Leeds United take on Bournemouth tonight in what must be considered a rather inconsequential clash between two mid-table sides with nothing left to play for at this stage of the season.

The Whites will be without Connor Wickham who was recalled from his loan spell by Sunderland yesterday while Jimmy Kebe remains side-lined with a hamstring injury.

Brian McDermott may use the opportunity to give a first team debut to youngster Lewis Walters who has travelled with the squad. The 18-year-old striker was the top goalscorer for the U18’s last season, earning him a new 2-year professional contract.

Elsewhere, Lee Peltier’s future is in some doubt after it was announced he’d left to join Nottingham Forest on loan yesterday evening, only for Forest to later cancel the deal after failing to convince former Leeds boss Neil Warnock to takeover as manager.

Bournemouth meanwhile could feature the familiar face of Ian Harte in their squad tonight. The left-back made 288 appearances for Leeds during a nine-year spell for the club but has only appeared a handful of times for Bournemouth this season.

The Cherries’ only reported injury is midfielder Charlie Daniels who’ll remain side-lined with a thigh problem.

With four wins, one draw and five clean-sheets in their last six outings, it’s no surprise to see online football betting companies have Bournemouth as clear favourites for this fixture.

Odds on a Bournemouth win are around the evens mark while Leeds’ dismal form means you can get odds as high as 16/5 if you’re feeling confident.

The last time these two sides met was at Elland Road in October in rather familiar circumstances as far as form goes.

Leeds had been experiencing something of a mini-slump with four-straight defeats at the time, but found Bournemouth to be in a charitable mood when they gifted Leeds a penalty in the opening half hour, losing their keeper to a red card in the process.

Ross McCormack missed the resulting penalty but soon made amends to give The Whites a 1-0 lead at half-time.

Despite the man advantage however, Leeds struggled to put daylight between themselves and the visitors and when Lewis Grabban equalised from an Ian Harte free-kick, it looked like it was going to be another one of those days for Leeds.

But McDermott’s earlier substitution paid off as Dominic Poleon latched onto a Stephen Warnock cross, lashing the ball home from close-range to secure all three points for a relieved Brian McDermott.

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  1. maxwatson

    Peltier is going to Bolton. Reports today btw that Warnock was also hoping to bring in Stephen Warnock at Forest.

    (Neil) Warnock’s acquisition plan (which seems to have involved bringing in former favourites, for whatever reason (to be fair to him, at least he’s consistent) was one of the sticking points in the Forest discussion. Pity, as I suspect he might also have come in for Morison and Tonge, at least (most of the others being too old, and assuming Leeds want to hang on to Pearce and Austin).

    Apparently Aribiyi is going to Tranmere on loan btw. Pity, because if he was (as BM said) close to being in the first team at Xmas I can’t see how he is further away from it now.

    • mrbigwheels

      Warnock has backed off in the face of a fan revolt. The Chairman is not much better than ours, pretty weak and sweating a drop or two. Pity Warnock has had second thoughts, would have been helpful.

      At the moment any wages off the books is a priority at Leeds. Many of the squad will be wondering whether they will be paid this month… until the owners eventually make a plausible statement of their position and intent.

      Personally, I would like to blend in some available youth to suite the fixture.

      • Irving08

        MBW, I agree. I’m blending in my 6 year old gson on Saturday. He’s got a great left foot.

    • MK_81

      I’d like to see Aribyi given some more game time as at least he looked like he was trying unlike Kebe (who, if injured, should really be sent home now play offs are gone).

      Would also like to see Poleon, Walters and Dawson get some more game time, assuming admin doesn’t happen (touchwood) why not blood them while the stakes are low. If it’s such a young team as McDermott says then giving them time to play first team football as a unit can only help them gel.

  2. Tim S

    There are still 30 points to play for. As long as we keep winning games we still have a chance of the play offs. BMcD knows that but is not talking about it. If we did win tonight and take the points in the next two home games the perception of a dead season might change! Meanwhile. I agree, if we drop points tonight it is all over for this season.

  3. markman

    The Bournemouth game is an ideal game for giving an opportunity to some of the youth to gain experience and see it they look up to making the grade.

    Personally i would like to see it repeated,but only against other teams that have nothing to play for.

    If the manager goes down that route i am sure sensible supporters would realise what is going on and not call for his head if there are a couple of defeats.

    also,why not slash the prices for remaining home games especially for kids as the easter holidays are coming.existing ticket holders would not complain.

  4. awslufc

    Play offs!!!
    We are still 8 points below what was required to avoid relegation last season. If we end up going into administration and being docked 10 points then we are in trouble. We should be targeting points for survival not assuming this season is a dead rubber.

    • TSS

      Won’t take that many points this season, the league isn’t as evenly average as it was last year. And as above, any points deduction would be applied next season.

  5. Arnie

    It won’t be inconsequential if LUFC are deducted ten points for going into administration as the BBC this morning was reporting could happen. Bournemouth play good football by all accounts and as Leeds don’t play any it will be interesting to see the possession stats at the end of the game.

    • TSS

      Won’t happen because GFH would lose everything, better for them to fund LUFC short-term while they find a buyer so they can make a little money back.

      But even if it does the points deduction would be next season, not this. The cut-off date for points deductions to be applied is about 2-3 days away and since it takes weeks for winding-up petitions to be heard and administration order to be given, there’s no chance of us entering before that time.

      • maxwatson

        The owner could declare that the company is not a going concern and take it into administration immediately. It doesn’t require a winding up petition – that would be used by third party creditors. I don’t think the concern at this point is about third party creditors but about GFH. It does require some advance notice to floating charge owners, if there are any (5 days I think, so we are probably past the window).

        GFH could decide that there are no buyers for Leeds as it stands, that they aren’t willing to put in £1m a month forever, put it into administration, delete what debts are possible to delete in the admin process and have the court appointed administrator sell the club.

        At the moment:

        – if Cellino goes through they stand to make a profit. That’s why it’s worth their going with the appeal, even if there is a 1% chance of success. They get something like £33m in payments plus 25% of a club with a decent chance of going into the PL (with Cellino’s extra investment in money and players), call that £25-50m as a valuation on the 25%. And their local stock exchange seems to let them call that a profit, so they can use it to boost their own share value without ever selling their Leeds share.
        – if Cellino fails but there are other bidders, they will get some of their money back, maybe not all. TL (say) take on the debts as a going concern, no administration but pay GFH just enough that it’s better to sell than to take it into admin. That’s the “risible amount”. So they get £7m they otherwise wouldn’t have had and they get rid of the £12m a year liability (btw it’s never been clear to me whether GFH continue to assume a 25% liability for Leeds post sale to Cellino).
        – if Cellino fails and there are no other bidders as is, I can guarantee they’ll take into admin. That’s how investment banks work. Better to get rid now and not pay £1m a month, than to go through the same process in 12 months time (say) £12m worse off.

        You can change the numbers around at each level but those are the outcomes, assuming there is no second Cellino around.

        BTW not all the companies in the ownership chain for Leeds are UK based and may not be subject to English law, and may be possible to put into administration at the drop of a hat.

      • TSS

        True enough, but while there’s a chance Cellino’s appeal will be successful and GFH have a plan B in TogetherLeeds, the only danger of admin is winding-up petitions. Better for them to pay a few quid to cut losses in short term through sale. Admin just makes no sense at the minute, fans have jumped to extreme worst case-scenario, bypassing all the other options which are far more likely as things stand.

      • maxwatson

        Well, yes, but Phil Hay’s repeated assertion that they won’t let all the money go down the toilet is wrong. I’ve worked for investment banks on precisely this kind of thing. It is based on having a clear plan around when to throw in your hand.

        And we know very little about this plan B. One of the other attractions of Cellino was that he didn’t spend a lot of time on due diligence.

        The £1m a month is to cover payroll. If they don’t make payroll they’re not a going concern.

        If TL bid = £5m and it will take 5 months to do the deal, they’ll take it into admin, because you have to discount the £5m for uncertainty. If Cellino falls through, TL (say) becomes plan A, admin becomes plan B. And I think TL’s proposal is vague, and if the reported numbers are correct they are playing on the margin of “we’ll take this problem off your hands”, rather than “you’ll make money out of this”. Very little margin of error there.

        BTW I’m not having a go at TL here – money that goes to GFH that could have gone to Leeds, if they acquire Leeds, is money wasted. But it’s a complex thing to balance and there is no safety net.

      • Irving08

        Why would TL not wait for GFH to put us into adminstration and then pick up the club. I can’t see why they would buy now.

      • maxwatson

        Plenty of reasons:

        – the points deduction significantly reduces the value of the asset. Zero chance of promotion and chance of relegation next season
        – administrator might find other assets to sell off on the cheap, which you might want
        – they might be the only people in the queue pre-admin, but there might be a fair amount of noise when the price goes down further. Which is what happened with the Bates admin (and he should not have got out of it).

        Really if you buy a club at the point it is about to go into admin, which would be the TL case, the price is next to nothing but the asset itself is worth a little bit more. If you look at Leeds and the money required to get it into the PL, a £5 million actually isn’t that much.

      • Irving08

        Thanks for taking the trouble to reply: those are a heap of good reasons.

      • tk

        Thats not correct-if you read the Regs its clear that even if administration occurs after the last thursday in March if the club finishes within 10 points of the 22nd club the points deduction will be enforced this season and relegation will follow.

  6. Ev

    No Dawson then ?? BM seems to have some problem with Dawson…..
    For me it would just be nice to see another player who can actually pass to another Leeds player

    • Sean Emmett

      Totally agree. I’ve been waiting for Dawson to be recalled/promoted to the first team squad all season. Just what is BMD’s problem with him? We’ll end up loosing him in the summer without ever really trying him at this rate. I’ve watched him quite a bit these last two seasons and for me he’s a proper player. Glides beautifully around the pitch. Lovely two footed footballer who wants to play the game the right way. Got a really sharp creative footballing brain and yet has seemingly hit a brick wall of silence as far as his progression goes. I bet he’s getting pissed off seeing his central midfield partner now fully settled in and now Walters is promoted also (very best of luck to Lewis BTW) while he seemingly stagnates. Come on Brian give our Iniesta his chance right til the end of the season now we’re safe and let’s see just how good he can be. Won’t happen though we love a clogger over a technician in this country. Always have done -see England selections of Robson over Hoddle and just how many caps did Currie,Hudson,Worthington and Bowles get in the 70’s, ah yes about 5% of what Nobby Stiles and Alan Ball did. Football coaching Neanderthals, no wonder were a joke everytime a major tournament comes around. Bet we go Cleverley over Barkley this summer. Oh dear i give up. On second thoughts no i don’t – so come on Brian get CD in a midfield triangle with Mowatt and Murphy and let it bed in for next season…

      • MK_81

        Too right! If we don’t play the likes of Dawson, Walters, even Lenighan etc now when there is almost no risk then when will we? (and I mean actually play not just unused sub)

  7. Ev

    I think we need to give up on Cellino now….good luck on his appeal and if we are not bought by the time his appeal is heard then great but otherwise we need to move and not get into a battle with the Football league. It will just be a complete mess and we will end up being the loser. GFH need to be realistic and start talking to other buyers ASAP,

  8. mrbigwheels

    Seen the latest Official Sale…

    72 Hours Only… everything must go…

  9. kith-kanan

    Here is the future ;
    1/ GFH refuse to deal with anyone else but Cellino who has been disqualified
    2/ FL remove Leeds Golden Share and kick Leeds out of the League
    3/ Shaun Harvey travels to Monaco in state with the head of Billy Bremners statue in a box
    4/ Bates declares his ancient promise to destroy leeds united complete and rewards Shaun Harvey with a Fish Finger Factory to be built at the ruins of Elland Road…..

  10. Irving08

    McDermott should take Dawson too, play him wide, like he has Mowatt. Bournemouth, a footballing side, is the ideal opportunity to (re) blood him. And he should reinstate White to the squad. My hunch is that he will play Kebe, though.

    • Ev

      agree…………1 string to his bow McDermott………hes like a broken record “its not going well boss, what do we do?” BM ” I need to do something radical……tell Kebe and Hunt to warm up !”

  11. SWLUF

    our season was doomed from the day it started,GFH were never goin to take us forward as a club due to the fact they are just a bank company,what idiot would risk other peoples money on a football club?especially us,no offence but we havent got the squad to get to the premier league never mind stay in the premier league,the only reason GFH bought us was to sell us on after a year just to make a profit,the only reason bates sold us to GFH was to make himself a profit witch he clearly did and as usual bates is still having the last laugh even though he is no longer part of the club what so ever,im sort of glad cellino got disqualified cause if you take a look at his ownership record he has had 31 managers under him in just 25 years of football,witch means no stability in the football what so ever,he does seem passionate about leeds though,but why only now?as a club i dont think we are ready for the premier league yet,we need another 2 seasons in this league to get everything sorted get to know the new owner witch will mean new players and possibly a new manager,although i do like BM is he the right man for a club like leeds?we thought neil warnoch was the man,didnt turn out that way,i for one think grayson was our best shout to get us promoted he just never had the backing,BM has spent £2 million quid,grayson never spent over £750K and he still got us within 2 points of the play-offs,and he also liked using the youth! i just cant see us being in the premier league at the moment,we wouldnt survive a season with what is goin at the club,just take cardiff for example,chairman promised money,gave them money,promised promotion,got them promotion but yet every cardiff fan i know (witch is a high quantity due to the fact i live in the south wales valleys) has said they wish he knever took over the club and never got promoted,so as a club do we really want all that just for the fact of premier league football?

  12. mark

    turns to youth my arse, look at the team sheet hes sticking with the same old rubbish

    • Irving08

      It takes a lot to make me angry MBW – so far as football is concerned – but when I read/heard McDermoott talk about players not knowing whether they would get paid, due to the ownership uncertainty, that made me – well, angry, about him (for saying it) and them (for their feebleness).

  13. PMH

    Another defensive disaster. The manager is responsible, and he has to stop talking about ownership “distractions.” He’s getting paid and so are the players. Do your job!

  14. Lufc79

    At this rate the FL won’t have to take ten point off us to send us down….we can do that on our own…..

  15. lufcboy

    Another defeat and guess what? BMD blames the takeover saga. Time to get rid of BMD and go for the “Grinning Idiot” Billy Davies as much as I hate him.

    • Irving08

      Davies is obviously a very intelligent and intensely motivated bloke, capable of outhinking most oppositions, and eliciting superb performances from his players, but his personal demons seem too often to get the better of him. He’d definitely create a siege mentality !

  16. Mighty White

    Played the useless Hunt instead of walters or poleon again, why? More worrying though is that the moment Cellino was turned down, Wickham was returned to Sunderland, peltier is loaned out and now ariyibi when one of our wingers is injured. Does this look like a wage/money issue?


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