalty if I and 1699 others can do a round trip of 9 hours to watford you can get down to er on a Saturday afternoon , we’re in this together , show mr cellino how much we care and how much we want him to make us a force in english football once again And prove to him he has the best supporters in England behind him….M.O.T

      • henrymouni

        I have a song for him!!

        “All over Elland Road, he plays his concertina, Massimo Cellino, Massimo Cellino.
        All over Elland Road, he plays his concertina, Massimo Cellino, from sunny Italy!”

  21. oldschoolbaby

    I would think this is all academic argument. You simply cannot become a multi millionaire if you have self doubt issues. It is quite clear Cellino doesn`t rate McD. Since Cellino came to that conclusion McD has failed to use adversity, financial problems and change as motivational tools ( they all can be given the right leadership skills ). The life of Brian is coming to its conclusion. As a really nice chap he is more than welcome to a reincarnation as my next door neighbour. If he resigns honourably and walks away with dignity I will throw him a BBQ.

    • Nigel Evans

      Cellinos comments in the press about keeping Brian seem to suggest otherwise

      • oldschoolbaby

        Assassins are capable of smiling. His chequebook is taking a hammering at the moment, paying Brian off can wait a while

  22. Helen LUFC

    I hope Brian stays at the club, none of this is his fault, he’s been fed a pack of lies by GFH and has stayed loyal to the club where many lesser managers would have disappeared, regardless of a pay off. It will interesting in years to come if he does lift the lid on what’s gone on behind the scenes, particularly with the playing staff. They are an embarrassment to say the least. Cellino needs to listen to what Brian tells him,and I would imagine it’s along the lines of get rid of many of the first team as they don’t want to play for the club. I agree the tactics are poor, but the team he is working with are poor. He’s been used to working with better players that are more capable, so the solution is let him bring in better players that he will feel more comfortable with. The short sighted fans can’t see any further than sacking McDermott, but when exactly do the players take responsibility like Brian was asked yesterday? Clearly stuff he is working on in training they are ignoring match day, so how’s that the manager’s fault? If Brian had credible alternatives to the squad he’s got I’m sure he’d use them. The players are the ones to blame. Time to turn on them as they don’t give a damn.j

    • henrymouni

      Your Brian’s only friend Helen.
      He is responsible for his players.
      He is paid massive amounts of money to ensure that the players perform.
      If they don’t perform or follow his instructions he is no use to Leeds.
      There is something seriously wrong with his approach to management.
      The squad may not be the best, but they are a lot better than they are showing under Brian.
      His handling of Dioufy is pathetic.
      Where is he, and why are we still paying him??

      Kebe will never be seen again,and Stewart is doing nothing.
      Wootton is not up to it, and Man U must be laughing their heads off!
      Noel Hunt has not scored a goal yet – he hasn’t even come close.
      Marius Zaliukas may never play for us again.
      Murphy has been very poor and slow in mind and body.
      That is 6 of Brian’s players who have been a disaster.

      Mr Cellino will sack Brian as soon as he gets his feet under the table.
      The season is running out, so, as long as we avoid relegation (still a possibility) he may last for a few more games.
      There is nothing in the performance of his team to make me think we will beat anyone.
      He is the worst manager we have ever had, and DESERVES the sack.
      He has earned the sack.
      Of all the managers who have been sacked this season, he is the worst.
      He is clueless.

      • Matthew

        Murphy has had some good games, I think it’s unfair to call him poor. He would be better with some better players around him. Sort of how Clayton and Howson had this thing together but when Howson went Claytons performance dropped. Give him someone decent to play with and he’ll deliver.

    • oldschoolbaby

      I do have some sympathy for your sentiments but perhaps you should read something like the exploits of Shackleton for greater perspective on what inspirational leaders can achieve in adverse situations. Managing Leeds United is not a development role

    • Mackenzies Mini

      i agree largely with you but the buck stops with the manager, if he can’t motivate them then he’s lost managerial power and failed at his job. Maybe the players have heard they will be on their way out anyway during all of this takeover, which if so is crazy because who’d want them on this form?

      I like Brian, he’s remained dignified and carried a lot of weight on his shoulders but results speak for themselves, I dread to think what would happen if we had 8 or 9 games left, I can’t even think where we’re going to get any points in the remaining games but I’m glad we had racked up points earlier on.

      Who knows, maybe Massimo may give him another crack at it next season with a few bob to spend and a mass clear out, but my feeling is he’ll be gone after the season is over.
      Leeda are playing like a relegated side and if the worst happens and we did get relegated then I’m sure the mass public will say nothing was done sooner.

      Whatever happens ‘WE ARE LEEDS’

    • PMH

      He’s made bad hiring decisions. His tactics have not worked. He has helped average players perform much worse than their true abilities. What more does he have to screw up to get fired?


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