Elland RoadBrian McDermott, ‘sacked’ on Friday by a lawyer representing Massimo Cellino, has returned to the club today.

After taking training this morning, the Leeds United manager will be giving a press conference which is scheduled for 13:15, The Scratching Shed will be publishing a liveblog (below) as the conference takes place.

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  1. Adrian Harrison

    What a shambles again a few years ago when Leeds went into administration no one look into what happened to the loss of money and were it went ?now we seem to be selling to criminals again where will it end

  2. spellz

    I really feel for McD and the way he has been treated as a professional is just disgraceful, sure he has not had a run of results recently not helped by the poison going on behind the scenes but is just inhumane treatment regardless and we are still in the fight for the playoffs so fair play to him at this stage of the season still with Warnocks deadwood at hand.

    This circus needs to resolve itself soon though as it will effect on field matters and we will have no chance of the playoffs if it isn’t sorted.

  3. Dr Zen

    BMD coming over as a man of huge integrity and obviously deserving of our full support.

  4. merkx66

    I will be glad when our ‘angel BM’ gets sacked again and we get someone with real class and is ruthless

  5. spellz

    Bottom line….McD is back and does not care like us for Cellino’s camp trying to muscle their way into the infrastructure of the club and staff.

  6. simi 8

    Mr Flowers & Mr Haigh and Mr Farnams led consortiums would prove to be the preferred winners of a 75% share of a joint bid for Leeds United,with Brian McDermott in charge of our our beloved club.We need people who can take us forward wih passion and with honesty, as well as a sound financial backing.

    • markyb

      Any consortium containing haigh will fail. He’s been at the club a year and run it into the ground. And festa allowed in Thorpe arch just proves cellino calling the shots. Bmc will be sacked again on Friday and Leeds in administration by June.

  7. MOT

    This whole situation is an absolute farce. Yes BM and the team have been struggling, the t/o has gotten hold of the players mindsets and has been offputting. The debacle of Friday displaced welcoming new players on friday to set us up for a fight to playoffs and getting rid of Varney and players who dont want to fight for LUFC. Absolute credit to BM, a man of integrity, honesty and being the bigger man. And a note to Ross, he came out on sky sports and backed the manager, and showed a performance on Sat worthy as a Leeds legend. Now hopefully this will galvanise the team, gain some confirdence and kick on. Still need a striker, another winger and a centre creative midfielder. I dont car who owns Leeds as long as they have the same integrity and money to take us to the next step

  8. Matthew

    Excuse my language but Festa needs to just fuck off. We want McDermott long term, not some nameless nobody.

  9. mrbigwheels

    Where are the supposed present owners especially Noodlesguy?.
    No prizes to hand out?
    Someone allowed the Italian, via a solicitor, to sack McD, Paul Hunt and then allow another Italian to change the pre-picked team on late friday evening.
    Even today another Italian has turned up on the training ground, with or without the relevant transfer paperwork.

    Haigh, Noddlesguy, Salim and Alrayes need to make a full Club statement … now.

    • markyb

      Think it’s something like this.. gfh bought the club, created gfh-c to do the day to day business. Gfh then lend gfh-c money to pay wages/ buy players etc. That way they lend money not invest it. Hence haigh , patel and the rest of gfh-c in the dark about cellino and bmc shambles. Gfh-c really have no power or the ability to hire and fire people. Gfh in it for money and will sell to the highest bidder.

      • mrbigwheels

        Thank you. Take it Noodlesguy, (Mr Chairman), although a shareholder is a GHF guy. Simon Austin reports on radio that it was Noodlesguy who texted Cellino on friday lunchtime…”it’s your club now”. Cellino obviously took him at his word and started firing people without the GFH-C guys awareness… Total mess but I’m rather concerned our Chairman has so far made very little comment. The plot or trail of reality… thickens.

  10. henrymouni

    I got the strong impression that Brian knows who the future owners will be, Not Cellino.
    He hinted as much, and why would he get his future duties in writing, if Cellino becomes the owner this week??
    Why would he come back if Cellino was going to get the club?
    He has sacked him once.
    Cellino says he wants a coach not a manager.
    Cellino will choose the new players not BM!
    Cellino has already brought a player in who Brian has never seen play!!

    • Irving08

      I don’t get that impression Henri.
      And more may be negotiable than you think.
      Cellino wasn’t the only actor last week.

      • henrymouni

        Time will tell Irv, but I feel Brian has been told that Cellino will not get the club.
        GFH are ‘supposed’ to be meeting the new consortium of Mr Farnan plus Sports Capital tomorrow.
        There is also another bidder wanting to enter the fray.

      • Irving08

        God, not another consortium Henri ! Another recipe for indecision and drift….

      • henrymouni

        What worries me Irv, is the 6 month court case if ‘the Italian Ken Bates’ is given backword over the purchase of Leeds U!
        If he gets approval from the FA, the sparks will fly!!

      • mrbigwheels

        Looks like Bates, Henry…. the other man waiting in the wings?.

      • henrymouni

        We have missed Ken’s steady hand at the tiller, Mr B!

    • Max Larged

      Well, he’s acting under legal instruction. If he hasn’t been fired, he’s not going to quit, is he? He’ll make all the right noises about wanting to be manager of Leeds United and ‘here to do my best for the club and the rest of it…’ until Cellino does fire him eventually – or another consortium takes over the club. Either way, he’s guaranteed a monthly pay cheque for the next 2¼ years. By quitting, he puts all that at risk. Let’s face it, if you’d been treated like that, would you come back for more? Neither would BMcD if he didn’t have, unlike almost all of us, the great unwashed, the security of a binding contract.

      I quite like BMcD as a person but do recognise that he’s a cute cookie with a smooth tongue. He manages to have the right words for the fans, the players and the owners.

      BMcD is reported as having said that he’s received written assurances about his future. I don’t believe he said precisely from whom he received them.

      • henrymouni

        He got them from GFH, Max,
        No one else could give such assurances.

      • henrymouni

        The ones Brian mentioned were that he had complete control over team selection, players purchased, the the complete control over Thorpe arch, and everything there-in.
        Also he had complete control on who entered Thorpe Arch, the dressing room and the dugout.
        In there words ALL team matters.
        Collino, or whatever his name, said that he wanted a coach and not a manger.
        I.E Brian would just coach the players, and little else.

      • TSS

        Whether the lawyer was given the necessary power to fire McDermott or not, he’d have destroyed the club in court following the events of Friday and guaranteed his pay-out regardless.

        He came back because he wants to manage Leeds United. Easy to be cynical, and christ knows it should be everyone’s default setting at this club, but I think McDermott is genuine enough. He didn’t need to come back for the pay-out.

  11. PMH

    I was not a huge fan of BMcD until now. That press conference was very classy. He has shown loyalty and courage when treated poorly. This is the kind of manager top players want to play for. He deserves the chance to continue to lead Leeds, plus a few quid to spend. That is the best thing for the organization, without doubt. When his contract is up, in a couple of years, will be the time to assess whether he gets to stay permanently, or not.

    • Irving08

      Yes, I can agree with most of that. We have moved up a level. We just need to get the finances – and quick. Brian may not get three years though; he will have to be doing well by Xmas next season to gain whoever is the new owner’s full confidence. I think that is reasonable. Stability will only come to Leeds when we have success. We’re too big to plod along and we can’t be a life-style.

  12. mrbigwheels

    Cellino, via Simon Austin, on radio claims GFH were loathed to sack Brian themselves despite he, (Brian), being trouble for some time…?.

  13. Lowfields

    Looks like B.McD is sanctioning a fans buy out!
    “The fans proved that they’re a class act. It’s their football club ”
    After the events of the last week surely it`s time … now more than ever to stop complaining and take back control … I and many others support a fans buy out or partial buy out. Barcelona and Bayern Munich … owned by the fans… Swansea City Supporters Trust owns 20% … We keep talking about big our club is and the amazing support … why not use that to our advantage? Leeds utd has a bigger fan base than Swansea.
    It does not matter if you have 10 pounds or 10,000 pounds we have a huge fan base home and abroad…. there was a bloke on a website the other day pledging 10,000 Aus $ from a small group in West Australia … West Australia is one of the remotest places on the planet… come on…I think most people are scared that they might be dragged into the day to day running of the club… but that is not the case. Bayern Munich has a supervisory board of nine… consisting of businessmen, a journalist and a politician. The club President is Uli Hoeneß(x-player…played against Leeds utd in the 1975 European cup final).Karl- Heinz Rummenigge(x-player) is the chairman of the executive board. Everyone involved in the running of the club has the best interests of Bayern Munich at heart… and they answer to 180,000 members who pay around 15 euros a month membership.
    Why are we so fixated on having owners like Chelsea or Man city? In 2011–12, Bayern Munich reported revenues of €373.4 million… ask any Barcelona or Bayern Munich fan if they would swap with Man City and they would say NO.
    It might take time but it would be worth it… Leeds Utd would belong to us and future generations.
    WHY are we waiting to be taken over by another set of gangsters who want to rip us of ???
    I think the already established supporters clubs and trusts should take a lead on this …try get some feedback from Leeds fans home and abroad…. WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR ???
    spread the word… bombard the supporters clubs and trusts with emails… tweets …demand it !!!

  14. Mick444

    Staggering few days – Leeds have not had this amount of media coverage since ..,,, well anytime someone brings up Dirty Leeds or The Damned United!
    The Italian Disaster or a consortium including David Haigh – one an egomaniac with cash the other has our current MD whom did not discover what Leeds was worth until a year after he was part of the GFH due diligence process!!?? Neither provide me with any great confidence. My main concern is the reports that GFH are broke and might go into administration if they renege on loan repayments. That is singularly the biggest worry – I doubt the club could survive another 15 pts deduction and relegation.
    I think the majority of fans would like BMD to remain as manager – he has always shown great dignity and professionalism – something Leeds has lacked (Grayson apart) for a very long time .


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